Can A Muslim Woman Marry Her Husband In Heaven?

One day, Brother Rehan told me that, as a child, his mother had raised him without a father. Rehan never knew his father, Ahmed, because he died when Rehan was only a  boy. 

His mother loved her husband very much, refused to marry another man, and believed she could only be with him after her death if she remained single.

The story got me thinking about whether Islam requires that a woman remain single in this life if she wishes to reunite with her deceased husband in the next.

So, I decided to do some research and discovered the following information.

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Can A Muslim Woman Be With Or Marry Her Husband In Heaven?

In Islam, a widow can be with her deceased husband in paradise after she dies. However, if she remarries, she can only be with the husband she married last. An unmarried or divorced female will get a new husband and those whose husbands do not enter paradise will get an unmarried man from within.

However, in paradise, Allah (SWT) rewards believing men with beautiful females with wide lovely eyes called Hoor Al-Ayn in Surat Al Waqiy’ah 56:22Opens in a new tab.

It does not state whether believing women will receive the same. Why not?

Muslim women mistakenly understand that there are no or few rewards in paradise for them and feel they will have to compete with beautiful, bright, and fair females with eyes lined with Kohl eyeliner (Al – Hawra) for the attention of their husbands. But, are they correct?

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So, What Husbands Do Muslim Women Get In Paradise After Death?

NoConditionReward In ParadiseCaveat
2WidowFormer HusbandBelievers & With Faith
3Remarried femaleThe Last husbandBelievers & With Faith
4Divorced femaleA New HusbandBelievers & With Faith
5Unmarried femaleAn Unmarried Husband From Paradise Believers & With Faith

1. Will An Unbelieving Muslim Woman Get Her Husband In Paradise?

No, a good, virtuous non-believing woman receives all the rewards of her moral actions, but only in this world, and gets nothing by denying the merciful creator God Allah (SWT).

It is like a young woman who helps the neighbours and other people but disobeys, denies, and rejects her parents. 

On the Day of Reckoning, a disbeliever will be brought forth and agree to ransom all the gold on earth for her release, yet when asked to do something far easier by accepting Islam, obeying, and worshipping Allah, (SWT) will refuse outright.  Sahih al-Bukhari 6538Opens in a new tab.

For them, Allah (SWT) has decreed hellfire, mercy, and forgiveness for those who repent and follow his way. Al Ghafir 40:6:7Opens in a new tab.

To read about who are actually Ahl Al Kitaab and more in-depth on this issue read: Can Muslim Men Marry Non-Muslim Women?Opens in a new tab.

2. Will A Muslim Widow Be With Her Husband In Paradise?

Unequivocally, yes, since Islam says that if a woman does not marry again after the death of her husband, she can be with him again in paradise. 

In paradise, a believing woman will join her family, and descendants and receive all the rewards for her good deeds, and keep what she has earned. Surat Al Tur 52:21Opens in a new tab.

And, there, in the gardens of paradise, she also will see her believing parents, grandparents, husband, children, and grandchildren. Al Ghafir 40:8Opens in a new tab.

3. Can A Muslim Woman Who Remarries in This Life Be With The Husband Of Her Choice In Paradise?

No! In a chain of transmissions, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) reportedly said that any woman whose husband dies and marries someone else after him must be with the last of her husbands. Al-Mu’jam Al-Awsat, 3:275Opens in a new tab.

In this Hadith, Mu’aawiyah ibn Abi Sufyaan proposed marriage to Umm Al-Darda after the passing of her beloved husband Abu Al-Darda

Scholars agree that a woman will be with the last husband she marries in paradise is correct because it was reliably transmitted by Um Dardaa and corroborated by Abu Hudaifah and Asmaa.

To that end, Abu Hudaifah (RA) reportedly said to his wife, “If you want to be with me in paradise, do not marry anyone after my death. The woman will be for her last husband in paradise, and that is why Allah (SWT) forbade the wives of the Prophet from marrying after his death because they will be his wives in Paradise.

Shaykh Al – Albani (RA) considers the Hadith about Um Al Dardaa reliable in Al-Silsilah Al-Saheehah (1281).

True Story

Sarah’s Husband Died, And She Feared Losing Him In Paradise But Got Married Again Anyway

In 2018, my good friend Sarah lost her husband, Ahmed, in a car accident. At the time of the crash, she and her husband lived in the same house as my husband and me but in another apartment.  

Ahmed’s death occurred on the second day of the month of Ramadhan on the main highway between Jeddah and Rabigh (170 km), a 2-hour drive. 

Ahmed frequently travelled to Rabigh for his job and was a passenger, sitting in the back of the car with another passenger.

No one saw how the accident happened, but the impact caused Ahmed to fly out of the back window resulting in his death.

That day, I received a call from my father to tell me about the crash and that this young man had died at the crash site.

My first thought was his wife, Sarah, and I ran upstairs to her apartment.  The sound of her tormented cries still haunts me. 

At that time, her son was one year old, and she was also three months pregnant!

I hugged her and cried and cried and cried and felt powerless to do anything and just froze. I had no idea what to say to react. I was at a loss about how to console her. 

Soon, family and friends arrived at the house, and everyone started to wail and howl, mourning his passing. The sound of despair was deafening, and I could not bear it anymore.  

So, I ran home, made ablution (Wudhu), and prayed two prayers (Rakah), finished, and I began to cry and wail as well.  

I was desperately sad and called out to Allah (SWT) to comfort Sarah, her young child, and her unborn baby. 

That day, I sobbed and cried, stunned that Ahmed had passed away.  I have never shed as many tears as I did that day. His death still causes me pain and upset today. 

Three years later, Sarah still had not remarried because she felt very concerned that if she did, she would not be able to reunite with Ahmed in the afterlife. With this in mind, I prayed (Dua) for her constantly. 

She has two small children and is still young at 28 years of age, and I sincerely believe she should pick up her life again with another husband.  

She made me promise not to raise the issue of marriage with her. For her sake, I complied and kept praying in secret.

So, in late 2022, I learned that she had remarried, but moving on had been tough for her. Sarah found it difficult to cope with being alone with two small children.

Alhamdulillah, it eased my heart to know she had settled down once more.

After Sarah remarried, I researched whether a widow could reunite with her deceased husband in the afterlife.

Some scholars say a woman can only have one husband in heaven (Jannah). He would be her last husband before her death.  

Other scholars maintain that a woman will reunite with the husband that treated her the best.

However, I believe that women choose to remain widows after the death of their husbands for other reasons.  

Unlike men, it is difficult for women to move on because they are emotional and find it hard to make such lifestyle changes.

4. Will A Female Muslim Divorcee Marry Her Ex-Husband In Paradise?

No! Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was reported to have said, “There will be no unmarried person in paradise.”  Muslim (2834)Opens in a new tab.

Marriage to a loving spouse is one of the delights of paradise. The believers get all the delights they desire and none of those they dislike or do not want. 

Allah (SWT) promises that (in paradise), believers will get what their souls yearn for and anything they ask. Fussilat 41:31Opens in a new tab.

A believing woman who dies after a divorce in this life will not marry a man she does not want in the hereafter.  Allah (SWT) will give her a man of her choice. 

True Story

Sister Amna Divorces Her Husband, Salim, To Be With The Man She Loves, Tariq, In This Life And In Paradise, But Was Not Permitted To Marry Him

Amna is a Syrian preschool teacher who is humble, respectful, and modest. She moved to Jeddah to work, where she met a handsome young man. Tariq was also a schoolteacher from Egypt. 

Tariq thought Amna was beautiful and innocent, became captivated by her beauty, fell in love, and decided he wished to marry her. 

The potential groom was intelligent, competent, and a hard worker, but was not Syrian, and Amna’s parents refused his offer of marriage. He repeatedly tried to reassure them that he was serious and would love and protect Amna, but could not persuade them to change their minds.

Despite Tariq’s marriage proposal, Amna’s father searched for a more suitable Syrian suitor. However, Amna was still in love with Tariq, and when she refused to marry a man of their choice, they forced her into marriage with a Syrian called Salim. 

Eventually, Tariq’s work contract ended, so he decided to return to Egypt feeling sad and disappointed. He had to accept that marriage with Amna was not his destiny.

Reluctantly, Amna obeyed their wishes and married Salim. He was a good man but had none of the qualities she admired in Tariq. She liked him but felt no close bond or connection with this man. 

At the outset, Amna told Salim that she would always love Tariq. Salim was unconcerned and confident that he could win her affection. Seven years later, with two children and a boring, unhappy life, Amnah demands a divorce. Salim sees her so miserable he eventually obliges her.

Today, Amna still longs to be with Tariq, the Egyptian schoolteacher who is still unmarried. Every day, she prays to have him as her husband or to be with him in the hereafter. 

5. Will An Unmarried Muslim Female Marry In Paradise?

Yes, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said, “There will be no unmarried person in paradise.”  Muslim (2834)Opens in a new tab.

An unmarried woman will receive a delightful husband from the people of paradise because she will desire it and not feel any inclination to refuse.  

There will be (in paradise) whatever the souls desire and the eyes delight in. And you will be there forever.

Al- Zukruf. 43:71Opens in a new tab.

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen said, “If a woman dies before marrying (in this world), Allah (SWT)  will provide her with a husband who will delight her heart. Men and women experience heavenly bliss the same, and it certainly includes marriage.”

True Story 

Sister Zainab puts off marriage until 35, then refuses a marriage proposal from Qasim, a womanizer, and man of many bad habits. 

Zainab lost her father to cancer when she was just fifteen, after which she became the breadwinner and principal source of income. The girl earned a small salary working in a launderette.   

She also helped her mother raise three younger siblings, educated them, and when they came of age, found them good partners to marry.

Zainab never considered getting married because she always had her plate full. However, when she was 35, her uncle proposed marriage to a young man he believed would be a good match for her. 

Zainab agreed to meet Qasim a number of times to get to know him. By chance, Zainab also learned that Qasim had a poor reputation in the community. The young man loved female company was a womanizer, smoked weed, and frequented bars.     

She soon came to hate the idea of marrying Qasim but also understood that she may never again get the opportunity to marry. 

A few months later, Zainab had made up her mind not to marry Qasim. Her uncle tried to persuade Zainab to change her mind and promised Qasim would change his ways after marriage. However, Zainab had already decided not to accept. 

After some time, her uncle called her to report that Qasim was in a terrible car crash and was hospitalized in critical condition. Qasim succumbed to his injuries and passed away, three days later. 

Although Zainab was sorry he died so tragically, she felt relieved that she had not married Qasim, and importantly did not have to be with him in the hereafter. 


A believing woman can have anything she wishes or imagines and is guaranteed to be with her husband in paradise provided she does not marry again. A divorcee and an unmarried female will get a brand-new husband there. The wives of husbands who are not fortunate enough to enter its gates will get new husbands from the people of paradise itself.    

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Do Muslim Women Have To Compete With The Al Hoor Al Ayn In Paradise For The Attention of Their Husbands? No, a believing wife will be more beautiful and of a higher status than Al Hoor Al Ayan. They are rewards for her righteous deeds and religious commitment on earth. Believing men will also receive two or more Al Hoor Al Ayan as their reward. His wife is a delightful queen and the Al Hawra virgins are lesser rewards and subject to the husband’s will. Read Tafseer al-Qurtubi 16:154Opens in a new tab.

Do Muslim Women Have The Same Rewards As Men In Paradise? Yes, women like men, get their just rewards which are the same for both genders. Al – Zukhruf 43:72  Also, women want men in the same ways men desire women. Allah (SWT) promises Hoor Al Ayn to men because their natural sexual inclinations are powerful in this life, and they must learn to control them. However, women naturally love jewellery and adornments, and the sexual drive is not as prominent. Read Paradise for WomenOpens in a new tab.   

Can A Muslim Woman Be With Her Husband If He Had More Than One Wife Before Passing? Yes, a Muslim woman will be with her husband in paradise provided they did not divorce, and he too will be with his other wives. They will have whatever they wish for. Al Qaf- 50:35Opens in a new tab.

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Can A Muslim Woman Be With A Non-Muslim Man She Loves in Paradise If She Did Not Marry Him?  No! Non-Muslims cannot enter paradise. If a non-Muslim man dies a disbeliever, it will be impossible for him to enter paradise. He will likely be in the hellfire instead. However, if a believing woman is unmarried, Allah (SWT) will bless her with a husband from paradise (Jannati). Love for her husband there will be a million times stronger than the love for an unbelieving man. 

Christian Women Don’t Get To Marry Their Wordly Husbands In Paradise. Why Is That Different In Islam? (Matthew 22:30)Opens in a new tab.  From East to West, Islam is the best. 

Can Muslim Men Marry Non-Muslim Women? Muslim men are only allowed to marry chaste Muslim women and/or chaste women of the people of the book (Ahl Al Kitaab) i.e. Christians and Jews. Both should be religious and worship the one true God, Allah (SWT). They cannot be polytheists i.e. Hindus. At the same time, these women should not be lewd in behavior, promiscuous, or have boyfriends. (Quran 5:5Opens in a new tab.)

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