Is It Sinful To Throw Away Or Burn The Saudi Flag? 

For only one day each year in Saudi Arabia, many kids and adults adorn themselves with green tee shirts, Banderas, bracelets, necklaces and take to the streets joyfully waving Saudi flags as they celebrate the Saudi national day.

The day after the event, these items get tossed aside. There must be thousands of Saudi flags and other kinds of bunting left unwanted.

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This year,  I wondered what people do with them after National Day ends. Of course, the obvious thing is to store them away and use them for the following year’s celebrations. 

Equally, they could just throw them in the bin away or even just burn them?

Is It Sinful To Throw Away Or Burn The Saudi Flag? 

The Saudi flag has the name of Allah (SWT) and the Islamic testimony of faith script. Throwing out or burning the Saudi flag isn’t necessarily sinful in and of itself. But you do have to dispose of the flag with care. It can be stored, burned, buried, or thrown into the water, but not with other household waste. 

Since most of the National Day products available in stores and supermarkets are so cheap and of such low quality, the most logical remedy is just to throw them away and buy new ones in the coming year.

However, the reasons and intentions behind the act of throwing flags in the garbage or burning them may be sinful.

Burning The Saudi Flag And The Holy Quran (Words of Allah) Out Of Hatred

Many people in the world hate Islam and Saudi Arabia. So, in an act of vengeful defiance, they may publically burn the Holy Quran (words of Allah) and desecrate the Saudi flag by setting them alight.

This is dramatic, insulting to a nation, and a pretty sinful act.

How Do You Burn The Saudi Flag and The Quran For Disposal Purposes?

On the other hand, Saudis and Muslims in general routinely have to dispose of worn-out Saudi flags after use including old copies of the Quran. 

One of the ways they can do that is to burn them.

Best Practice For Disposing of A Saudi Flag or Quranic Materials (In order of preference)

Besides burning, there are a few other practical ways to get rid of unwanted Saudi flags and old copies of the Holy Quran.

Burning Of The Saudi Flag For Disposal

1. Put Them In Storage

When National Day is over, you should wrap up the old flags nicely and store them away in a clean, safe, dry storage area. You can also store them with your used copies of the Holy Quran.

However, avoid letting either fall on the floor, get stained or ruined by water, or leaking chemicals in the storage area.  

2. Shred Them Up And Burn Them

You can cut up the Saudi flag or an old Quran with scissors or a knife. However, this is not easy and impractical.

The best use way is to use an office shredding machine. As long as the Arabic words are not readable after shredding, you can throw them away normally or burn them.

3. Put Them In An Incinerator

Old Saudi flags, copies of the Holy Quran, and shredded materials can easily be disposed of permanently by burning them completely. 

Some building complexes have burner boilers, but the incineration can be done outdoors high up on a barbecue stand or in an open fire which does not allow the items to fall onto or touch the ground. 

4. Bury Them Deeply

To dispose of the Saudi flags and copies of the Holy Quran in the ground, you must wrap them up very well and insert them deep in the earth where no feet can reach them.

Ensure that you bury the items deep enough so that animals cannot possibly dig them up to soil them. Eventually, they will rot and disperse into the soil. 

5. Sink Them Deep In Flowing water

You should wrap the items up well and then tie them securely to a heavyweight (i.e. a rock) before casting the items into a river or the sea. The flags and unwanted copies of the Holy Quran will sink to the bottom of the river or the sea.

Over time, the salt, the current, and the constant movement of the water will rot and disperse the items whilst it is still attached to the stone. 

6. Take Your Flags And Old Quran To your Local Mosque

You could ask the mosque authorities to recycle or dispose of your flags and copies of the Holy Quran correctly. They will know where to send them and how to properly recycle the items.

Perhaps too,  other Muslims could make use of your unwanted flags and copies of your Holy Quran. You might like to gift them.


Alternatives To The Above

7. Don’t Use Saudi Flags In Celebrations

National Day celebrations mean that manufacturers (oftentimes Chinese) make cheap versions of the Saudi flag each year.

These products have a very short shelf life, cannot be handled roughly without easily breaking, and need to be disposed of after use.

For the national day, you should avoid buying these cheap items. Alternatively, purchase high-quality flags and bunting that will remain in use for years to come.

8. Use an Electronic Quran

These days, most people have smartphones and have an electronic Holy Quran installed or read online versions. 

Many also download an e-book Quran onto their laptops or phones for convenience.

Related Questions 

Can I Throw A Flag With Non-Arabic Script Or Translations Of The Holy Quran Into The Trash? Some people argue that if you have a non-Arabic script on a Saudi flag or a translation of the Quran into any other language that does not contain the original Arabic, (Word of Allah SWT) you can dispose of them as you see fit.

However, the implication is that a translation of the Holy Quran is no longer the word of Allah once it appears in another language. This is a misunderstanding and an incorrect viewpoint.

Allah (SWT) Is Allah by name in any language you use.

Name Of Allah On A Gold Pendant

On National Day Can I Wear The Saudi Flag On  a Tee shirt Or As a Simple Wrap

Like some inscribed jewelry, should avoid wearing the Saudi flag on your body since it contains the name of Allah (SWT) and the Islamic testimony of faith. It could easily get soiled by falling on the floor, getting stamped on, accidentally ending up in the bathroom, or getting dirtied by drops of food and drink. 

Allah knows best!

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