What Are The Benefits Of Marrying a Muslim Revert?

I met many Muslim reverts in Saudi Arabia, made friends, and found them to be delightful. They are very religious, committed to Islam, and have warm personalities.

Muslim reverts are wonderful people. However, over the years, I noticed that parents of born Muslims are reluctant to marry their children to them. 

Their refusal always puzzles me. 

So, I decided to reference scholars and speak to Muslim couples to learn about the benefits of having a revert Muslim husband or wife.  

The following is what I discovered.

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Author And Muslim Revert With His Three Sons Morning Of Eid Al Fitr

So, What Are The Benefits Of Marrying A Muslim Revert?

Muslim reverts are committed Muslims, excellent parents, supportive partners, and active in the Islamic community. They are open and adaptable. They strive to learn about Islam, closely study and research the Holy Quran and Prophet’s way (Sunnah), and encourage others to be the best Muslims.

However, born Muslim parents are suspicious and doubt marrying their sons and daughters to Muslim reverts. 

Parents fear they will give up Islam one day because they are not born Muslims. They claim marriage to a revert Muslim may not last and fear losing their children and grandchildren in the future.    

This article should help allay those fears.

Who Is This Article For?

It guides born Muslim parents and potential partners to understand the main benefits of marrying a son or daughter to the right revert Muslim.  

It argues that Muslim reverts can become excellent marriage partners because of their love of Islam, eagerness to learn, and willingness to adapt and change themselves to become the best husbands, wives, and parents. 

To learn more, read on.

Table of Contents

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  1. Muslim Reverts Are Committed Muslims – The Story of Sister Ruqiyah 
  2. Muslim Reverts Strive To Learn Islam – The Story of Sister Aafiya
  3. Muslim Reverts Never Deviate – The Story Of Former Party Girl Sister Heather Finding Real Love
  4. Muslim Reverts Encourage Others To Be Better – The Story Of Boxing Champ Brother Jack Badou
  5. Possible Drawbacks To Marrying A Revert Muslim
  6. Conclusion – Do not Hesitate To Marry Muslim Revert
  7. Related Questions
  8. References And Useful Links

Four Major Benefits Of Marriage To A Muslim Revert

1. Muslim Reverts Are Committed Muslims

Muslims reverts are firm in the Islamic faith and become excellent partners and loving parents. By converting to Islam, they left behind unhappiness and misery in a life without Allah (SWT). 

Their conversion to Islam changed their lives profoundly. By converting to Islam, revert Muslims may have lost family members, friends, and associates and experienced drastic lifestyle changes.

As a result, they commit wholeheartedly to a new life and strive to become good spouses and parents.

In addition, revert Muslim husbands or wives value family and are kind and likely to be supportive towards in-laws and other family members. 

They will also be understanding and devoted partners and work hard to follow the example of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).  

The Story Of Sister Ruqiyah Feels Blessed To Have Married A Muslim Revert 

I went to a women’s gathering where I met a Sri Lankan lady married to a Muslim revert.  We chatted, and she recounted the story of her marriage to him. 

The following is her story.

‘I was 24, and my parents began looking for potential marriage partners. My father met a Sri Lankan man named Bilal (33) at the mosque (Masjid). 

Bilal had recently relocated to the area for a new job and attended the mosque close to my home, where he met and got to know my father. Bilal was a revert Muslim from a Christian family. 

My father was surprised but impressed because he noticed he was a devout Muslim. A few months later, my father thought Bilal and I would be a good marriage match. 

My father did a thorough background search on Bilal and found that he was a good person.

Bilal agreed to meet me, and our first meeting was a brief face-to-face conversation.  I found him kind and straightforward. 

Bilal had converted to Islam three years before, but his Christian family rejected his new religion. Bilal felt he needed a change in his life, so he found a new job and relocated to a new town in Sri Lanka. 

In that first meeting, I liked him immediately and felt a good connection.

Bilal is a wonderful, considerate husband who is very open-minded and has adapted well to being with me and my family. 

Ten years later, we are still happily married and have three sons. He is also an excellent father and a devout Muslim. He encourages Islamic values in our boys. 

All three boys are learning to memorize the words of the Holy Quran. Two of them have already memorized the book entirely (Hafiz). Their success in memorizing the Quran is due to his efforts. 

His commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication to practicing Islam lift my spirits and inspire me to be a better Muslim and firm in my faith.  

Alhamdulilah, my marriage to Bilal is the greatest blessing from Allah (SWT).’

A true story related by Maryam HusseinOpens in a new tab. 


Revert Muslim men take one month to a year to get knowledge about Islam:

  • Religious girls can accept marriage proposals
  • Take care to match a good woman with a good man

When deciding on compatibility Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said to look for:

  • beauty
  • wealth
  • good family
  • religious practice (THE BEST ONE)

2. Muslim Reverts Strive To Learn Islam 

Muslim revert men and women strive to learn and educate themselves. They make time and effort to study, reflect, and commit to Islam.

They love to learn Arabic, travel abroad for language courses, and sit at the feet of scholars (Ulema) to develop their knowledge. 

Their eagerness to learn increases their knowledge and faith (Iman). 

As they increase in Islamic knowledge, they understand the importance of marriage and raising children in Islam. 

Their knowledge and enthusiasm make them ideal marriage partners and inspire born Muslims to grow in faith (Iman) and improve.

As a result, revert Muslim respect marriage, will practice Islam sincerely, and work hard to produce a happy marriage. 

Born Muslims believe Muslim reverts are generally more religious and knowledgeable and commend them for it. 

Click on the following link to learn more about the ways Muslim reverts are more religious and why they are committed to Islam in ‘ Are Reverts To Islam More Religious Than Born Muslims?Opens in a new tab.

I have known many Muslim reverts. They practice their religion (Deen) much better than an average Muslim born in a Muslim family.

Dr Zakir Naif – Can A Revert Marry A Muslim GirlOpens in a new tab.

The Story Of Sister Aafiya And William, A Revert Muslim Who Changed Her Life Forever 

In 2014, I met sister Aafiyah at a mosque in Jeddah. She is married to a Muslim revert from the USA. We sat down for coffee, and she shared her story with me. 

The following is her story.

‘My parents are Indians, but I was born and raised in the United States. In college, I fell in love with a white non-Muslim American student called William.

My family learned about him and hotly opposed our relationship because he was not Muslim. 

You see, I was not very religious back then, nor did I have much understanding about Islam.  However, to get the approval of my parents to marry, William eventually decided to convert to Islam.

After William visited the mosque (Masjid) a few times, he met other Muslims and spoke to the religious leader (Shaikh).   

Over time, William felt interested to learn more about Islam and thought about converting (Shahada). 

So, he started to read and study the subject. He also joined a Quran memorization class and lectures (Halaqqat) at the mosque and asked many questions.  

One year later, William finally reverted to Islam, and my parents agreed for us to marry. 

We frequently discussed Islam at home, and I realized I understood little about the subject.  William’s eagerness to learn the religion rubbed off on me too. I began to learn with him and increased my knowledge.

After ten years and three children, William, now Abdullah, and I are devoutly practicing Muslims, and we have memorized half of the Holy Quran.  

Alhamdulillah. Allah (SWT) guided us both to practice Islam sincerely. 

A True Story by Author Maryam HussainOpens in a new tab.

3. Muslim Reverts Never Deviate

After conversion to Islam, very few Muslim reverts become apostates (leave Islam). 

However, the ones who do leave Islam never understand the real power of submission to Allah (SWT), nor have they tasted the sweetness of faith (Iman).

Most Muslim reverts stay Muslims for life, and conversion involves a significant personal change. 

Previously, they experienced much pain, confusion, and dissatisfaction. Once a Muslim, they can never return to living in ignorance (Jahaliyah). 

A revert Muslim is firm in the faith (Iman), seeks ways to learn the religion, and works to become the best Muslim they can be. 

They will respect born Muslim culture and learn Arabic, or the language spoken by their new family. 

Their new commitment to Islam and improving their lives compels them to learn more about it. They are open and willingly adapt to become good Muslim husbands, wives, and parents.

They strive to live strictly according to Islam and base their marriage and family relations on the same fundamental values. 

This type of Muslim consistently raises their children according to Islamic principles and strives to teach them the Quran and the ways of the beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW). 

They will ensure children respect their parents and elders and teach them to be valuable to the Muslim community. 

Well-established reverts will NEVER return to a state of disbelief (Kufr) since they have tasted the sweetness of faith and the deep joy of a life lived in the Islamic way. 

The Story Of Former Party Girl Sister Heather Finding Real Love In Islam

Teacher Heather Matthews And Revert Muslim With Her Children

Her conversion from Ibiza party girl to hijab-wearing Muslim in barely three months may well raise a few eyebrows – and she admits that her friends probably think it’s another one of her fads.

But trainee teacher Heather, 27, says Islam has brought her ‘love and happiness’ that she never found in her old ‘shallow’ lifestyle.

Mrs. Matthews, a mother of two, converted to the faith four weeks ago – two months after returning from a holiday in Ibiza. And she says that the photographs of the ‘old her’ taken on that trip show all that is wrong with Western images of beauty.

Sister Heather said:

‘I thought I needed to act and dress in a certain way to feel good about myself. I see girls now and think about what image they are portraying to other people, especially men.

‘It is about self-respect. If you dress and act in a certain way, rightly or wrongly, you’ll be treated in a certain way.

‘Islam has taught me about real love, not false passion and lust. I can even see the logic in an arranged marriage.’ 

A True Daily Mail Story Reprinted In Revert To IslamOpens in a new tab.

4. Muslim Reverts Encourage Others To Be Better 

Muslim reverts inspire born Muslims and encourage them to be better. Their hunger, commitment, and dedication to correctly living Islam uplift other Muslims and cause them to become better. 

Muslims reverts purposefully gave up their old freedoms and a life of pleasure for a new life of serving Allah (SWT).

In their former lives, they were completely free to enjoy the kinds of illegal pleasures born Muslims could not. 

These include all prohibited behaviors (Haram): drinking alcohol, nightclubs, dancing, open sexual relations, and pornography, etc.

Born Muslims admire other revert Muslims for abandoning these desirable freedoms for a life of following the Holy Quran and the ways of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), (Sunnah).

The shining example of revert Muslims causes born Muslims to reflect deeply on their own lives, behaviors, and relationship to Islam and Allah (SWT). 

The Story Of Former World Boxing Champion And Revert Jack Badou Funds Muslim Refugees

Former Swedish Boxing Campion And Muslim Revert Jack BadouOpens in a new tab. With Family And Friends

Jack Badou is 40, a Muslim revert, and a former champion boxer from Sweden.

He founded an organization to help orphans and refugees in Syria, Palestine, and Gambia after visiting the Zaatari refugee camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

The camp is the second-largest Syrian refugee camp in the world.

Jack obtained a bachelor’s degree with distinction and achieved many achievements and championships in Europe.

He won the boxing championship in Sweden 5 times and enjoys great popularity in Sweden and the rest of the Northern European countries.

He is very keen to appear as a committed Muslim interested in Islam and the issues of the Muslim nation.

A True Story From The Badou FacebookOpens in a new tab.

Possible Drawbacks To Marrying A Revert Muslim 

1. Non-Muslim Background And Culture

Most revert Muslims grew up in non-Muslim countries and cultures. They did not live by Islamic customs and traditions. 

For example, non-Muslim women and men mix, are not usually circumcised, and people view homosexuality and LGBTQ as acceptable practices in Western countries.

However, revert Muslims are open and adapt quickly to new ways regarding proper gender relationships, the rights of parents, treatment of the elderly, Islamic family values, etc. 

2. Period of Adjustment To Islam

New revert Muslims need time to get used to being Muslim, to change old habits, and adopt new ones. 

For example, non-Muslim habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, partying, eating pork meat, not washing after defecating, having tattoos and keeping dogs as pets, etc.    

Changing personal habits and adjustment will take time, perhaps one to two years, even longer. 

However, people are not all the same. Some need more, and others need less time.  It depends on the person.     

Note: Not all reverts had these habits.

However, after coming to Islam, revert Muslims need time to develop better ones.  

In most cases, most of these poor habits fall by the wayside. Poor habits end quickly after pronouncing the testimony of faith (Shahada) and becoming a new Muslim.

They become as clean and pure as a newborn baby.

From the start, some revert females love wearing headscarves (Hijab) and cloaks (Abaya). Others are hesitant due to social pressure. 

Likewise, they also need time to get used to wearing them in public and with their non-Muslim families and friends.

3. Uncertainty About The Future

Parents of born Muslim sons or daughters worry that a revert Muslim husband or wife will leave Islam, abandon the family, and return to their former ways. 

However, this is not likely, provided parents choose wisely in the first place.  

It is natural to doubt the motives of a revert Muslim concerning marriage to your son or daughter. 

However, a thorough background check and important considerations will assist you in making the right decision.

To learn how to do complete research on the background, sexual and criminal history of a potential revert Muslim husband or wife, click the following link to read Inside Saudi’s sound advice in the article, Should A Born-Muslim Marry A Revert Muslim?Opens in a new tab.

Conclusion – Do Not Hesitate To Marry A Muslim Revert

If it feels right and you have done your checks, do not hesitate to marry your children to a Muslim revert.

Despite the fears, misunderstandings, and biases towards Muslim reverts, there are several benefits to marrying your son or daughter to a Muslim revert. 

Muslim reverts are dedicated, wonderful parents, marriage partners, and especially active in the Islamic community. 

They are open to change and adapt quickly to new family circumstances. 

Importantly, they constantly strive to learn more about Islam and encourage born Muslims to be better Muslims.

After reverting to Islam, Muslim reverts completely change their lives and dedicate themselves to obeying and submitting to Allah (SWT). 

Muslim reverts will not give up practicing Islam or abandon their families. They are blessed and ideal marriage partners.

In the end, trust your instincts, but always do proper due diligence first.  

Related Questions 

1. Where Can I Find a Muslim Revert For Marriage? The best way to find a revert wife or husband is to ask other Muslim reverts for recommendations. They know many other Muslim reverts. In addition, ask a male or female brother to inquire at a mosque, Islamic lectures, and Muslim social circles. Several Muslim revert Facebook groups, Telegram groups, forums like Quora, and marriage websites help reverts get married.

2. How Successful Are Marriages To Reverts? Marriages to Muslim reverts are very usually very successful. However, some do fail. Often, they are more successful than married-to-born Muslims. There are many revert Muslim marriage success stories online. A lot of born Muslims seek out Muslim reverts for marriage.

3. Can A Non-Muslim Marry A Revert? No! Islam does not permit Muslim men and women to marry non-Muslims. However, a Muslim man can marry a Jew or Christian called People of the Book, but they should ONLY be those who believe in the Oneness of God Allah (SWT) or (Tawheed) in Islam.

Muslim women should only marry Muslim men.

If you wish to marry a Muslim woman, you should learn about Islam and change your religion. Otherwise, you are NOT permitted to marry her. 

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