Home to Heartbreak – Uncle Majeed’s Return to Pakistan

I wish to share with you the story of Uncle Majeed Chacha.  After 30 years of hard labour in Saudi Arabia to support his family in Pakistan, Majeed takes a Final Exit and returns home only to get abused and return to Saudi Arabia in tears.

Uncle Majeed Sitting Aloft Mount Hira OverLooking Mecca

The Sad Story Of Uncle Majeed 

Retold By Mohammed Francis 

After spending 30 years working in Saudi Arabia, Uncle Majeed Chacha returns to Pakistan, his homeland. 

The night before travelling, he could not sleep. He is feeling nervous and excited.

At Jeddah airport, he hugs and kisses his friends goodbye. They feel sad. However, Majeed looks forward to seeing his family again after so many years. 

After a day or two, I, his good friend Ahmed in Saudi Arabia, call him to ask if he had arrived safely and to inquire about his health. 

Uncle Majeed tells me he is well. Majeed Chacha says he feels happy to be home in Pakistan with his family after many years.

A Turn For The Worst

A week later, I return home from work to my apartment after a long day at the office in Jeddah. To my total surprise, I see Uncle Majeed sitting outside the apartment building, his head in his hands and looking heartbroken.

I exclaim, Uncle Majeed, What are you doing here?

He approaches and hugs me and starts to cry and sob tears. Seeing Uncle Majeed in this way alarms me, but I try to comfort him the best way I can. 

Majeed Shares His Sad Story

Majeed’s Sons & The Family Meet Him At Karachi Airport

Then, Uncle Majeed relates his story and tells that on the day of his arrival in his home town, his family and friends greet him with joy and excitement.

They are happy, treat him like a king, a special guest and serve and wait on him hand and foot. Majeed has a wife, three sons (unmarried) and two daughters (married). 

A day or two later, the novelty of his return to Pakistan begins to wear off. 

In a conversation, Majeed reprimands his son Faris about going outside too often and not helping his mother enough.  

His son replies, Father, you have just come home after many years. Respect me, and stop asking about my comings and goings. 

Majeed is disturbed to hear his reponse. 

Later that day, there is a knock at the door. Ashraf has come to see his elder son, Rehan. At the door, the two friends converse. Of course, Uncle Majeed is in the living room and hears everything.   

Ashraf berates Rehan for staying indoors and not coming outside to have fun. The friend is anxious to see Rehan.  

Rehan tells Ashraf, I cannot come out yet. A few days ago, my father returned from Saudi Arabia, and he keeps asking me too many questions. We do not know when we can get rid of him.

These words reach deeply into Majeed’s heart like the stab of a knife. He is so overwhelmed by what he hears that he collapses on the floor unconscious. 

After he regains consciousness, he finds no one there to help him. 

Then, Majeed questions himself. What have I come home to? What have I done wrong?  Why is my family behaving so badly?

Majeed Seeks Spiritual Guidance 

The next day, after the morning prayer (Al-Fajr), Majeed approaches the mosque spiritual leader (Imam) to seek his advice.

Uncle Majeed complains that even after only a few days, his children have been treating him poorly. Also, his wife is behaving coldly and is asking him to return to Saudi Arabia since they need more money for college and marriage. 

The spiritual leader (Imam) listens to his story and urges Majeed not to return to Saudi Arabia. 

The Imam explains, During your absence, your wife and children changed. They are no longer the children you knew when they were little. They are now the product of their upbringing by their mother. Also, today, your wife is no longer the woman you married all those years ago. She has become accustomed to being the wife of a man who sends her money at the end of every month.

Majeed leaves the mosque in a state of shock. He is confused and does not know what to believe. 

Majeed Returns To Saudi Arabia 

Uncle Majeed’s Home In Pakistan – Fruit Of 30 Years Hard Labour

The following night, he sleeps and wakes up very early to pray. He goes online, buys a plane ticket to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and, without telling anyone, leaves for the Karachi airport a few days later. 

Before departing, he kisses the door to his house and says, My false illusion. You are my beloved home. I want to live here, but now I understand you are no longer mine.  

As I listen to Uncle Majeed telling me his story, I am sad and can hardly hold back my tears.

Finally, Uncle Majeed whispers, Jahanzeb, I will never go back to Pakistan. If I die, please bury me here, and do not ever send my dead body back there.

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