Are Muslim Men Allowed to Wear Women’s Clothes and Jewelry?

In the modern age of LGBTism and inclusivity where it is acceptable for women to dress like men and visa versa, I have really come to appreciate Islam’s uncompromising stand on the Muslim dress code for men one that was established long ago and that continues unchanged until today. 

In spite of this, many Muslim boys and men still like to wear a bit of jewelry including gold wedding bands, chains, amulets, and even ethic leather and silver bracelets, etc. But, according to Islamic Sharia law, are they even allowed to? 

A Man Wearing Gold Chains and Necklaces

So, are Muslim Men Allowed to Wear Women’s Clothes and Jewelry?

Islam is unequivocal in this matter. Men should not dress like women and women not like men. To that end, men are not permitted to wear jewelry, gold rings, chains, bracelets, silk and/or women’s clothes or anything that makes them seem effeminate or womanly. However, they are allowed to wear one silver ring and put it on the ring finger of their left hands.   

So, on the one hand, in Islam, Muslim men should be NOT seen to be imitating women in the clothes and adornments they wear, yet, on the other hand, it is perfectly acceptable for them to wear silver, studded rings. This apparent contradiction can easily be understood in light of the ruling principles governing the dress code that arose out of the words and life’s example of Mohammed (SAW), the blessed Prophet of Islam. 

Muslim Men Should Not Imitate Women

In spite of the prohibition, Muslim men are required to look clean, elegant and to enhance their appearances. This general provision is given in the following verse of the Holy Quran. 

‘Say, “Who has forbidden the adornment of Allah which He has produced for His servants and the good [lawful] things of provision?

Al Araf 32

The above verse shows us that not only are men allowed to dress beautifully, but they are in fact obliged to do so. They must have a good, clean and beautiful appearance, but only according to a strict set of criteria. 

However, this general provision for men to look good in general definitely excludes the following; wearing jewelry, earrings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, gold rings, silk clothes, and/or women’s clothes and is principally based on the following hadith or saying. 

Hadith Of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) On Silk and Gold For Men

The verse is clear and requires no little further explanation. Based on this and other evidence, gold is not permitted Haram for men and they are not allowed to wear gold jewelry. 

There are also a number of other hadith or sayings of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) related to the subject. 

The prohibition on men wearing gold also includes any pure gold, alloys made of gold, cut or joined pieces and gold inlays. 

Sheikh Mohammed Discusses Impermissbility of Gold For Men

Muslim Men Who Imitate Women Are Cursed

There are a number of other Ahadith or prophetic sayings in which Prophet Mohammed (SAW) outrightly cursed men who dress and imitate women and visa versa and forbids them to dress so. 

Prophet Mohammed cursed Cross Dressers

In the Above Hadith, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) expressly invoked Allah’s curses on crossdresser men and women. He even suggested that they should be thrown out of the family home. 

So any form of cross-dressing is cursed in Islam. Also by inference, it is also Haram for men to imitate women in their manner, ways of behavior, speech and voice tones as is witnessed in gay society.

Cross Dressers Need Psychological Help

Though it is entirely unfashionable in today’s society of open values and freedom of choice to say it, the truth is that men who love wearing women’s clothing, makeup, and jewelry and who take great pleasure, even sexual, mimicking the behavior are sick and need psychological help. This sickness requires both counseling and behavioral adjustment therapies and for Muslim men preferably with Muslim trained therapists.  

What Muslim Men Are Not Allowed To Wear

Here is a list of prohibited wearable items for men. 

  • Women’s Dresses and Skirts
  • Women’s Undergarments/Stockings
  • Women’s Hats and Scarfs
  • High Heeled Shoes
  • Short Trousers (AwrahOpens in a new tab.)
  • Necklaces, Earrings, Chains or Bracelets
  • Amulets and TalismanOpens in a new tab. for Good Luck or Magic
  • Silk Garments and Clothing
  • Garments that hang to the floor and drag 
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold (See RulingOpens in a new tab.)
  • Gold Rings/Jewelry
  • Gold Watches
  • Gold Teeth
  • Gold Cigarette Boxes/Lighters etc
  • Gold Pens
  • Gold Ornaments
  • Gold and Silver Household UtensilsOpens in a new tab.
  • Henna Coloring On Feet and Hands
  • Nail Polish and Face Makeup
  • Body Pierced OrnamentationOpens in a new tab.

Reasons for Prohibition Women’s Clothes, Gold and Silk 

There are a number of Ahadith in Book 24 of Sahih MuslimOpens in a new tab. in Kitab Al Libas Wa Zinah (The Book On Clothing and Adornments) related to men wearing silk. In general, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) showed his disapproval when seeing men wearing silk shirts and by refusing to accept gifts when he was presented with silk shirts as a gift.  

The following is what Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said of men wearing silk and what he wanted others at the time to know about it. 

Muslim Men Wearing Silk Will Not Enter Paradise

The subject of wearing silk and gold is dealt with brilliantly in a book written by the famous Syrian medieval Islamic jurist theologian, and writer Ibn Qayyim Al JawziyyaOpens in a new tab. in his book Zad Al Ma’adOpens in a new tab. which discusses the life (Seerah) of Prophet Mohammed (SAW).  

In it, Ibn Qayyim reasons that men avoid gold adornments and silk for the following reasons:

  1. Men trust the wisdom and reason behind the prohibition.
  2. Men also give up wearing silk and gold to please Allah and reward in the afterlife.
  3. Wearing gold and silver corrupts men because it was created/intended for women.
  4. Wearing gold and silk can lead to pride, to showing off and admiration from others.
  5. Men lose masculinity, get effeminate, a soft heart when wearing gold or silk.
  6. Even strong, powerful men become feminine and soft when wearing gold or silk.

Also, there is an interesting study that shows how men wearing gold can lead to it seeping into the blood and causing low sperm count. Click on the following link Opens in a new view it. There is also some evidence that wearing gold can lead to male impotence and Alzheimer’s disease, 

Additionally, click here to read a fuller Opens in a new tab.explanation of the prohibition of wearing silk for men.

Situations Where Men Are Allowed To Wear Gold and Silk 

Exceptions For Gold

There are no situations where Muslim men are allowed to wear gold adornment EXCEPT when it is called gold, but it really isn’t. 

For example, gold-colored adornments that do not contain any real gold are permissible. There is also platinum that is called white gold but it really isn’t. Wearing platinum is permissible for men because there are no prohibitions on it. People only call it white gold so it is not prohibited, Haram

There is also gold which has been plated with a layer of platinum. This, in fact, is prohibited, Haram for men to wear because in effect, even though it is covered with platinum, in reality, they are wearing yellow gold which is considered Haram

If there are only tiny parts of items that are gold or gold plated then it is permissible to wear such as the moving hands of a watch, the electronics of a smartphone phone, etc. 

For a longer discussion on the constituents and mixtures of metals used to make gold and white gold affecting its permissibility click on the following link Ruling on Men wearing White GoldOpens in a new tab..  

Exceptions For Silk

The Book 24 of Sahih MuslimOpens in a new tab. in Kitab Al Libas Wa Zinah (The Book On Clothing and Adornments) also contains a short section of Ahadith related to some exceptions to men wearing silk.

Sometimes, men can wear silk if the garments do not surpass the width of three or four fingers. Also, if there are some medical conditions where only light silk clothing can relieve it, then wearing it would also be permissible. 

Possibly These Men Had Lice And Could Not Use Normal Thick Clothing

These are the exceptions rather than the rule. Today,  I never heard of men who because of medical reasons can only wear silk. However, it is possible if someone has skin allergies. Allahu Alem!  

Reasons For The Prohibition Of Wearing Short Trousers 

Muslim men’s clothing should adequately cover the ‘Awrah’ which are the parts of the body considered ‘private’ and if exposed he would be seen as being naked.  

For men in Islam, the ‘Awrah’ is the area starting just above the belly button and ending to just below the knees. The form of dress for men anywhere in the Islamic world must conform to this norm for it to be either legally or socially acceptable.  

Muslim Men Should Wear Short Trousers That Begin Above The Belly Button and End Below The Knees

For further information on how non-Muslims should dress in a Muslim country click through and read the article The Common Sense Guide To How Non-Muslim Men Should Dress In Saudi Arabia. 

What Muslim Men Are Allowed to Wear

Muslim men can wear pretty much anything they like EXCEPT  for the items listed above in the section What Muslim Men Shouldn’t Wear. 

The following is a list of Items that Muslim Men are permitted to wear:

  • Silver RIngs
  • Precious Stones
  • Diamonds
  • Thobes
  • Certain Hats
  • Turbans
  • Face Veils
  • Gulf Shamagh (Headdress) 
  • Izhar (Body wraps)
  • Long Trousers
  • Ethnic/Traditional Dress

There are no prohibitions on men wearing silver rings. It was the practice of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and his companions Sahabah to wear them. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) used his silver ring like an instrument to seal documents in wax. On it was the inscription Mohammed Al Rasool Allah. (Mohammed The Prophet Of Allah)

It was reported at the time that the Romans would not read a communication from the Muslims unless it was officially sealed by Prophet (SAW) Mohammed in this way. 

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Wore this type of ring inscription and Banned Others From Doing The Same

There is also some debate about what the actual weight of the silver ring should be, some claiming the ring should not exceed one mithqal (4.25 grams) or two dirhams. Because two rings would likely exceed that weight, Muslim men should only wear one.

Click here to read the various considerations on the weight of rings for Muslim men. 

Which Hand and Fingers Should Muslim Men Wear Their Silver Rings? 

The general consensus of scholars of Fiqh and Hadith is that Muslim men should wear the silver ring the little finger of their left hands and that it is Sunnah.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Wore HIs Silver Rng on His Little Finger and on Both Hands

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) forbade his son in law, Ali Ibn Al TalOpens in a new tab.ib  (by his own account) to wear a ring on the middle and forefingers (pointer). 

The reason as surmised by Imam NawawiOpens in a new tab., a popular Muslim jurist of the 13th century Syria is that the use of the first and middle fingers is more frequent whilst the ring and little finger are further away in the hand and not so frequently in use.

In Islam, it is disliked (Makruh) for men to wear a silver ring on the middle and forefinger (index). 

Wearing Gemstones In Silver Ring

It is well known that Prophet Mohammed (SAW) wore an Abyssinian black stone in a silver band and for practical reasons, he turned the stone inwards facing the palm whenever he used his hand. 

Some people believe that gemstones and rocks have natural healing properties. The Shia make great capital of this fact.Opens in a new tab. They wrongly believe that stones in rings can protect you from harm and bring you good luck. They also use the ring stone to identify religious affiliationOpens in a new tab.

The stones used can be of the stones of agate, onyx, Chinese iron, turquoise. Whilst they are beautiful, they cannot have any power or influence over human beings except by the permission of Allah. 

Sheikh Mohammed Discusses The Permissibility of Muslim Men Wearing Silver Rings

Muslim Men Wearing Diamond Rings

It is permissible for Muslim men to set a diamond stone in his silver ring but the two combined should not exceed the weight of one mithqal (4.25 grams). 

Click here for the evidenceOpens in a new tab. according to the Hanafi School of Fiqh. 

Muslim Men and Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

The general principle is that wearing rings is permissible but never gold for men. The problem occurs when a couple marries, they buy engagement or wedding rings for each other in the belief that the ring will create a strong bond between the two and or that in losing either of the rings, the marriage relationship would be adversely affected.

This belief is an act of Shirk, therefore, Haram in Islam. Exchanging rings is a Christian custom that has no place in Islam and, in this case, is imitating non-Muslims and is highly discouraged. Click here to read a ruling FatwaOpens in a new tab. on the issue of Muslim men and women exchanging rings.     

Related Questions 

Can Men wear rings that are made of material OTHER than silver? No! Finger rings that are made from other materials such as stone, metal, brass, platinum, wood, bone or anything nonsilver are NOT permissible. Read the Hanafi viewpointOpens in a new tab. on the issue.

Is it allowed for Muslim men to wear silver rings with the name of Allah engraved on it? Yes though consensus differs. The Salaf used various inscriptions including Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar, Al Hamdulileh, Allah Al Malik (Allaah the Sovereign), Billaah (By the help of Allah), Bismillah (In the Name of Allah), Al-‘Izzah Lilleh (Glory belongs to Allah), Hasbi Allah (Allah is sufficient for me), etc.

To read more about rulings regarding using inscriptions on rings for men click here.Opens in a new tab.

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