Visit The Jubail Flower Festival 2022-Here’s Why!

Flowers, friendly faces, food, and fond memories!

The long-awaited (post-COVID) 2022 annual Jubail Flower festival kicked off yesterday on the Fanateer seafront. Organized by the social events department of the Royal Commission of Jubail, this 14-day festival brings together 105 organizations that include plant and flower sellers, local restaurants, quirky cafés, community cooks, clothes, watches, perfumes, Bukhoor, a photographic studio, and fun activities and playground rides for small kids.

We attended the Flower Festival yesterday and here is what we found.

  1. Flower & Plant Displays
  2. Roses & Flower Sellers
  3. Garden Center shops
  4. Bedding and Outdoor plants
  5. Conservatory indoor plants
  6. Fast food restaurants
  7. Community Food
  8. Cafés & Sitting Areas
  9. Healthy Fruit and Juices
  10. Kids Corners-Painting & Fun Activities
  11. Live Musical (Family) Performances
  12. Private Bird Garden
  13. Beach Lounges
  14. Perfumes and Bukhoor
  15. Kids Rides-(Two Bouncy Castles, Electric cars, & Virtual Reality Game
  16. Watches, kids clothes, fashion jewelry stalls

What Does The Jubail Flower Festival Offer?

Some Plants and Flowers For Sale
Cartoon Characters Welcome You To The Jubail lower Festival

What Is The Lay Out Of The Jubail Flower Festival?

The Flower show has been organized into convenient corners across the 3-acres site right next to the Jubail sea club and South Fanateer beach.

The shops and entertainments are located along winding seafront pathways with large grassy areas overlooking the delicious Gulf sea.

Each restaurant, shop, or unit is housed either in modified shipping containers or in one of the many individual stalls purposefully decorated as pink toy houses.

A mum Gorilla and Her Baby Welcome You To The Jubail Flower festival 2022

The corner areas include:

  • Corner 1– Fast Food Restaurants
  • Corner 2– Quirky Coffee/Juice Shops
  • Corner 3– Garden Center Shops
  • Corner 4-Kids Activities (3)
  • Corner 5-Kids Rides
  • Corner 6-Community (Home cooked) Foods
  • Corner 7– Clothes and Accessories
  • Corner 8-Small Bird Sanctuary
  • Corner 9– Inflatable Arena
  • Corner 10– Live Entertainments
  • Corner 11– Beach Lounges

Why Visit The Jubail Flower Festival?

The festival is a very pleasant venue to spend a few hours admiring flower displays, having food and snacks, meeting old friends, and entertaining small children.

My Son At The Jubail Flower Festival 2022

What Can You See & Do There?

You can leisurely wander around the venue, buy indoor and outdoor plants, gardening accessories, eat restaurant, and home-cooked food, buy clothes, accessories, perfumes, Bukhoor and the kids can enjoy the many fun activities on offer.

If you buy plants or heavy items, delivery services using wheelbarrows to your car in the parking areas are available.

At night, the shops and stalls illuminate in attractive ways, and it is easy to see everything.

You will also meet new friends and see familiar faces you haven’t seen for years.

A Seller At The Jubail Flower Festival

How Much Does It Cost?

Entrance to the event is free of charge to everyone. No tickets or stamps are required. However, you should QR scan using Tawakalna for gathering control. The gates are manned by Royal Commission’s security personnel.

Public toilets are located conveniently outside the venue in two places; the Youth and Bowling clubs behind the kid’s bouncy castles.

It is easy to leave and return to the festival.

What is The Climate/Weather Like?

The weather next to the sea is chilly and blustery. 15°C-24°C

So, I advise you to wear warm shoes and a jacket. Keep babies and kids well wrapped up.

Where is the Jubail Flower Festival Located?

The Jubail Flower Festival is located at the South Fanateer Beach in Residential Jubail. It is in a large green area right opposite the Jubail Sea Club. It is close to Hai Dammam and the Dareen district.

Jubail Flower Festival SiteGoogle Maps Location Opens in a new tab.
Bedding Plants/Flowers For Sale At The Jubail Flower Festival

Visit Duration?

2-3 hours

Who Will love it?

Kids, women and families. Plant and flower lovers! Coffee aficionados. Romantic couples and newlyweds.

Rashid (right), baby Gardenia (center) Baraa, and Mohammed (left)

Where Can you Park Your Car?

There is plenty of space to park your car using the spacious parking areas provided near the entrance to the Jubail Sea Club (Dareen Road).

Jubail Flower festival Location of Car Parks

  • Fanateer South Beach Car Park
  • Jubail Sea Club Car Park
  • Fahad Road Side Parking
  • Hai Dammam Side Street Parking
Jubail Flower Festival
Location of Car Parks
Google Maps Location 1 Fanateer South Beach Car Park
Google Maps Location 2Opens in a new tab. Sea Club Car Park
Google Maps Location 3Opens in a new tab. King Fahad Road
Google Maps Location 4Opens in a new tab.– Al Hijaz BAck Street Parking
Toy-like House Stalls At The Jubail Flower Festival

The Future

Sadly, there are too few flower displays at the Jubail Flower Festival, and it lacks activities for kids and things to do for adults.

I suggest more:

  1. Educational Workshops
  2. Volunteer activities
  3. Gardening Events
  4. Flower and bedding plants displays
  5. Seeding and planting events
  6. How to graft trees and bushes
  7. Butterfly farm
  8. Greenhouses
  9. International Environments
  10. Climate information
  11. Environmental awareness
  12. Playground for kids
  13. A lot more besides
Kids and Stall at The Jubail Flower Festival 2022

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