Sohail And His House Spirits (The Jinn)

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Brother Sohail knew about spirits (The Jinn) in Islam but had never witnessed any paranormal activity. 

That is until one evening when he heard a scream. It came from the direction of his neighbour’s house. Sohail rushed outside to see what had happened. 

Haja Maha lives alone next door. Looking terrified, the old lady came running out of her house. She told Sohail she had seen someone or something in the kitchen. Sohail calmed her down and quizzed her. 

Haja Maha said she had gone to get a glass of water, turned on the light, and in the corner of the kitchen, saw a shadowy figure.

There Ain’t No Ghosts

Sohail chuckled to himself. He believed the frightened old lady imagined it but went inside her house to investigate. 

He searched the kitchen and the entire house but found no one. He took Haja Maha back indoors and reassured her that everything was safe.

He even joked to her that if she saw the shadowy figure again, to tell it to come to his house. It would be welcome there.

The Spirit Fun Begins 

The next day, Sohail woke up late for work. He placed his cup of coffee on the sideboard and bent down to tie up his shoelaces. When he stood up again, he was surprised that his coffee cup had tipped over and the remaining coffee spilled out. 

Puzzled, he returned to the kitchen to prepare a refill and went back to his bedroom. He was shocked to see that his laptop bag had fallen off the bed and its contents scattered across the floor.

Thinking little of it, he quickly gathered the content and headed out the door.

After work, Sohail was exhausted. He arrived home and had forgotten about Haja Maha and the strange events. However, in the kitchen, he was startled to discover two cupboard doors were open and some items strewn across the kitchen countertop.   

His first thought was that someone was in the house – a visitor or even a thief. 

He looked about his apartment but again found no one. Then, he remembered the incident at Haja Maha’s house the previous evening. He wondered if there was a connection.  

Over the next few days, Sohail discovered that more strange activities had occurred in his home. 

One evening, he found clothes and belongings tossed across the bedroom floor. Another morning, he saw countertop items in his kitchen in different places. Then, after arriving home from work yesterday, he saw a smartphone charger fully immersed in a bowl full of water in the kitchen sink.

But each time he looked, he could find anyone in his house, and he would not have done all these things himself. 

Sohail Exorcizes The Demons

Sohail wondered again about Haja Maha and the shadowy figure. He imagined that it had accepted his invitation to enter his home. 

That night, Sohail went online to research paranormal phenomena. Perhaps Haja Maha had seen a spirit after all and that these were really Jinn that caused the disturbances.  

He found an article entitled Zam Zam Water and Its Use in Islamic Exorcism (Ruqya). In it were the answers to all his questions. 

This article deals mainly with the evil eye, magic spells, and ways to rid yourself of spirit (Jinn) when they possess human beings. However, he also learned how to clear his house of spiritual disturbances. 

By God’s (Allah) grace, he followed the instructions step by step and cleansed each room of his home. Since that day, he has not experienced any unusual activity in his house.

Haja Maha also reports that she has not seen any more strange shadows in her home.

Who Is The Author?

Maryam Hussain is an accomplished web based writer, cook, and storyteller. She lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with her husband and two young daughters. 

When not busy parenting, Maryam enjoys writing award-winning articles for and short stories for her Facebook page Maryam’s Diary.

Sometimes, when she feels like doing neither, Maryam indulges in reading novels and experimenting with new recipes.

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