Asim And The Waves of Lies That Ruined Him

I once knew a fine Muslim man called Asim. He was young, religious, and very handsome. He should never have acted so religiously. He had good features and was kind and softly spoken.

He wanted to save himself for his first wife, but in a UK college, he sadly stepped out and fell in love with a non-Muslim floozy. He was young, and she was impressionable. Their torrid affair was secret, but shock and horror, she later got pregnant.

Their families learned about it and were outraged. What a scandal! His name and reputation plummeted. His conservative mother pushed Assim to try to forget this ‘floozy’ and to marry his fiancé. However, he refused.

Assim told her he could not but only wanted to be a father to the unborn child.

A sorry predicament for all.

Learning about his terrible situation, two jealous girls in his college wanted this handsome Muslim boy, too. One told everyone Assim had tried to kiss her, and the other said they had made love the night before in his dorm.

Fortunately, our handsome Muslim boy had been at the mosque that night studying the Quran in a group and had a good alibi.

However, it was too late. Everyone believed the jealous stories, and the boy’s reputation crashed even further.

Family, friends, and acquaintances turned against him.

Hearing the stories, his pregnant ‘floozy’ girlfriend refused to see Asim again. Eventually, she and her family moved to another town. She gave birth, but he never saw his baby son.

His life and reputation were in ruins.

Asim’s huge indiscretion and the waves of lies ruined his life. The fiancé and her family pulled out of the marriage arrangement, and she married another.

After a time, Asim moved away from the area, and it took years for him to learn to trust others, especially women.

Today, Asim is happily married with three beautiful boys. The story is a part of his life he would much rather forget.

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