What I Love About Living In Saudi Arabia

By Areej Musaed (Saudi National)

As a Saudi myself, I find the following some of the best aspects of living in Saudi Arabia.

1. Safety

Saudi Arabia ranks among the safest countries in the world. Being a woman, I never hesitated about going alone late at night for walks or to the grocery store. Robbery, rape, theft, mass shooting are almost non-existent.

2. Social Solidarity And Cohesion

We were brought up understanding that family always comes first. This is why there is strong social ties and solidarity. You never see homeless people on the street.

When one loses his or her job, family and relatives will take care of the person. When a woman gets divorced, the family will ask her to move back in and help raise the kids.

It is just so heart-warming to see this strong social support which ultimately makes you feel happy and safe throughout your life.

3. Free Medical Care

We never worry about the cost of treatment, surgery, or even pills. There is a 24/7 free toll number provided by the Ministry of Health that you can call to inquire about your health or request pills to be sent to your door!

(For COVID-19 treatment, it is free for everyone, including citizens, expats, and undocumented migrants).

4. Free Education

From kindergarten to graduate school, our education is fully paid. On top of that, every university student receives financial aid ($266) every month.

5. Low Food prices

restaurants and food prices are incredibly cheap! A loaf of bread would cost you only $0.8 in Saudi Arabia.

6. Very Cheap Gas

Saudi Arabia has one of the cheapest prices for gas in the world. It costs $0.43 a liter! I fill up my car’s tank to the brim with only $21.

7. No Income Tax

Despite massive economic reforms, the Saudi government has not introduced income tax, only 15% VAT.

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