The One Stop Guide to the Saudi eVisa for Tourists

Mountain Canyons in Tabuk, North West Saudi Arabia

I felt so shocked when on September 27, 2019, I heard that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had begun issuing the new Saudi eVisas for tourists, even that applicants are now being granted visas in as little as 5-30 minutes.

At first, I did not believe it. So, I decided to find out all about it. 

So what exactly is the Saudi eVisa? The Saudi eVisa allows nationals from 49 countries, aged 18 + to visit and stay in the kingdom for the purposes of tourism and/or Umrah for Muslims. It is valid either for 1 month (single visa) or up to 3 months (multiple entry) and is not renewable. Application, payment, and issue of the eVisa are done entirely online or with Visa On Arrival at the Saudi (air) port of entry.  

Today, the process of applying and issuing the Saudi eVisa as a tourist to Saudi Arabia is easy and quite straightforward. See below for more details.

However, before making the application, ensure you have all the correct documentation, provide all the information correctly, understand and accept the conditions of the Saudi eVisa.

Failure to do so can mean your application may be rejected and the money you paid for the fees will not be refunded. The correct procedure is explained in more detail below. Read it carefully to avoid costly mistakes.

The New Saudi eVisa Kiosk at Dubai Airport courtesy Arab News

Non-eligible visitors who are not from any one of the 49 countries can apply for the Saudi Visit Visa (see below) via a local Saudi embassy, consulate or mission. 

Application for the Saudi eVisa can be made at the Saudi eVisa websiteOpens in a new tab. for eligible applicants of the 49 countries (see below) wanting a tourist eVisa before traveling to Saudi Arabia. 

Also, Saudi eVisas can be had on arrival at the major Saudi ports (air/sea & land) located at special visa kiosks in the immigration control areas.     

To see all the general Saudi government information and with access through to the Saudi eVisa application form website click on the Visit Saudi General websiteOpens in a new tab..

Remember: NO SPONSOR is required for either!

The following is the cost for a Saudi eVisa, Visa on Arrival and an Embassy/ Consulate Visit Visa and is the same for all three

ItemFee (Subject To Change) 
Saudi eVisa 300 SR
Medical Insurance140 SR
Total440 SR + (VAT and Handling Charges)
($120 approx)

See below for more details about how to pay!

Who Is Eligible For The Saudi eVisa?

Group A- Eligible Applicants

(eVisa and Visa on Arrival)

Yellow=Saudi Arabia
Green= Freedom of Movement
Red= eVisa/Visa on Arrival
Grey=Visa Required
Black=No Admission

Group A applicants must be 18 or over and a national of one of the following 49 countries. Also, see Colored Map!

AustriaNew ZealandChina 
Hong Kong 
BulgariaNorth America
Czech Republic
South Korea



















San Marino







United Kingdom

RegionNumber of Countries 
North America2

Schengen, USA, and US Visits Visa Holders

Schengen Visit Visa in Chinese Passport

From 20th Jan 2020, any foreign national from ANY country in the world holding a Schengen, a USA or UK Visit Visa can also apply for the Saudi eVisa online at the Saudi eVisa websiteOpens in a new tab. or get it upon arrival at a Saudi air, sea or land port. (Online applications not available as of 22nd Feb 2020- Check)

However, they must show they have used their Schengen, US or UK Visit Visa to have traveled to and from those countries after it had been issued. To show this, an entry stamp must be shown.

The Saudi eVisa or the Visa On Arrival is valid ONLY if the visitor enters the kingdom using a national carrier, for example, Saudi Airlines, FlyNas, FlyaDeal or Saudi Gul Airlines.

Visas On Arrival can be issued by passport agents or using self-service machines based at the Saudi port. Agents will check eligibility before issuing a Visit visa. Applicants MUST:

  • Be passport holder of any of the eligible countries OR
  • US or UK or Schengen Visit Visa holder
  • Have Valid Visit Visa (Not expired)
  • Must be a Tourist or Business Visit Visa
  • Must be a Visit Visa that is stamped at Port of Entry to US, UK or Schengen countries
  • Must Travel To Saudi Arabia using Saudi national air carrier
  • MUST HAVE a Credit Card with the name of The Saudi eVisa Applicant (Cash IS NOT accepted) Airlines will not allow you to fly without showing one

Note: Applicants MUST HAVE a Credit Card. The card must have the same name as the Saudi eVisa applicant. Saudi airlines will not allow you to fly to Saudi Arabia fly without one.

Who Is Eligible For The Saudi Visit Visa? (Not Saudi eVisa)

Group B -Non-Eligible Applicants

(Consulate Visa)

Group B nationals not holding passports for the countries listed above, also including nationals holding a Schengen, US or UK Visit Visa can apply for the Saudi Visit Visa (Not an eVisa) at their local Saudi embassy, consulate or Saudi mission. A Visit Visa will be granted to applicants on a case by case basis.

The Documents Required To Apply For The Saudi eVisa and Visit Visas.

Group A-Eligible Applicants (eVisas)

  1. A passport of an eligible country with a minimum of 6 months validity 
  2. Proof of Age (ID)
  3. Passport Photo  (Must be 200 x 200-pixel photo not exceeding 100 KB) See below
  4. Credit Card for Payment
  5. Accommodation Address ONLY in Saudi Arabia

Refunds are not possible if the Saudi eVisa is rejected. Also, overstayers with a Saudi eVisa will be charged 100 SR per day.

The applicant’s religion is not needed for the eVisa application. The eVisa is issued online in 5 to 30 minutes in most cases and then sent to the applicant via email.

Do I Need to Submit Photos for Saudi Arabia e-visa Application?


I love traveling and do several trips each year. I understand I have to meet strict visa requirements. Last year, my application was rejected because of an unsuitable photo. So, dissapointing!

I don’t want the same to happen to you and that’s why I am sharing the following information.

My Biometric Photos shows you EXACTLY how to make photos for the Saudi eVisa. Follow these important steps and your photo for the Saudi eVisa application WON’T ever be rejected.

Verona Grajcevci @NextSEO
Penalties for Hajj/Umrah Overstayer Reach 50-100 SR fines and imprisonment

Group B– Non-Eligible Applicants (Visit Visas)

  1. A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  2. Proof of ID/Age etc.
  3. Proof of Home Address/ Accommodation
  4. Passport Photo  
  5. Credit Card for Payment
  6. Return Ticket 
  7. Proof of Employment
  8. Bank Statement (3 months)
  9. Travel Itinerary

Refunds are not possible if the Saudi Visit Visa is rejected. Also, overstayers on a Visit Visa will be charged a penalty of 100 SR per day.

The applicant’s religion is not needed in the application. The Visit Visa is issued in 1 to 2 business days in most cases and then stamped in the applicant’s passport. 

6 Easy Steps To Apply For The Saudi eVisa

Saudi eVisa Portal

The application process is easy and can be completed in the following way:

  1. Go to the visit Saudi eVisa websiteOpens in a new tab.
  2. Complete the Application Form
  3. Pay for the Visa
  4. Get Your Saudi eVisa Issued

Before making your application take 5 minutes to watch this helpful YouTube video by a Chinese national regarding overcharging Saudi eVisa agencies and learn to avoid the money traps.

The Six Easy Steps

The application process has six main steps. For each step, you have only 10 minutes to fill in the information. If you time out, you can click to continue for a further 10 minutes.

Take care you are using the official government visa website and be sure to enter all your information correctly. The name and details you enter should match exactly the name in your passport. Failure to do so will cause the cancellation of your eVisa and loss of the fee amount.

The steps are outlined in more detail in the following 1-6 steps below.

Personal Information

Applying for eVisa Page 1

Begin, Select passport-type then & enter:

  • Passport Country
  • Name
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Secret Question/Answer
  • Password
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Contact Info
  • Marital Status
  • Nationality
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Residence
  • Occupation

Upload passport photo  (Must be 200×200 pixel photo not exceeding 100 KB). Then, select the uploaded passport photo and file name.

Passport Information

Type and Enter

  • Passport Type
  • Passport Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Address in Saudi Arabia (Only where you will stay and NOT the Booking Information/Confirmation etc.)

Medical/Health Insurance

Choose your medical insurance

Terms and Conditions 

Read and agree to the terms and conditions. 

Application Review

Check and review your application. This is Important ALL details are correct.


Type in credit card details and pay the fee. 

Payment and eVisa Conditions

All Visit/Tourist Visas to Saudi Arabia Now Cost 300 SR courtesy of Saudi Gazette

Saudi eVisa -The Cost 

The following is the cost for a Saudi eVisa, Visa on Arrival and an Embassy/ Consulate Visit Visa and is the same for all three

ItemFee (Subject To Change) 
Saudi eVisa 300 SR
Medical Insurance140 SR
Total440 SR + (VAT and Handling Charges)
($120 approx)

Saudi eVisa -The Validity

eVisa TypeValidity Duration 
Single Entry1 month
Multiple Entry3 months

All three types of Saudi tourist visas (Visit, & single/multiple entry Saudi eVisa) are valid for use for 1 year AFTER the date of issue.

However, a single entry Saudi eVisa allows applicants to stay in the kingdom for up to 1 month only and must be used within 1 year of issue.

A multiple entry Saudi eVisa allows you to arrive, leave and return to Saudi Arabia (unless stated otherwise) but it is valid and can only be used for up to 3 months AFTER the first date of entry. This too and must be used within 1 year of issue.

For multiple entry eVisa only, you can leave and reenter Saudi Arabia as many times as you wish during those valid three months.

Renewals: All three Saudi Visit visas cannot be renewed. 

Airport Visa Eligibility Precheck  

At the airport before boarding your flight to Saudi Arabia, the airlines at check-in will conduct a precheck for visa eligibility before they accept your luggage. 

Note: Countries holding bilateral agreements with Saudi Arabia (i.e. USA, UK, South Korea, and Japan) can apply for a Saudi eVisa online,Opens in a new tab. Visa on Arrival or for a Visit Visa at a local Saudi Consulate.  Port Of Entry

Manual Check of Passports and Umrah/Hajj and eVisas at Saudi Airports courtesy Arab News

The Saudi eVisa will enable you to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at ALL major ports of entry using any of the Saudi Arabian national air carriers for example, Saudi Airlines, FlyNas, FlyaDeal or Saudi Gul Airlines.

Applicants Who Are Under The Age of 18 

Applicants under the age of 18 (Minors) CANNOT use the Saudi eVisa service, nor apply for Visa on Arrival or for a Visit Visa via the Saudi consulate.  

A representative person can apply on behalf of a Minor as a Guardian, but MUST have the authority to do so and MUST agree to the Saudi eVisa Terms and Conditions on behalf of the applicant Minor.


Saudi eVisa or Visit Visa holders will be charged a penalty of 100 SR per day for each day beyond the expiration date of the visa for the days he/she remains in the kingdom. 

Special Information and Conditions

Kids Outside The Beautiful Mosque At Dammam Airport (40 Secs)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) provides the electronic Saudi eVisa to visit the kingdom on a short term basis. It is designed to speed up the process of obtaining a visit visa to the kingdom and is operated by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

Saudi eVisa Applicants Must:

  1. Provide a valid email address
  2. Obey Saudi Laws and Ensure the Welfare and Security of the Kingdom
  3. Not contravene Sharia law, national security nor violate prevailing moral principles 
  4. Enter the Saudi port using the same passport as used in the Saudi eVisa application
  5. Carry a hard copy (paper copy) and soft copy of the Saudi eVisa upon arrival at the Saudi port of entry
  6. Submit to biometric identification by immigration authorities at the port of entry
  7. Not use the Saudi eVisa to perform Umrah, Hajj, paid work or business. 
  8. Have funds to support themselves during their stay in the kingdom
  9. Agree that they are subject to local Saudi laws at the port of entry
  10.  Agree that SCTH can suspend the application or terminate the Saudi eVisa if an applicant fails to pay the eVisa fee, gives false/wrong information in the original application or fails to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in the  Saudi eVisa contract. 

Related Questions

Can I use the Saudi eVisa for other than tourism? Yes! However, most of the eligible 49 countries cannot because they are non-Muslim countries barring Brunei, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. The Saudi eVisa must be used only for tourist purposes for non-Muslims. Muslims CAN do Umrah but not Hajj, work or conduct business. These other three are NOT permitted under the Saudi eVisa terms and conditions.

What is the difference between the Sharek visa the Saudi eVisa? The Sharek Saudi Visa website tourist visa is available to eligible applicants who have bought online tickets to a sporting or entertainment event (s). The Saudi eVisa website Opens in a new for eligible applicants just wishing to visit the kingdom as a freestyle tourist and/or for specific cultural or entertainment events.

Click to login to your Saudi eVisa account

How do I check and verify my Saudi eVisa? Log into your account at the Saudi eVisa website aOpens in a new tab.nd check the details and expiration dates etc at any time. (See screen above)

What will happen if I break the Saudi eVisa terms and conditions? Contravening the Saudi eVisa terms and conditions can lead to cancellation of the eVisa, fines, possible arrest, and/or imprisonment for violations of a more serious nature.  Please remain alert at all times and commit to following Saudi laws, rules, and regulations.

Will more countries get added to the list of 49 currently eligible countries? People in Muslim countries feel upset because their country does not appear on the list of 51 countries eligible for the Saudi eVisa Inshallah! In the future, more and more countries will be added.

Salam Allekum! Hi there! Thanks for reading. Contact the Editor Mohammed Francis directly at with any questions or queries.

Mohammed Francis

I am a UK national, a college teacher, father of 3, writer and blogger.

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