A Father’s Infidelity Makes His Daughter Hate All Men

I was young and innocent, but not too young to notice my father. We used to have family and friends round for food and drinks. I saw him glancing furtively at the women, admiring their thighs and breasts, and commenting on their beautiful eyes and hair.

My mother knew what my father was up to. However, she was an easy woman and tolerated his disgraceful behavior.

At a party, one woman, in particular, would come up close to my father vying for his attention. She wiggled and swayed her body just to get him to notice her.

I saw it all. I felt sad that they were playing this game whilst my mother was working hard in the kitchen preparing food for the guests.

Then suddenly one day, all the parties stopped and I struggled to understand why.

It was at this time that I saw my mum fall in a heap on the floor at the mention of my father’s name. She raged how he had betrayed her and how she had seen him naked in bed with that shameful whore.

From that day forward, my mother taught me constantly never to trust men. They were all unfaithful and cheaters.

Listening all the time to my mother’s words, I started to hate men.

Mother also began to hate female visitors to the house. They just want to steal her husband with their bodies and evil conniving ways.

Today, I am 22 and dad still chases women in such despicable ways. It’s his hobby. He hasn’t changed one bit.

I am old enough to know many young men. I feel I want to punish them for my father’s cruel actions. They are all just like my dad.

I do this by wiggling and swaying my body to get them excited. They can look, but not touch.

These men call and chase me constantly and try to have me, but I don’t let them. I just don’t answer my phone, ever.

I want revenge, to hurt those who like my father want to destroy all women. My life is so miserable that it takes my breath away. The dark cloud with my father’s name written all over it follows me everywhere I go.

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