What Is Project Amaala On Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Coast?

In the spring of 2014, I made the 1,000 km + journey overland from Jeddah airport up to the Egyptian town of Sharm Al-Sheikh along the Saudi Red Sea coast.

The coastline is stunning, so expansively exotic and beautiful, yet untouched and totally underdeveloped. 

Amaala Red Sea Resorts

However, all that is about to change. Three major projects are now underway to develop high-end luxury tourism in the North-Eastern region of Saudi Arabia:

  • The Red Sea Project
  • Noem City
  • Amaala

As yet, Amaala is still unknown. Readers of insidesaudi.com have started asking me what the project is all about. I really had no idea. So, I contacted the Amaala development company and PIF to ask them. The following is what discovered.    

So, What Exactly Is The Amaala Project?

By 2028, Amaala plans to have built three super-luxury sea resorts called Triple Bay, The Island, and Coastal Development. The focus of each is to provide ‘transformative’ holistic treatment and personal development holidays. It will feature up to 2,500 hotel rooms, 800 villas, and condominiums including yachting marinas, luxury camping, arts, culture, spas, wellness centers, exclusive shopping, boutiques, fine dining, and recreational activities.

Amaala Promotional Introduction

Who Will Want To Visit Amaala?

Amaala’s target market is the rich, yacht owning, luxury, high spending clientele seeking exclusive transformative and discerning holiday experiences. They are the top 2.5 million ultra-high net worth individuals or UHNWIs in luxury travel. 

Amaala seeks to achieve this with a bespoke 5-star lifestyle experience of luxury living that includes beachfront properties, contemporary arts, crafts workshops, cultural activities, health and wellness activities, and upmarket sports such as polo, horse riding, and camel racing. 

Visitors will include well-heeled and discerning singles, couples, and families from the Gulf and citizens of Asia, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, the US, and Japan.

They will arrive in private and commercial jets at the new Red Sea airport or the exclusive Amaala airport currently being constructed, 

All this will be offered in the Red sea area of outstanding natural beauty. Click here to read more about Amaala on their corporate website.Opens in a new tab.

Top 10 Countries In The World With UHNWIs

Who Is Building Amaala?

The giant Saudi government Public Investment Fund (PIF) is providing capital to start the project off and it launched Amaala in September 2020.

The project is one part of a wide portfolio of giga-projects that will provide high-end eco- friendly tourism in the kingdom and with it, greater economic diversification and high-value jobs for Saud nationals. 

As Amaala progresses contacts will be awarded to developers and investment opportunities will become available for private sector groups.

What Is The Amaala Build Time? 

After approval of the Master plan in December 2019, actual development on the ground is starting in early 2020 and the build (based on feasibility studies ) will be done in phases.

The whole project should be completed by 2028, some three years before the realization of the Vision 2030Opens in a new tab.. (Inshallah)  

Who Is The Public Investment Fund PIF? 

PIF Board Members

Launched in 2017, PIF is Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, state money aimed at forging new business sectors and realizing the economic transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Future wealth creation for Saudi Arabia is based on establishing local and international investment portfolios in conjunction with strategic international partners and investment managers.

The PIF strategies are in line with Vision 2030 Opens in a new tab.goals which are to create huge financial returns and greater value for Saudi Arabia in the longer term. 

For 2020, PIF managed assets reached $400 billion. PIF’s public funding will complement private development and their investment locally is in:

  • Fund’s Saudi Holdings
  • Saudi Sectors Development
  • Saudi Real Estate & Infrastructure Development
  • Saudi Giga-Projects (including Amaala)

Amaala Appointments So Far 

After incorporation as a standalone company in September 2019, the names of the members of the Amaala’s Advisory Board were announced. The board will meet two to four times a year as required.   

CompanySpecialtyProject (s)
HKS Architects, Dallas Texas USAInternational DesignsMaster Planner for Triple Bay and Coastal Development
Denniston,Opens in a new tab. Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaHospitality Design Consultants
Architect: Jean Michel Gathy
See his woOpens in a new tab.rk
Master Planner for The Island
Fosters + PartnersOpens in a new tab.Design Management and Environmental EngineeringArchitectural Advisors for Entire Project
Prince Albert 11 Of Monaco FoundationOceanographic And Marine Life Research And ConservationOpens in a new tab.Coral Reef ManagementIconic Species ProtectionMarine Protected Areas (MPA)Enforcement & Anti Plastic PollutionBiodiversity
Tamimi Global
(TAFGA)Opens in a new tab.
Temporary Facilities
Management & Industrial Service
The initial stage of the AMAALA 15,000 residents Construction Village.  
Also, the second and third stages of civil and infrastructure work for the village.
Victor ClavellOpens in a new tab.Chief Operating OfficerOpens in a new tab.Managed openings of many properties in The USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Bulgari, W, and EDITION hotels.
Amaala CEO Nicolas Naples Contracts With The New Brand Ambassador Ignacio Figueras

As the Amaala project progresses, more appointments will be made and will be posted here.

Amaala’s Management and Leadership Advisory Board 

John PaganoOpens in a new tab.

Nicolas NaplesOpens in a new tab.
Current CEO
(January 2021)

Former CEO 
Also, TSDC Opens in a new tab.CEO and Old Fort Capital Investments Ltd Owner

Executive hospitality marketing and operations 
Antoine Corinthios President AGC ConsultingHospitality Leader 5-star Hotel Groups
Neil JacobsOpens in a new tab.CEO Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spas
See Jacobs Explain Six SensesOpens in a new tab.
Hospitality Leader Hospitality Operations Groups 
Edward MadyOpens in a new tab.GM Beverly Hills Hotel Regional Director Dorchester CollectionManagement and Leadership
Claude ManiscalcoOpens in a new tab.Director of Tourism In San TropezBrand Management
Georg R. Rafael Director Rafael Group SAMAcquisitions, development, and repositioning of deluxe hotels. 
Horst SchulzeOpens in a new tab.Ritz-Carlton Co-Founder 
See Schulze Speaking at Summit 2019Opens in a new tab. (Great Stuff)
Leading Hotelier, Innovator, and Public Speaker
Arash AzarbarzinOpens in a new tab.President At SH Hotels & ResortsOpens in a new tab., Los Angelessbe Hotel GroupOpens in a new tab. founder powerhouse business developer & Area Managing Director at Starwood’s W Hotel brand.

Amaala’s Real Estate and Finance Expertise Board 

Evan KweeOpens in a new tab.Pontiac LandVice-Chair of Capella Hotel Group
Read about the Kwee FamilyOpens in a new tab.
Business and Product Development
Barry S. SternlichtOpens in a new tab.Chief Starwood Capital Group$60 billion investment fund manager and board of directors of five companies and foundations

Amaala’s Marine Ecology Advisor

Emma JohnsonOpens in a new tab.Dean and Professor of Marine Sciences UNSW SydneyDean of Science and Marine Ecology Expert 

Amaala’s Arts and Culture Advisors

Solenne BlancOpens in a new tab.MD Beau Arts & CieStrategy, innovation and digital transformation in media and cultural industries,
Thomas KrensOpens in a new tab.Former Director and Advisor Solomon Guggenheim FoundationExhibitions Innovator and Driver of Arts
Dr. Mikhail PiotrovskyOpens in a new tab.Advisor For Transformative Arts and CultureGeneral Director of The State Hermitage MuseumOpens in a new tab.. St Petersburg, Russia

Amaala’s Sports and Wellness Advisors and Ambassadors

Simon Brooks WardOpens in a new tab.Major Events OrganiserEquestrian sports and State Commemorations for UK Royal Family
Ignacio FiguerasOpens in a new tab.Argentine Polo ChampionModel and polo sport promoter
Susan HarmsworthOpens in a new tab.Founder of ESPA International SpasDesigner and developer of international spas and wellness clinics
Ingo SchwederOpens in a new tab.CEO of GOCO Hospitality and Horwath HTL Health and WellnessDesign plan and management of wellness developments for world-class hospitality and real estate brands.

What Are Amaala’s Goals?

Amaala -The Saudi Riviera

After extensive market research into what high spending clientele value related to travel and tourism,  Amaala identified ten but chose five: 

1. Arts and Culture -Arts Colony, Exhibitions & Immersive Arts

2. Wellness & Sports -Retreats, Clinics & Gilf, Adventure, and Horseriding

3. Sun-Beaches, Relaxation & Well-being

4. Sea -Marinas, Diving, Snorkeling, Coral & Sea Life

5. Lifestyle -Marine Conservation, Cruising, Shopping & Cuisine

Based on the above five values, Amaala wants to provide health and wellness experiences for the ultra-rich.

Together with the luxury accommodation on offer, there will be specialty health treatments in spas, relaxation clinics, massage, meditation, yoga combined with exclusive modern arts, cultural activities, fashion, sports, and red sea excursions. 

There will also be more than 200 high-end retail art and culture galleries, crafts and artisan workshops, bespoke retail shops together with a huge variety of international and Arab restaurants. 

Coastal Development Modern Arts Center

Each year, they hope to provide training for more than 400 Saudis, create 22, 400 new jobs, and attract 320,000 visitors annually.   

The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that the income of travel and tourism-related GDP will result in $70.0 billion or SR 263.1 billion for the Saudi economy. Amaala will be a small part of that effort. 

 “The Island development will be an immersive and interactive art-inspired jewel. Its lifestyle components, its landscaping, the museums, and art installations together with the art community will transform this island into the “Diamond of the Red Sea”.

Jean-Michel Gathy Principal Designer

What Are The Three Amaala Projects?

  1. Triple Bay
  2. Coastal Development
  3. The Island

With ecotourism, conservation, and sustainability at its foundation, each of Amaala’s development will offer different types of holiday experiences along 20 km of coastline. 

Triple Bay (3 Coves)

Planned Construction Of The Triple Bay Projects

The focus of Triple Bay will be to provide luxury beachfront villas, apartments, and hotels together with a program of medical treatment, spas and wellness centers, integrated sports, and an entertainment community. 

  • World-Class Luxury Resort
  • 16 Hotels-1325 Rooms
  • 435 Villas and Condominiums
  • Marinas 
  • Marine Life Institute
  • Stunning Mountain Backdrops
  • Recreational Activities
  • Performance Academy
  • Sports Club Facilities
  • Horsemanship
  • Polo
  • Camel Racing
  • Falconry
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Yachting
  • Organic Farm

Coastal Development (Abu Salama)

Coastal Development Environment

The focus of Coastal Development (6 km2) will be a modern art community with exhibitions, artist workshops, and spaces to hold international artistic and cultural events. 

  • 220 Resort Villas & c#Condominiums
  • 7 Hotels- 800 Rooms
  • Contemporary Arts Museum and Cultural Events 
  • Cultural Events 
  • A Confluence For Influencers and Connoisseurs 

The Island Enclave (Naaman)

The focus of The Island (6 km2) will be a jet-set artistic community set amid sculpted gardens immersed in a tropical Arabic botanical garden environment.    

  • 200 Private Resort Villas & Condominiums
  • 7 Hotels – 400 rooms
  • Arabic Botanical Gardens
  • Underwater Aquarium and Museum
  • Landscapes
  • Marinas
  • Artists Village and Studios
  • Works of Arts and Sculpture
  • Ateliers or Craft Shops
  • Hosting an Active Arts Community
  • Exhibition and Theater 
  • Uber Luxury Beach Front Resorts
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing

What Are Amaala’s Goals For Eco-Tourism?

Amaaala – Red Sea Diving Adventure Experiences

The aim throughout the project is to have zero impact on the environment and to keep sustainability and carbon-neutral activities at the heart of every step of the way during development. 

Development phases will be founded on high standards of sustainability and measured against a set of 15 or more criteria aimed at protecting the sea and the environment.

Amaala‘s Renewable Energy

Amaala will be powered using renewable energy sources such as solar power. Organic waste and water will be recycled and used in agriculture and cultivation of crops. Freshwater will be produced from seawater in a new desalination plant.  

Al the materials used at the reports will at the resorts are to be biodegradable and disposable plastic bottles will be banned. 

How Will Amaala Help Local Communities?

Amaala will contribute to the economic diversification of Saudi Arabia, provide investment opportunities that will translate into many new jobs, and support for the economic growth of the nation. 

Each year, Amaala will train 400 Saudi nationals and 20,000 to 50,000 new jobs, directly and indirectly, will result. (Enshallah) 

As a whole, the Amaala project will contribute as much as 0.64% to Saudi GDP by 2030. 

How Will Amaala Compare To The Competition Worldwide? 

Amaala will offer potentially transformative holiday experiences and create possibilities to journey towards greater self-discovery in addition to the best that other international resorts and vacation destinations are able to provide. 

This means Amaala will reinvent the luxury resort experience by offering personalized holiday programs and entirely original facilities and amenities. 

What Will Amaala Be Like In The Future? 

As yet, Amaala is still a dream and exists only in a blueprint. As of March 2020, the spread of COVID 19 virus placed Saudi Arabia in almost complete lockdown and major building projects were severely delayed. 

The hopes were to start the groundwork beginning in 2020 and to finish in 2028. That all seems rather optimistic now. 

The subsequent phases will take 8 years and in 2028 or thereabouts Amaala is set to become the premier luxury holiday destination- the French Riviera of the Middle East. 

What Is The Location Of Amaala

Red Sea Project, Amaala & Noem

Amaala resorts are to be located between the Red Sea coastal towns of Al Wajh (South) and Duba (North). Both towns are 150 km apart. It is to occupy an area of more than 3,800 sq. km. a

The resorts are located between the two towns. Triple Bay resort is 55km north of Al Wajh and both The Island and The Coastal Development resorts are 100 km south of Duba.

There is a distance of 80 km between Triple Bay and The Island and The Coastal Development

Related Questions

How Do You Get To Amaala Resorts?

Moving Map Showing Amaala Project Locations

Currently, the Amaala developments are only accessible by road (National Route 55) some 700-800 km north of the city of Jeddah. 

Amaala resorts will be serviced by two airports. The first will be the new Red Sea Airport after its completion near Umluj. The distance to the resorts from the new airport is 150 km and 220 km respectively. 

The second will be the exclusive Amaala resorts airport to be built on location next to the Triple Bay resort. 

Can I Find Work At Amaala

Amaala has recruitment drives for jobs which from time to time are posted to their Twitter and Social Media pages. They are mostly for Saudis only. However, you can check by clicking to see the latest Amaala news on AMAALAOpens in a new tab..Opens in a new tab.

Amaala Saudi Trainees 2019

Projects on the Red Sea will be better than the Maldives and compete with the top 20 global destinations.

Farah Zafar, Chief Legal Officer (PIF) 

Amaala Developments And Updates

Amaala Reaffirms Health And Safety For Workers At Thier Sites

29th April 2021

Amaala Health And Safety

Amaala- an Artistic Vision

13th April 2021

Amaala-An Artist’s Vision

Amaala Replants Ancient Trees and Woodlands Blown Down In Recent Storms And Flooding

25th March 2021

The video narrator (in English below) describes the project very well.

Amaala On The Verge Of Issuing 100 Projects Worth Close To 5 SAR Billion

22nd March 2021

Amaala CEO makes the announcement below.

Amaala Signs Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) With the Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA)

22nd March 2021

SCAOpens in a new tab. is a government subsidiary of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. Together they will set up staff training courses, collaborate and share studies and statistics relating to the local construction sector.

Read Amaala’s press release Opens in a new tab.to know more.

Saudi Future Projects Forum-Digital Edition-Meet Amaala’s David Watkins, A Keynote Speaker 22-24 March 2021 (9am-3pm)

11th March 2021

Learn about Future Projects and Amaala’s role. Intended for suppliers, banks, and others Saudi Contractors AuthorityOpens in a new tab.

TRSDC and Amaala John Pagano Reaches The Forbes List of Top CEOs In The Middle East For 2021

7th March 2021

See Forbes ListingsOpens in a new tab.

Well Done John Pagano CEO TRSDC & Amaala

Amaala Signs A Memorandum Of Understanding With Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP)

28th Feb 2021

TRSDC wants to have unmanned aerial vehicles, AR, and programming capabilities and has co-opted the SAFCSP Opens in a new tab.To Help Them.

Amaala Awards 100 Contracts Worth SAR 4.1 billion

15 February 2021

Details are scant. However, the CEO of Red Sea Development Company & Amaala, John Pagano announces what has been spent so farOpens in a new tab. at Amaala.

See what they are doing at the TRSDC & Amaala in the video below!

Project Amaala -Marine Life Institute

15th February 2021

The Marine Institute will be for research and education. The focus will the ecosystem and finding ways to preserve it and make it even better.

The modern center will be fully equipped and a major hub of coastal investigation.

A Vision Of Amaala’s Marine Research Institute

Argentine Polo Star Nacho Figueras Describes How Wonderful Polo Will Be At Amaala

28th January 2021

Neil Jacobs CEO Of Six Senses Hotels Briefly Explains Amaala’s Great Potential

23rd January 2021


John Pagano (TRSDC CEO) Becomes CEO Of Amaala Project Replacing Nicolas Naples.

16th Jan 2021

John Pagano will now wear two hats; one as head of TRSDC and the other as the head of Amaala project.

Read more about the move at Arabian Business IndustriesOpens in a new tab.

Leading Hotel Business Developer Arbash Azarbarzin Joins The Amaala Advisory Board.

26th Dec 2020

Successful US-based hotel brand developer Arbash AzabarzinOpens in a new tab. becomes the latest advisor to Amaala.

Amaal Partners With The Ministry Of Communication And IT To Maximize The Efficient Use Of Technology And Resources.

14th Dec 2020

Nicolas Naples Signed The Accord With Dr. Munir Eldesouki.

Dr. Munir EldeSouki Introduces Himself

Amaala Signs MoU With The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

3rd Dec 2020

With the ministry, Amaala sets up a support office to issue project licensesOpens in a new tab..

Nicolas Naples Signs an MoU With The Saudi Ministry Officials

Amaala Vows To Protect The Red Sea Coral 7,000-year-Old Coral Reefs

3rd Dec 2020

The preservation of the ocean’s ecosystems are Amaala’s highest priority. Click to see a nice video of the existing Red Sea coral reefs.Opens in a new tab.

Amaala Signs An MoU With The Saudi Council of Engineers

Nov 5th 20202

The MoU is an agreement Opens in a new tab.to train and employ Saudi engineers and to support local engineering companies.

Amaala’s Accord With the Council Of Saudi Engineers

The Amaala Explorer Returns To Saudi Arabia.

29th Oct 2020

Amaala Signs An MoU With Ministry Of Environment, Water And Agriculture

Oct 22nd 2020

The agreementOpens in a new tab. is to facilitate the granting of environmental permits and approvals.

Nicolas Naples Signing The MoU With Ministry Officials

Victor Clavell is Appointed As Chief Operating Officer

12th October 2020

Victor Clavell Opens in a new tab.is appointed to head and lead operations division for all three Amaala projects and its communities that include Triple Bay, The Coastal Development, & The Island

Victor Clavell-30 Years Experience Opening High-End Resorts

Tamimi Global (TAGAOpens in a new tab.) Awarded Contract To Build Triple Bay Construction Village

8th October 2020

Project Amaala recently contracted Tamimi Global (TAGA) to build the Amaala construction village to house 15,552 staff members.

The building will be done in three stages to accommodate 5,184 residents per stage and include state of the art civil and infrastructural programs for the village.

The goal is an operational zero carbon footprint and to build sustainable accommodation for the various categories of the workforce.

To read more about the award click through to Construction Business NewsOpens in a new tab..

Sheikh Tariq Al Tamimi, TAGA Board Chairman

Fosters and Partners Amaala Airport Design Selected Entitled The Mirage

24th June 2020

Foster’s and Partners’ Design ‘The Mirage’ Chosen For New Amaala Airport

Project Amaala’s Advisory Board has chosen a haunting desert-inspired design for the new Amaala airport that will service more than 1,000,000 passengers after completion.

Click on the Amaala project video below to get the location of the new airport.

Moving Map Showing Amaala Project Locations

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