Visit Al-Baha’s Makhwah Central Park, But Don’t Fall!

In July 2023, my good friend Abdul Hakim and his family were on holiday in Morocco. They parked the car on a elevated beauty spot near Agadir. They took pictures and selfies, got back into the car to drive off.

Unfortunately, as Abdul Hakim started the engine, the car was in gear. It suddenly lunged forward and plunged over the cliff side, falling and killing him, his wife and two young sons ages 9 and 13.

Allah (SWT) forgive them all. Ameen!

Since that horrible, tragic accident in July 2023, Moroccan authorities have erected a safety fence to stop it happening again.

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Visit Al Makhwah Central Park, Al Baha But With Great Caution

Drone View of Al Makhwah Central Park

Likewise, many Saudi visitors claim a similar accident could happen in the flashy new Al Makhwah Central Park in Al Baha.

You see, authorities built it on six steep terraced levels.

They separated the car park, the first and second terraced level with giant slopes that they illuminate at night. Visitors say each is dangerously high and fear their children may fall down from them.

I saw these slopes. They are steep and not well fenced. An able, healthy adult MIGHT survive such a fall. However, a child or elderly would likely not.

So, enjoy the park, but exercise great caution.

Saudi Project Twitter Post And The Park Promotional Video

If It Is That Dangerous, Why Visit Al-Makhwah Central Park?

In spite of the height hazard, Al Makhwah Central Park is a beautiful place for picnics and strolls.

It is new and lies 50km south of Al Baha, on the main road south 13 km to the town of Al Makhwah.

It cost five million Saudi Riyals to build and was completed in 2021.

They constructed the park on naturally beautiful mountainside. It is an odd green, Aztec looking affair with wide, well lit pathways ideal for night time family get togethers.

What You Can Do And See At Al Makhwah Central Park

Al Makahwah Central Park Indicating The Six Levels And Top And Bottom Entrances
Top- Car ParkLarge space for parking a vehicle – (Steps up and down)
First (Highest)6 shaded (flower shaped) picnic spots, trees, shurbs six grassy lawns & illuminated walkways, dancing fountains and displays – (Steps up and down)
Second 6 shaded (flower) shaped picnic spots, some shrubs, six grassy lawns & illuminated walkways – (Steps up and down)
ThirdWater filled Pools, and two dangerous slopes take care (Steps up and down)
FourthTerraced water filled pools & waterfalls. (Centralized steps up and down)
FifthTerraced water filled pools & waterfalls. (Centralized steps up and down)
Entrance to the Aztec design structure, standing platforms water filled pools, cascading water falls & central stairways

You cannot drive your car inside the park or onto the terraced levels. Instead, leave your vehicle in the large car park poistioned ABOVE the Al Makahwah Park.

Then you walk down to the six terraced levels.You go down them via the giant concrete stairways leading to all the six levels that lie below the car park.

And, when you finish, you need strong legs and lots of stamina to walk back up again.

Inside the Al-Makhwah Central Park, you will find beautiful, shady palm trees, a few unkemp grassy lawns, a grid of pastel bricked pathways, and private family picnic areas disguised as giant cartoon like flower blossom.

There are many lovely water falls and dancing fountains shooting large jets of water in a long lit up pool-great for taking family photos or selfies.

At night, the paths are fully illuminated by many colorful Tardis like pillars. The overhanging flower blooms light up the sheltered picnic spots. (See video)

The Facilities At Al Makhwah Central Park

An Other Worldy Aztec Like Structure With Pools & Waterfalls Comprising The First Three Terraced Levels

FacilityYes / No
Car ParkY
Picnic SpacesY
Prayer AreaY
Night Time DisplaysY
Organized ActivitiesY
Play Grounds N

How Much $?

Entrance to Al Makhwah Park is free of charge.

When To Go To Al-Makhwah Central Park? Timing

Summer mornings and evenings are perfect times to visit Al Makhwah. Unlike the rest of Saudi Arabia, the high elevation means June is the hottest. Temperatures average only 26°C in this month.

Climate In Al Baha

However, I know that in August, temperatures can sometimes reach 30 °C. In winter (December and January), the they fall as low as 10°C.

The months with the highest rainfall are August (15 days) and September (14 days), while the driest is the month of February (only 3 days).

Visit Duration – Al Makhwah Central Park

1-4 hours

Who Will Love It?

Families, newly married couples and groups of friends, mountain, nature lovers and fit outdoor types will love the peace and quiet of Al Makhwah Central Park.

Al- Makhwah Central Park, Al BahaGoogle Maps Location
Illuminated Flower Bud Picnic Spots in Al Makhwah Central Park

The Pros

  • Beautiful and aesthetic
  • Steep flower gardens
  • Peaceful and very quiet
  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Prayer area
  • Spaces for kids to play
  • Cell phone charging ports

The Cons

  • Too much concrete
  • Not enough green spaces
  • Steep ascents and descents
  • Dangerous slopes for kids
  • Narrow pathways for walking
  • Limited shaded picnic spots
  • Toilets are far – on upper level
  • No grocery shops or sellers nearby
  • Gets very littered
  • Hard to access on foot
  • No playground for kids
  • No electricity in toilets
  • Poor lights maintentenance

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