True Tales Of Muslim Men And Women -Embarrassing Moments

1. I See a Sister Without Her Hijab On

One day, I was at my work, and I entered into one department and met a female colleague who usually wears the Islamic headscarf Hijab. In her office, she works with ladies only. As I went in, I noticed that she had removed it.

My sudden appearance startled her and I became very embarrassed as a result.

2. The Only Man In A Team Of All Women

It was my turn to perform a laboratory experiment at my university, but I was absent on the day of the experiment because I was ill.

However, on the following day, I made my way to the lab only to discover that I was the only male in the group of female technical students with a female teacher and lab technician.

I was so embarrassed and behaved awkwardly as all the women looked at me.

3. A Man Saw Me With A Sanitary Towel

One day at work, I opened a locker door and took out a sanitary towel. I hadn’t noticed, but a male colleague was standing behind me waiting to open his locker which was next to mine.

I felt so embarrassed as he watched me holding up a sanitary towel. I knew that he had felt my awkwardness and instantly became embarrassed himself. To save us both, he simply walked away.

4. I Caught A Falling Girl In An Embrace

At university one day, I was walking quickly to lecture along a corridor. As I turned the corner, a female student was coming towards me in the opposite direction and at full speed. There was no time for either of us to stop, so we collided violently.

As a result, the girl lost her balance and started to fall over. However, I managed to stay upright. As she was falling, I put out my arms to catch her. She fell onto me as if she were embracing me and I did the same.

I do not know this girl, and we both became so embarrassed and apologetic in front of all the other students.

5. A Woman Falls Down The Stairs And Exposes Herself

One morning, a female colleague at my university accidentally tripped up while going down a stairway. She tumbled down head first towards the floor.

The woman landed almost upside down and the weight of the fall caused her dress to ride up over her torso. Unfortunately, she had exposed herself.

Because she had landed upside down, she was unable to move or get herself up. A group of male students quickly came to her assistance, covered up her nakedness, and helped her onto her feet.

6. My Boss Sees My Menstrual Blood And Tells Me

One day, I went to give some papers to my boss in his office. I handed him the files and as I turned to leave, he called me back.

I looked at him and saw that he was looking away from me as if in disgust. I hesitated and expected that he would ask or give me something. However, he continued to look away as if he was very embarrassed.

Feeling very awkward, I backed off away from his desk, and he started talking to me. Nothing could prepare for what he was about to say.

In a concerned voice, he told me that my lower garments were covered with blood. I was horrified to discover that I was having my period.

I felt so ashamed. I prayed that a hole would open up in the ground and that I would sink right into it.

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