2023 – What’s Happening In KSA?

January 2023 – Beginning 8th Jumadah 11 – 1444

My Delighted Son Baraa Caught Rare Thunder and Lightening On Camera In Saudi Arabia (47 secs)

Tuesday 31st January 2023 – 9th Rajab 1444

#$1 million a week Ronaldo is having a ball in Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab.. He’s set for life!

#New report reveals how KSA is doing economically.Opens in a new tab. It includes monetary, fiscal and labour market statistics in a twelve-month forecast as part of the government’s Vision 2030 strategy.

#30-year-old Saudi Omar Al Anazi wanders off from friends in Cleveland Opens in a new tab.and never returns. Lost in action!

#KSA oil prices to Asia get lowered for 4 months straightOpens in a new tab..

#The Saudi monarch attends CORE Diriyah E Prix RaceOpens in a new tab. on Friday and Saturday together with kings from all over the world.

#88 Year old Fairuz won’t perform in Saudi Arabia only in the Lebanon

Cristiano Ronaldo Having Quality Time With Family In Saudi Arabia January 2023 – Instagram

Monday 30th January 2023 – 8th Rajab 1444

#The world media never stops talking about Red Sea’s new mega tourism infrastructure award to Al Yuni contractors.

#The first Red Sea Hotel is hiring staff fOpens in a new tab.or the first time. Get in line!

#Saudi Arabia denounces Copenhagen Holy Quran burning againOpens in a new tab.

#KSA- Let there be peace – condemnation of Israeli attacks on citizens

#After two deadly attacks in Palestine, KSA urges de-escalation and restraintOpens in a new tab..

#Saudi monarch seen and greeted iOpens in a new tab.n Al Ula restaurant in video

#Ronaldo invites former Manchester United friends to see him play Opens in a new tab.for Al Nasser.

The Monarch Was Spotted In Al Al Ula Restaurant

Sunday 29th January 2023 – 7th Rajab 1444

#Hollywood Reporter shows how KSA is buying heavily into the entertainment sectorOpens in a new tab..

#Mike Pompeo ex US Secretary of State raves about the Saudi monarchOpens in a new tab. in his book Never Give An Inch

#KSA condemns gun attack on the Azerbaijan EmbassyOpens in a new tab. in Tehran.

#KSA and Chad sign an agreement Opens in a new tab.to do military training, logistical support, medical, military, cultural and social activities are terrorism awareness programs. Chad speaks ArabicOpens in a new tab. too!

#Ronaldo is revelling in his new life in the Saudi kingdomOpens in a new tab. gloats the Daily Mail.

#Lucid Group Inc (fancy electric cars) shares skyrocketOpens in a new tab. at the suggestion PIF will buy it out. It already owns 62%.

Pretty Arabic Girl Summarizes The News In A Few Short Breaths

Saturday 28th January 2023 – 6th Rajab 1444

#Evgeny Lebedev rabbitsOpens in a new tab. about about the Red Sea project and its plans.

#Al Nasser lose 3-1 to Al Ittihad and Ronaldo hasn’t scored yet. A $176 million a year signing.

#Amnesty International appeal to Moroccan prime Minister Aziz AkhannouchOpens in a new tab. NOT to repatriate Saudi terror suspect Hassan Al Rabea for fear of human rights abuses and unfair detention and trial.

#Nicole Marie Rodgers Opens in a new tab.murders 25-year-old Saudi student Al Waleed Al GharbiOpens in a new tab. in apartment in Philadelphia, USA after he helped her carry luggage in from her car. She is a drug addict and later robbed him.

#Israel massacres 9 Palestinians in Jenin houseOpens in a new tab. raid on Islamic ‘terror squad’ pretext. Woman aged 61 also killed and 20 more wounded, 4 seriously. In reality, it was revenge for 2 rockets fired.

Israel Massacres AGAIN!

Friday 27th January – 5th Rajab 1444

#Youth digital media company VICE MEDIA signs a $50 million deal with Saudi MBCOpens in a new tab. to create ARABIC food, music, fashion, arts, and video game content and provide training and mentoring to creators.

#Nazaha the kingdom’s very active anti corruption body investigate 2,364 cases, Opens in a new tab.charge 307 individuals and arrest 142 in Saudi ministry organizations.

#KSA needs to borrow $12 billionOpens in a new tab. says Reuters

#Saudi Princess Haifa bint Abdulaziz Al-Mogrin to head UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee and next meet up is in Riyadh in Sept 10-25th 2023.

 “Saudi Arabia is home to 6 millennial world heritage sites and 11 intangible heritage elements, Saudi Arabia will proudly host the 45th session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in September— it’s a new chapter in our evolving history.”

Nabatean carvings and Tomb in a Rock in Al Mada’in Saleh, Tabuk

#PGA Tours is taking Saudi PIF to courtOpens in a new tab. contesting they caused golfers to beach their contracts with PGA by joining up with LIV Golf circuit. The sweeteners were too difficult to resist!

#OIl giant ARAMCO’s venture capital arm to buy to invest $14 million in drone operations and uncrewed traffic management (UTM) group Terra Drone for surveying and infrastructure development. Up, up and away!

#Talk of a KSA buying $8 billion giant turtle shaped (tera) Opens in a new tab.yacht for 60,000 guests, malls and beach clubs. No details who!

#SEVENOpens in a new tab. to build new entertainment centre in King Faisal Road TabukOpens in a new tab. consisting of e-karting, indoor golf, 10 lane bowling and a10 screen cinema. Fun, fun, fun!

Thursday 26th January 2023 – 4th Rajab 1444

#Saudi Arabia plans to make the islands of Tiran and Sanafir a tourist destination, Opens in a new tab.including hotels and casinos, which Israelis can visit.

#Saudi Central Bank says it’s experimenting with CDBC – Digital Currencies

#French man declares his love for Saudi Arabia, Opens in a new tab.wears Saudi clothes, lives here teaches French and is Muslim.

#Biden backs off from punishing KSA for cutting oil production Opens in a new tab.and opposedOpens in a new tab. a resolution introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders to ban US logistical support for airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition in YemenOpens in a new tab..

#Arab states condemnOpens in a new tab. (led by KSA) Edwin Wagensveld, leader of the Pegida movement in the Netherlands, tearing up a copy of the Quran in front of the Dutch parliament in The Hague during an anti-Islam protest on Sunday, a day after far-right politician Rasmus Paludan burned a copy of Islam’s holy book in front of Turkey’s embassy in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

#FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayman calls for caution Opens in a new tab.concerning the $20bn Saudi Arabia F1 bid to take over Formula 1.

#Ronaldo’s model girlfriend and son watch their dad Opens in a new tab.win 1-0 at Mrsool Park in Riyadh.

#Closer Saudi relations with China and the YenOpens in a new tab. could isolate USA and the kingdom to enter BRIC – a community of states with emerging powers.

#Bloomberg how Saudi Arabia and others spend moneyOpens in a new tab.: rescue aid with conditions, trade with currencies other than $US, Russia in Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Tuesday 24th January 2023 – 2nd Rajab 1444

#Saudi handball team finish third place iOpens in a new tab.n President’s Cup group 1.

#More Joy lavender carpet AwardOpens in a new tab.s nonsense for the likes of Sofia Vergara and others.

#Pakistan is reeling over Saudi Arabia’s cash aOpens in a new tab.iOpens in a new tab.dOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.for reforms expectation.Opens in a new tab.

#Bashar regime in Syria allows Saudi sugar and petrochemical importsOpens in a new tab. in the country for the first time in a decade. The relations freeze is beginning to thaw. It’s complex though! Read to see why!

#Ronaldo did not score in his debut match with Al-NassrOpens in a new tab. which won 1-0. Poor English indeed. The writer must be Spanish or Portuguese.

#LuLu Financial holdings (not the supermarket chain) enter Saudi Arabia and IndiaOpens in a new tab. to set up a remittance business for Indians living abroad sending money home. Indians sent home $800 last year.

#Muslim countries experss outrage at the QOpens in a new tab.uran burning escapade in SwedenOpens in a new tab..

#Saudi Zakat, Tax & Customs Authority to start maximum a 2 hours customs clearance Opens in a new tab.initiative in all its land, sea, and airports to speed up imports.

#The Red Sea Global (RSG) gives AL-YUNI building contracters SR1 billion Opens in a new tab.to construct infrastructure for the Amaala projectOpens in a new tab. – a super luxury holiday resort in the Red Sea.

#Brand new Qiwa knowledge centreOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.platform Opens in a new tab.by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with services and solutions for the labour sector. With user-friendly bells and whistles.

Here Is A List Of Qiwa Services

Monday 23rd January 2023 / 1st Rajab 1444

#Joy Awards honor Arab and international singers, artists, directors and social media influencers Opens in a new tab.in one big party.

#Far right extremistOpens in a new tab.sOpens in a new tab. headed by Rasmus Paludan ritually burn the Quran inOpens in a new tab. Turkish Embassy protest in Stockholm – Saudi Arabia complains to the Danish authorities for providing them a permit to gather

#KSA immigration arrest 16,196 residency violatorsOpens in a new tab. – 9,343 violators of the residency system, 4,037, the border security rules, and 2,816 of the labour laws. ONE WEEK ONLY 12th-18th Jan

#K-Pop supergroup Blackpink perform a pop concert in RiyadhOpens in a new tab. on Friday to a sell out crowd

Sunday 22nd January 2023 / 29th Jumadah 11 – 1444 (Month 6)

#Saudi Entertainment VenturesOpens in a new tab. (SEVENOpens in a new tab.) to spend $50 billion on 21 ‘discovery’ Warner Bros themed entertainment centres in 14 Saudi cities

(Click to see a quirky SEVEN promoOpens in a new tab.. Click on the video when you get there. It’s superbly done!)

#Women WILL be allowed to wear bikinis and come as non-married couples Opens in a new tab.at Red Sea Resort destinations. No surprises there!

#Amnesty International accuse Saudi Arabia of using superstar soccer matches to deflect criticism of poor human rights records and whitewashing a bad reputationOpens in a new tab. says Peter Frankental UK’s economic affairs director.

Saturday 21st January 2023 / 28th Jumadah 11 – 1444 (Month 6)

#KSA is China’s second best go to for crude oil after snapping up cheap Russian crude.

#KSA eyes Formula 1 purchaseOpens in a new tab. and could pay $20 billion. For cars, umph!

#We won’t friend you till the Palestinians’ get a state – KSA says to Israel. Sock it to ’em.

#Riyadh is all about football Opens in a new tab.Italian Super Cup final (Milan vs. Inter), the Spanish Super Cup final (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid) and the Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi showdown. Yawn!

#Would love him, but Messi isn’t coming to Saudi Arabia. Not yet at least!

#The Saudi women’s national football team win their first trophy playing Pakistan, Mauritius, and Comoros. Yes, females!

#Saudi Arabia is trying hard to get Ukraine and Russia to settle their differencesOpens in a new tab.. They want stable relations with OPEC and keep prices normal. Get in line, world!

#Kylian Mbappé a football player with PSG enjoys being in Saudi Arabia –personal Instagram snaps for his 95.5 (wow) million followersOpens in a new tab.

#New construction of ‘The Line’ part of $500 billion NEOM megaproject can be seen from space. A skyscraper 200 meters wide and 170 kilometers long? Go figure! Squiggle the mouse and see for yourself.

NEOM Showing Progressed Has Been Made – 3 minutes

#New KSA corporate law to strengthen regulatory requirements and proceduresOpens in a new tab. will support business growth and investment. Read about the Ministry of Commerce’s new move to provide an effective and fair framework for corporate governance.

#Isreal (Netanyahu) wants to cosy up to Saudi Arabia.Opens in a new tab. Yuck! They’d better stop the slaughter first.

#It was right to defy the USA by cutting oil production in 2022Opens in a new tab. after Russian OPEC agreement says Saudi foreign minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud -a new turn in KSA foreign policy some say.

Friday 20th January 2023 / 27th Jumadah 11 – 1444 (Month 6)

#A team of scientists at KAUST (Husam Alshareef, postdoc Zhiming Zhao and coworkers develop cheaper more environmentally friendly batteries that use ammonium cations Opens in a new tab.as charge carriers. Great to read!

#Excellent article by Karl Mathiesen discussing the resilience of the northern Red Sea coraOpens in a new tab.l with tourism and scientific and political discord threatening future well-being. Super photos of coral and Red Sea damage.

Thursday 19th January 2023 / 26th Jumadah 11 – 1444 (Month 6)

#Health insurance for Umrah pilgrims reduced substantially from SR 235 to only SR 87Opens in a new tab. for 90 days visa.

#Saudi Airlines to issue “Your Ticket is a VisaOpens in a new tab.” program, which enables travellers on board its flights to enter Saudi Arabia for a period of 96 hours for a visit or to perform Umrah.

#Saudi Arabia will be the fastest growing economy in 2023Opens in a new tab.– Mohammed Al Jadaan. KSA will be all renewable energy and have NEOM smart city.

#KSA will give continue giving international aid and grants but now wants reformsOpens in a new tab.. No more free lunch.

#Design For The Futuristic Red Sea’s Sheybarah Resort releasedOpens in a new tab..

#Actor Johnny Depp spotted in Al UlaOpens in a new tab.

#KSA wants good relations with Iran to focus on its own development said Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al SaudOpens in a new tab.

# NEOM $500 billion megaproject is progressing. See it growing in a three-minute video.Opens in a new tab. Ignore the 8 sec ads.

#Saudi Arabia is willing to trade oil in currencies other than the US dollarOpens in a new tab. announces Saudi finance minister Mohammed Al JaadaanOpens in a new tab.. At last!

Tuesday 17th January 2023 / 24th Jumadah 11 – 1444 (Month 6)

#Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) among dialysis patients less common in Saudi ArabOpens in a new tab.iOpens in a new tab.aOpens in a new tab.. Its diagnosis gets missed or mistaken for other conditions. A must-read for anyone interested in kidney disease.

#Massive changes for Saudi womenOpens in a new tab. that benefit men too – Australian based Tracey Shelton explains. Tracey knows it all. She ain’t here, but she asked. A thoughtful article.

#Visitor Kevin West comes to Al UlaOpens in a new tab. and tells a long, convoluted story but manages to describe a lot of what is happening there. Wordy!

#Anjani Trivedi discusses PIF’s goal to invest $15 billion for mining copper, nickel and lithium. She or he (not sure) also questions foreign investors and international confidence about the kingdom. Nicely explained!

Monday 16th January 2023 / 23rd Jumadah – 1444 (Month 6)

#49 countries now eligible for instant KSA tourist visasOpens in a new tab. plus valid US or US and Schengen visitor visa holders – used to be 33

#Beautiful camels compete in Opens in a new tab.ROpens in a new tab.iOpens in a new tab.yOpens in a new tab.aOpens in a new tab.dOpens in a new tab.hOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.festival pageant sayOpens in a new tab. Arab news with prizes up to $26 million – Funny!

#Daily Mail says Jeddah’s Al Itihaad and Al Hilal want to pay Lionel Messi $400,000 per yearOpens in a new tab. to play for them. His current contract with Paris St. Germain runs out in June 2023—no end to the lunacy!

#Ministry of Hajj and Umrah make new agreement to drop all C O V I D restrictionsOpens in a new tab. with Morocco and bump pilgrims numbers up back to pre-pandemic levels levels. They’ll be so pleased.

#Saudi inflation rises 3.3%Opens in a new tab. as local prices rise, again say Reuters – Ouch, ouch and ouch again for us!

#Wizz airlines (Hungary) doing new flights between Riyadh and Budapest Opens in a new tab.– Aviation Source News – the most beautiful Eastern capital

# The Saudi PIF supposedly doing a deal worth $AU896 million with WWEOpens in a new tab. as alleged sexual predator Vince McMahon returns to the ring. More lunacy reigns!

#Saudi Arabia continues arresting illegals – 15,734 illegals in a week for iqama and labor violations and illegal border crossers – surely, they just want a life

#More need for improved and more effective antibiotics to combat rise of (carbapenem non-susceptible Gram-negative bacteriaOpens in a new tab.) in Saudi hospitals a well written study announces in Cureus – smart germs getting smarter

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