Story of Asmaa – A Private Male Tutor Tries it On

Asmaa’s Story

Asmaa was 16, needed help learning maths and lived with her mother in Cairo, Egypt.

So, her mother provided a private male tutor called Aron aged 28. He was a non-Muslim and came to the family home to tutor her.

Asmaa‘s mother often sat close by during the sessions. Aron was an excellent teacher, and Asmaa loved his way.

In the class, her mother sometimes took a short nap.

After a time, Aron started to act weird. He would touch Asmaa’s hand as if by accident and then say it was in error.

He would also look at her intently.

Asmaa thought little of it and was eager to continue classes. Aron mistook her enthusiasm and believed she was responding to his own physical interest in her.

One day, Aron entered their home uninvited. Asmaa heard a sound from her room and went to the hallway to check who was there.

However, she did not wear a headscarf (Hijab) or a cloak (Abaya). When Aron saw Asmaa, she quickly ran to her room, but it was too late.

He had seen her without a covering on her head.

The private classes continued, and during these sessions, Aron began challenging the Islamic injunction on women to cover their hair and bodies in loose clothing.

He argued that female natural beauty should be open for all to see. Asmaa ignored his arguments and repeatedly tried to direct the conversation back to the lessons at hand.

However, Aron continued trying to persuade Asmaa to go out and date him.

Aron was persistent, and his accidental touches increased and became a nuisance by pressing Asmaa to have a relationship with him.

One day, Asmaa’s uncle visited the home and saw Asmaa and Aron sitting alone in private and raised his concerns. He protested, and eventually, the private classes stopped.

At the time, Asmaa was too young and naive. She did not know how to handle his advances. In fact, she found the whole thing disgusting and felt relieved that the classes ended.

In hindsight, Asmaa understood that meeting a male tutor in private meant she was venerable and exposing herself to danger.

Today, she has her own daughters and has vowed never to allow private male tutors in the home.

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