Is The Theory Of Evolution Taught In Saudi Schools?

Any Muslim will tell you that human beings are descendants of Adam. But do they know that according to the Theory of EvolutionOpens in a new tab. we actually descend from lower life forms-monkeys? Screech in horror.

So, I asked a local school teacher if evolution is taught in Biology in Saudi schools. Here is what I learned.

Our Origins? Islam Says No Way!

So, is the theory of evolution taught in Saudi schools? In homes and schools, all Saudi children are taught that humans actually descend from Adam and Eve who were both created by Allah (SWT). In biology classes for Grade 12 and above the idea of evolution is presented only in terms of the adaptation of animal species over long periods of time and NOT that life evolved out of lower species like amoebas, apes, and monkeys.

So, in Saudi schools, the idea human beings came from apes or monkeys is completely rejected. However, the theory of evolution is discussed in terms of ways in which animal species that Allah (SWT) had already created, adapted and changed over time.

Natural Selection But Not Divorced From The Power Of Allah (SWT)

In schools, Saudi students are purposefully provided information that counteracts such scientific beliefs including Islamic religious rationale and counter-arguments that contradict the science.

The official Saudi position is Nevertheless in the West appeared what is called ‘the Theory of Evolution’ which was derived by the Englishman Charles Darwin, who denied Allah’s creation of humanity, saying that all living things and humans are from a single origin.

We do not need to pursue such a theory because we have in the Book of Allah (The Holy Quran) the final say regarding the origin of life, that all living things are Allah’s (SWT) creation.” (2)

Darwin On The Survival Of the Fittest

Of course, from a monotheistic viewpoint, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution seems like a sick practical joke, but scientists still talk seriously about these already debunked ideas.

Life cannot have evolved on earth as evolutionists claim ‘except‘ by the power of Allah (SWT).

The following are some of the counterarguments.

1. Natural Selection Is Just Too Slow Without God, Allah’s Help

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The theory says that life as we know it is the result of natural selection and ongoing genetic mutations.

Yet, it has been scientifically demonstrated that mutations that have supposedly created life (the protein building blocks) produce an only minuscule change in a species.

This kind of change that if it had occurred would have to have happened after an impossibly long period of time.

In fact, the time needed for natural selection to occur in human development in the way described in the theory would be much longer than the two million years that we humans have been around on the earth.

Unless of course, Allah (SWT) had willed it to be.

2. DNA In Cells Don’t Sequence Themselves

DNA Structure Illustrated

The 5 billion nucleotides A, T, G, and C that comprise the DNA in just ONE of the billions of cells in the human body have no innate controlling principle.

In other words, nucleotides don’t control themselves but themselves need a controller.

However, we are expected to believe that they (the billions of nucleotides) naturally arranged themselves in almost impossible, yet perfect sequence along each strand of human DNA in every single one of the billions of individuals that inhabit this earth.


Frankly, such random perfect sequencing is impossible and can only be explained by the employment of a perfect controlling agent.

Could the controlling agent be mere chance? Again, unlikely

Only Allah (SWT) the ever-present and all-powerful, could do this!

3. Body Parts Can’t Evolve -They Must Be Complete From the Start

The Complex Eye Couldn’t Work In A Pre evolved State

Complex body parts such as the eye could not have just begun their existence as simple evolving systems.

An eye is an eye and as such only works because it is made up and is a sum of its complex parts.

If it were simpler, an unevolved eye (or any complex physiological system for that matter) simply could not function as an eye.

An evolving eye just would not be able to see nor would an evolving human heart be able to pump the blood around the body for that matter.

4. The Missing Links Are Still Missing

Zakir Naif Notes Darwinism Is Only A Hypothesis

Where are the elusive Lucy fossils, the missing links?

No matter how hard scientists have looked for them, fossils showing transitional steps in the evolutionary process that demonstrate how and when the blobs, then turned monkeys slowly became human beings simply don’t exist.

(They have tried so hard -they once thought that they had discovered Lucy, but they were wrong in the endOpens in a new tab.) (3)

Lucy, The Supposed Missing Link Was Actually Discovered To Be An Orangutan

The human race comprises millions of individuals, Also, there are billions of skeletons of apes and primates (living and dead). So, where are the finds? Where are the millions of fossil skeletal remains showing the intermediate species?

There is not a shred of evidence in the fossil records showing this process has occurred.

Scientists, however, do point to the fossil layers and say there is evidence, but in the end, are still at a loss to explain how one form of life became another.


Skeletal Fossil Finds Truthfully Explained!

In the end, the evidence for this cranky evolutionary theory is so grossly underwhelming.

The fact is that we know Allah (SWT) created organisms with functional, structural, and behavioral characteristics that allow life to adapt and flourish in an array of ecological environments.

The Theory of Evolution when seen in the light of Islam has to go down in history as being the biggest and most laughable scam ever.

What is the Theory Of Evolution? Charles Darwin claims life as we know it descended from previously existing lower forms of species. i.e. man evolved out of monkeys. It also claims that that evolution occurs by a process of natural selection. Only the most adaptable individuals in a species can survive, pass on their genes and variation in physical characteristics to the next generations, and evolve over time.

Who or what are the Lucy Fossils? The skeletal remains called Lucy are taught in schools to be the missing link or the intermediate species between an ape and the evolved man species. However, after analysis of the pelvic and leg bones, it was later proven to be an Orangutan ape.

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