Al Hada (Ta’if)-The Top 10 Most Terrific Tourist & Visitor Sites

Recently, I took my family to visit Ta’if city in the province of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. It is a lovely city with lots of things to do both for adults and kids. 

However, we later decided to spend a few enjoyable days at the cool mountain top resort town of Al Hada about 15 km north of the city. 

In English Al Hada means ‘Peace’ & ‘Tranquility’- an appropriate description I think.

One Of The Many Resort Hotel In Al Hada, Ta’if

At Al Hada, we stayed a few days at a wonderful hotel resort, took exhilarating rides on the Cable car (Telfric), splashed around for hours at the water park and our kids (and me) enjoyed lots of rides on the many theme parks in and around Tai’f/Al Hada. (All described below)

We had so much fun that I decided to write this post entitled Al Hada (Ta’if) The Top 10 Most Terrific Tourist & Visitor Sites. 

The aim is not to describe our trip-though it was really great. Rather, it is to provide helpful information about 10 of the best places for you, your family and friends to should you decide one day to go to Al Hada.  

Incidentally, another post I wrote deals with exciting activities to be found in Ta’if City chosen with families and in mind. Click here to read Ta’if City-The Top 10 Most Terrific Tourist & Visitor SitesOpens in a new tab.

Al Hada-Introduction

Main Route Into Al Hada Town From Taíf

If you love mountains, you should try to visit the delightful resort town of Al Hada, Ta’if, Saudi Arabia. It is a cool, green, tourist village-like town that sits on top of the Sarawat Mountain range (1,879 m) and offers awe-inspiring scenic mountain views.   

Al Hada Opens in a new a popular destination for domestic tourists wishing to escape the raging heat of the towns and cities. The town lies 15 km southwest of the ancient city of Ta’if and 100 km inland of the Red Sea.

This resort town has plenty of entertainment, restaurants, and hotels, and accommodation for visitors. 

Kids love to experience water adventure parks and funfairs. Adults enjoy relaxing in the setting of stunning landscapes and natural wonders. 


Due to its high location, Ta’if/Al Hada is mild in summer 15 °C-38 °C and can get cold in winter 3 °C-23 °C. 

Average Temperatures Today!

Jan-April 22 °C-30 °C
May-Sep33 °C-35 °C
Oct-Dec30 °C-23 °C

Al Hada (Ta’if)- The Top 10 Most Terrific Tourist And Visitor Sites

NoThe Site, Event or Point of Interest (Fast Links)
1Delightful Al Hada Resort
2The Naaman Valley And Deathly Serpentine Road
3Spectacular Clifftop Panoramas (Miradors)
4Al Kar Tourist Village-Splash n Slide Fun
5Divine Aroma-Rose Farms And Shops In Al Hada
6Breathtaking Al Hada Mountains
7Natural & Fun Themed Adventure Parks For Kids
8Hotel Resorts & Self Catered Apartment Complexes (47) Places To Stay
9Bird Farm Sanctuary –Al Hada
10Miqat Wadi Muharram Muslim Pilgrim Station

1.The Delightful Resort Of Al Hada

Stunning Views Over Al Hada Escarpment

Why Visit it?

Al Hada is a beautiful green resort town set right on the edge of the Sarawat mountain range (1,879 m) with stunning views overlooking the steep valley that eventually leads to the cities of Mecca and Jeddah. 

It is an established tourist town with excellent accommodation, theme parks, entertainment for kids, shops, restaurants and local amenities. 

It has many (50+) places to stay that include 5* hotels, apartments to rent and gated resort compounds with swimming pools and kids entertainments. 

What Can/Do/See there?

Al Hada is famous for its cool climate, amazing views and mountain landscapes. Visitors can simply relax in the wonderful nature, visit leafy gardens or go exploring, walking and climbing in the mountains.

It also has delightful fun amenities for kids. You can also buy high-quality locally grown Ta’if rose oils and water at wholesale prices. 

How Much $?

Visitors need to budget for accommodation, food, fun-fair rides, entrance tickets for water parks, etc, and for the purchases of rose water and oil products. 

When To Go? Timing

The summer months are the busiest and during the rainy seasons. Hotel prices are the highest due to the influx of domestic visitors from the cities. Any time is good to visit but I recommend April-May or Oct-Nov to enjoy the best of the seasons.  


Al Hada is warm in summer and cool in winter with an annual rainfall of 170-250 cm. Humid winds blow into the town off the Red Sea from the West. Winter is cloudy and humid. It rains a lot in spring and autumn. 

Visit Duration 

5-7 days

Who Will Love It?

Families, newly married couples and groups of friends, mountain, nature lovers and outdoor types.

Al Hada Resort TownGoogle Maps Location 

2.The Naaman Valley And Deathly Serpentine Road 

Serpentine Road (Mecca-Al Hada) Meanders Down The Mountain Pass

Why Visit it?

The Serpentine Road Opens in a new a spectacular winding mountain route (22 km) that takes you from Al Hada town down a steep windy road to the holy city of Mecca some 50 km away.

The drive time to Mecca is about 40 minutes. 

The scary steep road leads you down and crisscrosses the Ta’if escarpment face in a slow, snake-like fashion from an elevation of 2,000 m down to 277 m (6,561 ft to 909 ft). 

This awesome snaky road arrives and ends in the Naaman ValleyOpens in a new tab. after 22 km and the road continues straight to the district of Aziziya in the holy city of Mecca after 30 km. 

The total 22 km fall is 1,700 m or 5,557 ft. 

The descent begins at the top of the Taif escarpment at the official Al Hada Inspection Point Opens in a new tab.on the main road where police control the flow of traffic in and out of the town. 

The road leading to the Inspection Point and out of Al Hada also twice crosses the town’s ring road and ends conveniently in Ta’if city 18 km away. 

What Can/Do/See There?

There are three ways to enjoy the Serpentine Road.Opens in a new tab. You can drive, walk, or take a cable car (Telefric). 

Driving Up And Down

Serpentine Road Al Hada Has Four Lanes For Up And Down

Drive out of Al Hada town south on the Ring Road or the main Route 15 towards Mecca. After passing the Inspection Point Opens in a new begin your descent. 

Before you go, make sure to pop in at the amazing Al Hada fruit open stallsOpens in a new tab. located at the start of the descent on the main road to the right of the Inspection Point and buy some delicious refreshments. 

Make your way down the mountain slowly. The well-made route has four wide lanes; two going down and two going up.

The downward ascent is speed controlled with warning signs, speed bumps, and parallel yellow road markings.   

Along the route, you can find intermittent rest areas and ample viewing points (in both directions) where drivers and passengers can stop to take a break and enjoy the spectacular mountain views and take photos.

Click to see astonishing views and pictures of Monkey View PointOpens in a new tab.

After 22 km you will arrive in the low-lying Naaman Valley and you can see a few hundred villas and private smallholding on either side of the valley. 


Families of Baboons Live On The Al Hada Mountain Range

The wild monkeys of Ta’if are infamously cheeky. They appear in great numbers as casually as can be to pester roadside visitors.  

You can feed the monkeys, but try not to let them rob you. They will snatch food or just about anything you have on your person. Take care because some of them can also scratch and bite.    

Walking Up And Down 

Walker Resting Overlooking The Numaan Valley, Towards Mecca Al Hada

It is possible to walk up and down the Ta’if escarpment using the old camel/caravan routes that still exist at various points up and down the valley.

The new Serpentine RoadOpens in a new tab. sometimes crosses and comes close to the old ascents, steps and walkways.

You can spot them from your car as you ascend or descend.   

Today, if you are into hiking you can walk down the escarpment and return up it via taxi,  car or cable car.

Make sure you have strong walking shoes, lots of water, and shade. 

Also, make sure to choose the cooler months for hiking and to avoid the rainy seasons due to the annual flooding. 

Ancient Walking Routes 

Ancient Pedestrian Pathway, Al HadaGoogle Maps Location 
Hiking Pathway, Al HadaGoogle Maps Location 
Old PathwaysGoogle Maps Location 

Cable Car (Telefric)

Cable Car (Telefric) & Al Kar Tourist Village (2 mins)

The Cable Car ride (Telefric) is by far the easiest and most enjoyable way to get from the top of the Taíf escarpment to the start of the Numaan Valley and back again. 

Of course, there is no snow just amazing views of mountains and the winding Serpentine Road.  

The Cable Car (Telefric) station and ticket office is located opposite the two Ramada Hotels. 

It is operated by TaifSama companyOpens in a new tab.. The ride ends exactly at the Al Kar Tourist VillageOpens in a new tab. at the top end of the Numaan Valley.

The tourist village is also owned and operated by TaifSamaOpens in a new tab.

It is very safe for everyone to ride even during windy weather. 

How Much -$?

Note prices can vary with combination and special offers available throughout the year. Buying tickets at the lower Nuuman Valley ticket office is SR 30 cheaper than at the top of the escarpment at the Ramada ticket office. 

4.5 km Cable Car (Telefric) Ride From Ramada, Al Hada Ascending

Cable Car (Telefric) ONLY Prices excluding 15% VAT

One WayReturnPrivate Car
AdultsSR 40SR 80SR 200 Extra
Children SR 25SR 50
Adults Water Park 140 SR
Kids Water Oasis 80 SR
Paintball 6 people500 SR
Toboggan40 SR
Karting40 SR
XD Ride 40 SR
Telefric Upgrade Adults120 SR

Cable Car (Telefric) & Water Park 

AdultsSR 220 PP
Young AdultsSR 130 
ChildrenSR 130 

Zip Line & Water Park 

All SR 150 PP

When To Go? Timing

  • Wednesday to Friday 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Sunday, Monday & Tuesday closed

Visit Duration 

The Cable Car (Telefric) ascends in about 20 minutes and covers a distance of 4 or 5 kilometers. 

Who Will Love It?

Families, young, old people, and groups of friends. Day-trippers from Mecca and Ta’if City. 


Serpentine Road Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Ancient RouteGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Cable Car (Telefric) Google Maps Location 

3.Spectacular Cliff Top Panoramas (Miradors)

Sheer View Over The Mountain Pass from Al Hada

Why Visit Them?

Along the mountainous Sarawat escarpment ridge there is more than 70 km of cliff top viewing points for visitors to enjoy the awesome scenery. 

You can see many local people and tourists at the mountain observation points (platforms) in Al Hada.

They are relaxing, breathing in the lovely fresh air, enjoying the astounding landscape, and eating homemade picnics.  

These viewing points are specially chosen for the eye-catching scenery and magnificent views they offer down into the expansive valleys below.

Because of its elevation nearly (2,000 m) and the fact the cool winds blow in from the Red Sea wafting in cool air over the escarpment, the weather in Al Hada is always cool in summer and mild in winter. 

Amateur Video Of View Looking Down Into The Al Hada Mountain Pass (1 min)

What Can/Do/See There?

  • Look Over The Magnificent Valley 
  • Enjoy The Cool Weather
  • Go Quad Biking
  • Barbecues
  • Picnics
  • Grilled Sweet Corn Stalls
  • Tea/Coffee Stalls
  • Buy Sweet Fruit
  • Smoke Shisha or Hubbly Bubbly

All panorama points, platforms, and miradors begin close to Al Sail Al KabeerOpens in a new tab. in the north, continue south to Al Hada and end with dramatic views at the southerly resorts of  Al Shafaa.

However, in Al Hada there are 5 main viewing areas that allow you to admire the vast escarpment.

Al Hada Southern Picnic Point Google Maps Location 
Lower Al Hada Viewing Point Google Maps Location 
Mid Al Hada Viewing Point Google Maps Location 
Upper Al Hada Viewing PointGoogle Maps Location 

What Can/Do/See There?

Kids Precariously Admire The View

Visitors from towns and cities love to come to the viewing platforms and picnic spots during the cool months to sit and relax in open air. 

From these vantage points, you can get to fully appreciate the open mountain ranges and study the expansive valley river beds that run towards the Red Sea in the West. 

People love to bring coal, cook barbecues, heave picnics and make and coffee in the late afternoon and evenings. 

They are also great spots for photographers and drone operators looking for magnificent aerial shots.

The curious and hungry Baboons will some to entertain and pester you. They snatch anything, so be alert in their presence.

Here also, you will have time to meet and chat with many locals, breathe the fresh mountain air, and experience first hand a good variety of plant life, bushes, herbs, birds, and animals. 

Food and Drink

Street Vendors-Al Hada

There are no shops close by but you will find many people making fresh tea and coffee, sell ice cream and cook coal-roasted sweetcorn on the cob.

You can also buy wood and coal to make your own open fire and cook food.

Also, if you have a thermos flask, the tea & coffee sellers will fill them up for you! 

How Much- $?

Miradors and viewing platforms are free of charge

When To Go? Timing

A Boy Looking Down The Mountain Pass From Al Mirador At Al Hada

The best times to visit the viewing areas are during the summer, spring, and autumn. However, on rainy, humid days viewing is severely limited.

The climate is much cooler in Al Hada, so warm clothing is recommended for the evenings and night times. 

In the summer months, visitors love to sit out late in the afternoon and evening.

 Visit Duration

3-5 hours

Who Will Love It?

Families, groups of friends and nature lovers.  

4.Al Kar Tourist Village -Splash & Slide Water Fun

Birds Eye Vie Of Kar Village Water Park

Why Visit it?

The lower station of the Cable Car (Telefric) is located at the Al Kar Tourist Village. Visitors like to combine a ride with a visit to the amusement theme park.

When you get off the Cable car (Telefric),  here you can pay to take a swim, enjoy the water shoots and slides, have a meal in the restaurant, ride a Toboggan, go Karting and relax in the cafeteria and buy goods in the mini-market. 

Opposite Al Kar Tourist Village, on the roadside, you will also find men with quad bikes to hire and horse riding excursions. 

What Can/Do/See There?

  • Ride The Cable Car (Telefric)
  • Ride The Zip Line
  • Enjoy The Water Park – Giant Wavy and Tunnel Slides, Wave Machine Pool, Restaurant and Cafeteria, Cable Car Station 
  • Swimming Competitions-Cable Car And Zip Line Prizes
  • Ride The Toboggan
  • Fight With Paintball (Group of 6 people)
  • Play Field Games
  • Go Karting
  • Play Laser Tag 
  • Eat In A Traditional Restaurant 
  • Sit And Drink Coffee Next To The Fountains At The Cafeteria
  • Eat Snacks
  • Shop At A Mini Market (Souq)
  • Buy Goods In A Shop (Dukan) 
  • Pray At The Mosque
  • Watch Evening Shows At The Open Air Auditorium/Theater
  • Join In Adventures At The Action Zone
Al Kar Tourist Village-A Must Do For Kids Visiting At Al Hada

 How Much-$?

Adults Water Park 140 SR
Kids Water Oasis 80 SR
Paintball 6 people500 SR
Toboggan40 SR
Karting40 SR
XD Ride 40 SR
Telefric Upgrade Adults120 SR

When To Go? Timing

Monday to Saturday 1:30 pm to 9 pm 

Visit Duration

5-6 hours

Who Will Love It?

Children, Young Adults, and Families

Al Kar Tourist VillageGoogle Maps Location 

5.Divine Aroma- Rose Farms & Shops

lady Frolicking In A Rose Factory In Al Hada

Why Visit them?

Every year, 300 million Ta’if Damask roses are harvested by more than 900 rose farms that exist in and around the Ta’if region. 

The rose harvest starts in April. The petals are cropped and quickly distilled to make pure essential oils and water products. Rose oils are expensive because the petals have very low oil content.

You need 500 kg of rose petals for every 1 liter of oil. 

The roses must be harvested very early in the morning and distilled as soon as possible to maintain their nice fragrance. 

Ta’if Damask Roses After Harvest

To produce essential oil, rose petals have to be distilled twice. The first step produces only a very low yield of oil.

The second distillation step is done using the aqueous rose water that resulted from the first distillation. 

The oil obtained from this rose water (second distillation) is added to the oil from the first distillation to produce the oil for sale. 

These 30 petaled fresh Damask rose blooms are eventually turned into quality oils, perfumes (Attar), soaps and lotions.  

See both the traditional and modern processes used to make Ta’if Rose Oils at the Rashid Al Qureshi plant in Al Hada. 

Rose Farm And Oil Distillery

What Can/Do/See There?

  • Walk Around And Enjoy The Rose Gardens
  • See Flowers And Plants 
  • Pick Rose Buds If In Season
  • See The Distillation Stations Exhibit 
  • Buy Products In The Shops (Rose Water, Spray Perfumes, Soaps, Lotions, Creams and Essential Oils)
  • Enjoy Natural Surroundings
  • Buy Snacks, Drinks, Tea, and Coffee

How Much-$?

Entrance to Rose oil producing factories is usually free but product prices are generally as follows.

General Rose Products  

Rose Water250 ml10-30 SR
Pure Rose Oil ¼ Tola250- 300 SR
Rose Scented SoapsSmall Bar20-30 SR
Rose Air FreshenerSpray 250 ml40 SR
Rose IncenseBox40 SR
Rose Body Lotion50 ml15 SR
Rose Face Creams50 ml30 SR

Pure Oil Products

Pure Rose Oil1 Tola1,300 SR
Pure Rose Oil2 Tola2,450 SR
Pure Rose Oil4 Tola4,800 SR
Pure Rose Oil6 Tola6,750 SR
Pure Rose Oil 12 Tola12, 600 SR


Farms and Ships open at Various Times During The Day and Early Evenings 

Visit Duration

1-2 hours

Promotional Film- The Rashid Qurayshi company 

Who Will Love It?

Women, children and perfume buyers


Rose Farms and Factories in Al Hada

Salam Ibn Mushayheeb Rose Farms, Al Hada Google Maps Location 
Shuwaikh Rose Factory, Al Hada  Google Maps Location  
Rashid Husein Al Qureishi Rose Farm. Al HadaGoogle Maps Location 
Web: alqurashei.netOpens in a new tab.
Masterpiece Ta’if Rose Products Shop, Al HadaGoogle Maps Location 
Rose House Factory, Al Hada Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Web page: taífroses.comOpens in a new tab.
Kamaal Rose Factory, Al HadaGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Ahmed Sakhry Rose Farm, Al Hada  Google Maps Location 
Kilang Minyak Wangi Rose, Al HadaGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.

Rose Shops in Ta’’if City 

Shafaa Rose Market Store, Ta’if Google Maps Location 
Abaa Othman Rose Market Store, Ta’ifGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Kamaal Rose Market Store, Ta’if Google Maps Location 
Al Ghadi Rose Factory, Ta’if Google Maps Location 

Rose Farms and Factories In Al Shafaa/Abha

Abu Hani Rose Farm, Al Shafaa Google Maps Location 
Rose Al Shafaa Heritage Center & Store, Al ShafaaGoogle Maps LocaOpens in a new tab.tion
Mishall Sufeeyaan Rose Farm, Al Shafaa Google Maps Location 
Abaa Othman Ta’if Rose Farm, AbhaGoogle Maps LocaOpens in a new tab.tion 

6. Breathtaking Al Hada Mountains

Why Visit Them?

Al Shafaa ResortWith Mount Dakah In Background

Saudis, foreign workers and tourists love to explore the Ta’if region for its famous mountainous landscape. 

Also, many day trippers who are Ta’if locals  too drive out to Al Shafaa to have picnics, looking down over the escapement and to explore the dramatic countryside. 

The mountains around Al Hada are amazing enough. However, many confuse the resort town of Al Hada with an even more spectacular cliff top holiday town called Ash Shafaa. 

In English it is pronounced Ash Shafaa and it means Healing.  

Al Shifaa is located about 30 km south of Al Hada as the crow flies. You can reach it by driving along the escarpment through the villages. 

However, the quickest and safest route is to go from Al Hada to Ta’if and then head south to the village of Al Shifaa

  1. Route 15 South Hada To Ta’if (15 km)
  2. Ring Road 281 Ta’if South      (12 km)
  3. Route 267 Al Shafaa               (21 km) 

There are a number of resort type hotels in the area at reasonable prices. However, Al Shifaa can get busy during the peak season.

What Can/Do/See There?

  • Admire The Magnificent Death Defying Cliff Faces, Mountains and Valley Views
  • See Great Views
  • Stay At Hotel Resorts
  • Explore Lovely Views At Jabal Dakah And The Shafaa Mountain Park 
  • Explore Rocky Terrains And Drive Off Road
  • Camp Outdoors
  • Enjoy The Very Cool, Often Times, Cloudy Rainy Weather
  • Make Open Fires And Cook Food
  • Make Camel, Horse & Pony Rides
  • Photograph Amazing Scenery
  • See trees, Bushes, Birds, and Exotic Plants
  • Go Rock Climbing
  • Funfair Rides
  • Toys and Stalls
  • Bouncy Castle 
  • Go Quad Biking-Karting
  • Buy Food & Provisions At Baqalas
  • Barbecues
  • Picnics
  • Feed Pesky Baboons
  • Grilled Sweet Corn Stalls
  • Tea/Coffee Stalls
  • Buy Sweet Fruit
  • Buy Honey, Dates & Fruit
  • See Rose And Flower Gardens 

How Much-$?

Pay for fun fair rides, camel and horse riding and for your supplies only!

Visit Duration

5 Hours +

Who Will Love It?

Families, groups of friends, nature lovers and explorers. 


Drinking Arabic Coffee Next To A Waterfall In Al HAda
Rockstone Park, Al Shafaa Google Maps Location 
Al Shafa MountainGoogle Maps Location 
Jabal Dakah Mountain Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.

Hotel Resorts in Al Shafaa

Al-Hadban Park, Ash Shafaa Google Maps LoOpens in a new tab.cation
Al Ward Heritage VillageGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Ash Shafaa Tourist Resort Google Maps Location 

7.Natural And Fun Themed Adventure Parks

After performing Umrah, Moath Baloushi Recorded His Visit To The Fun Fair In Ta’if

Why Visit Them?

What really surprises us about Taíf City and Al Hada are the great number and variety of parks and funfairs. 

The Ta’if MunicipalityOpens in a new tab. has gone the extra mile to cater for families and visitors in terms of natural and amusement parks. Hats off to them.

The best of them all is the amazing Al Raddaf Park Opens in a new tab.with its awesome laser light fountains, wonderful gardens and flower beds, rocky terrain features and amenities. 

I dealt with Al Raddaf Park in some detail in the article  Ta’if City-The Top 10 Most Terrific Tourist & Visitor Sites.

It is a brilliant new park that hosts many Seasonal Events including the annual Taíf Rose Festival.  

The Ta’if parks are popular with families and young people looking for healthy distractions.

They are great venues for enjoying the natural trees, flowers and plants that thrive in Taíf’s cool, nurturing environment.  

What Can/Do/See There?

  • Al Shallal Park Taif- Al Hada Road LocationOpens in a new tab.
  • Al Khaldeya Parks, Taif- Al Hada Road  LocationOpens in a new tab.

Two Well Established Fun Fair and Action Activity Adventures for children one adjacent to the other in the city of Ta’if but heading out to Al Hada

  • Al Ahli Gardens, Taíf-Al Hada Road  Location 
  • Circle Gardens, Taíf- Al Hada Road  LocationOpens in a new tab.
  • Shady Palm, Juniper and Eucalyptus Trees
  • Purple and Yellow Bougainvillea Plants & Shrubbery
  • Grassy Road Side Banks
  • Cool Grassy Lawns 
  • Lighted Pathways At Night
  • Beautiful Grassy Banks Next To Main City Routes For Picnics & Relaxing

King Fahad Park Masarah2 Taíf- Al Hada Road –LocationOpens in a new tab.

Kids At King Fahad Park, Taíf-Al Hada Road, Ta’if
  • Two Big Car Parks
  • Hillside Chalets To Rent
  • Huge Fun Fair Rides (Big Ferris Wheel, Slow and Fast Rides, etc)
  • House Of Fun For Kids 
  • Electronic Games Hall
  • Night Time Entertainments
  • Huge Shows And Events Arena
  • Small Boating Lake
  • Cool Grassy Lawns 
  • Lighted Pathways At Night
  • Ample Picnic Spots
  • Lovely Trees and Shrubbery
  • Pythons and Viper Snakes In Glass Cages
  • Snacks and Drinks Stalls
  • Cooked Food Stands
  • Popcorn
  • Well-Illuminated Pathways and Lawns 
  • Modern Fancy Street Lighting
  • Cool Green Spaces
  • Rocky Hilly Backdrop Landscapes

How Much-$?

  • 15 Rides for SR 100
  • 30 Rides for SR 200

 Rawabi Land Park, Families ONLY King Fahad Road LocationOpens in a new tab.

View Of Rawabi Land Park, Al Hada
  • Medium Sized Fun Fair For Small Kids- Ferris Wheel
  • Water Fountains
  • Row of Snacks and Candy Floss Shops
  • Outdoor Tea/Coffee Sellers
  • Climbing Frames For Small Kids
  • Well illuminated and Busy At Night
  • Stage Events For Small Kids
  • Large Sand Pit With Plastic Shovels and Buckets
  • Face Painting

Al-Baijan Tourist Resort & Park Location 

Hillside Tourist Chalets For Rent 

(Bedrooms, Kitchen, Outdoor Grill Space  Bathroom, Lounge, Balcony & Car Lot)

You can book chalets for 6 (150 SR) or 12 hours (200-300 SR)

Quiet and peaceful location

  • Large -3 Bedrooms
  • Medium -2 Bedrooms
  • Small -1 Bedroom
  • Full-Sized Fun Fair For Older – Ferris Wheel and Fast Rides
  • A row of Snacks and Candy Floss Shops
  • Outdoor Tea/Coffee Sellers
  • Mosques for Men and Women


The park is old and chalet accommodation overpriced SR 200 + and not to standard. Music is played too loud in speaker system. Though, Al Baijan is great entertainment for families the rides and games are overpriced.

No restaurants only snack shops and not very hygienic. No green spaces. 

Green Mountain Resort Ta’if – Al Hada Road  LocationOpens in a new tab.

How much $?

  • Rides 10 SR +
  • Chalets 150-300 SR

When To Go?-Timing

Afternoon and Evenings

Visit Duration

4 -12 hours

Who Will Love It?

Young children and youth


Al Shallal Park Taif-Al Hada RoadGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Al Khaldeya Parks, Taif-Al Hada Road  Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Al Ahli Gardens, Taíf -Al Hada Road  Google Maps Location 
Circle Gardens, Taíf-Al Hada Road  Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
King Fahad Park Masarah 2 Taíf-Al Hada Road Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Rawabi Land Park, Tai’f – Al Hada Road  Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.
Al-Baijan Tourist Resort & ParkGoogle Maps Location 
Green Mountain Resort Taíf – Al Hada Road Google Maps Location 

8.Hotel Resorts & Self Catered Apartment Complexes 

Recommended Hotels and Resort Complexes in Al Hada

Why Visit Them?

Accommodation in Al Hada consists of some 5-star hotels, charming chalets and self-catering apartments. 

Most are called resorts though in actuality they are more like small holiday parks.

Also, standards vary from good, clean, well-presented accommodations to basic and not so well maintained. 

In and around Al Hada there are more than 50 resorts and rented apartments styled accommodation available so visitors have a wide selection to choose from. 

What Can/Do/See There?

Lovely Kitchens In Al Reef Resort Chalet

In chalets and apartments, you can get a 2-3 bedroomed housing unit (Villa, apartment, or studio) with a kitchen, lounge, bathroom, maids room, balcony, and a space to park your car. 

Some of the best resorts have an open ‘Majlis’, snacks and drinks available, nice flower gardens, swimming/splash pool for children with good mountain views.

Most good establishments provide sheets, bedding and extra put ups.

However, if you have a car consider bring your own including warm clothing for the cold weather in winter.  

How Much-$?

Prices range from 300 SR to 2,000 SR per night pus 15% VAT

Visit Duration

1 -3 Days +


1-5 Star *

Who Will Love It?

Families and groups of friends

LocationsAl Hada Resorts

Al Reef Resort Al Hada

Check out the list below at your leisure and refer to hotel bookings sites for seasonal prices and upgrades etc.

Some resorts don’t use online agents so call them direct to get availability and prices.

Hotel or ResortLocationTypeRatingPrices ex VAT
1. Seven Gardens Resort  Google Maps LocationsOpens in a new tab.1 & 2-bed apartments, Hot tubs, Clean, Pool, Playground, Wi-Fii

400-700 SR
2.Ramada by Wyndham Al HadaGoogle Maps LocationWell furnished but poorly maintained
Pool, Wi-Fii,
restaurant and good views
600 SR 
Ramada Al Hada HotelGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Well furnished but poorly maintained
Pool, Wi-Fii,
restaurant and good views
600 SR
Al Thuraya Al Hada ResortGoogle Maps LocationFew chalets in grounds of private villa with small pool. Poor maintenance and too pricey 2-3
600-800 SR
Al Tammimi Plaza Resort Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Rooms with 2 pools good views, poor maintenance  2-3
250-350 SR
3. Sereena VillasGoogle Maps LocationTwo story chalets
for 6-9 people, private yards, good standard maintenance but
needs upgrading
3-4 Stars500 SR
4. Al Muhaidb ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good, clean
noisy & big space for kids to play
Maintenance issues
300-500 SR
5. Al Khaleej Tourist InnGoogle Maps LocationLarge clean apartments, quiet and well maintained good for large families2-3
250-400 SR
6. Safwat Al AmalGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good clean 2-bed apartments, good location needs upgrading3-4
350-600 SR
7. Dabab Al HadaGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Chalets & Family Suites
Low standard resort not clean and well maintained
Small Indoor pool
600-700 SR +
8.Green Mountain ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Fun Fair With Hillside Daily Use Chalets, Toboggan Ride3-4
400-500 SR
9. Eshbila ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Apartments In 4-Story BuildingPoor Cleaning and Maintenance3
500 SR
10. Muntajaa Hada AhlemGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good resort but lacks cleaning and insects infestations3
shut down
11. Ta’if Hotel Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Small private hotelN/AUnknown
12. Nizal Liyaali HaneenGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good Chalets, poor cleanliness and maintenance Kids Playground Very
Quiet location
500-700 SR
13. Filil ShamookhGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Apartments In Complex Basic Standard, Car port, Balcony,
Pool no water
Nice location
500 SR +
14. Filil SalehGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Nice clean but
small apartments
400 SR
15. Sama Ski ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Up scale villas and chalets well maintained grounds cold pool, but tired interiors and insufficient kitchenware,
Pool dirty and no chlorine
3-4 StarsUnknown
16. Flowers Resort Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Ouch!
VERY low standard
1-2 StarsUnknown
17. Casa Hada ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Tasteful and well maintained chalets
and small pool 
Isolated location
3-4 StarsUnknown
18. Nova AndalusiaGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Large Villas, Balconies Lovely gardens and pool, far from shops,
Cheap furniture,
Isolated location,
Games room,
Poor internet,
3-4 Stars
1400-1600 SR
19. Nahar Al Hada ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.High Standard
Villas two floors
and basement 
Clean, Pool,
Great views, Good furniture
Price too high
5 Stars2000 -2,500 SR
20 Meridian Hotel Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Great hill top
Clean and maintained
Old furniture
Poor reception service
Food mediocre
4 Stars700-1000 SR
21. Banadir Al Faisal Resort Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Sweet, clean American style Chalet resort
Reasonable prices
Good location
Poor Wi-Fi
Play area
4 StarsUnknown
+966 55 505 1345
22.Marwa Al Hada Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Beautiful, clean 2-bed apartments
(no microwave, washing machines) 
Large beautiful garden trees grass lawn tennis courts
Tent play area
Garden seating
Covered car park
4 Stars350-500 SR
23. Rosa Rest House Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good, clean Apartments
Classy Environment
Well maintained
Small Indoor Pool  Reasonably priced
4 StarsUnknown
24. Mirador Villa For RentGoogle Maps
LocationOpens in a new tab.
Hilltop Villa 
Well Furnished
Excellent Views
4-5 StarsUnknown
25. Strawberry Fields RanchGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Elegant Rooms with Strawberry Farm/Small Holding, Ducks, Outdoor Seating
Farm Shop
Good, but…..?
3 Stars
Farm Visit
Adults 20 SR
Children 10 SR
of Strawberries 50 SR
Strawberry Juice 11 SR
26. Al Turky Resort HadaGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Clean, big  and beautiful hill top
resort, Small pool
Quiet location
Lacking maintenance and services
3 StarsStudio 300+ SR
1-Bed 700 SR
2-Bed 1,200 SR
Room 400 SR
27. Pompous Places  Resort Google Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Simple, clean rooms
in large building
large leafy garden,
Swimming pool
Quiet location,
Cleaning & insect issues 
3 Stars300 SR +
28. Rawnaq Al Hada ApartHotelGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.2-bed Apartments in Large Building Set In Idyllic Farm/Garden
Stunning Greenery, Shrubs, Flowering Plants,
Lovely Environment
Outdoor seating
4-5 Stars 300 SR +
29. Sanaabil Hada HotelGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good, clean units,
basic gaudy  furniture 
3 Stars150-500 SR
30. Al Hada Palace ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.2-Bed Apartments
in Modern Clean
Well maintained Environment
3-4 Stars600 SR 
31.Venice ResortGoogle Maps Location2 Villas and 2-bed apartments.
Tidy, large pool and small indoor pool in villas,  poor services and maintenance
3-4 Stars250-500 SR
32. Engineers ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Basic 2-Bed Apartments
Lack Services and Amenities
Nice, rustic atmosphere
Trees and shrubbery
Reasonable prices
3 Stars200-400 SR
33. The White House HadaGoogle Maps LocationNo information4 StarsIs this a hotel at all?
34. Abu Hassan ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Basic 2-bed apartments
Old furniture
Low service
Nice views
Insect issues
3 StarsUnknown
35. Antalya Hada ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab. Clean, big and well maintained chalet resort with individual pool,
Nice garden
Luxury living
4 stars1,000 SR +0127540191
Social Media:
36. Jamaana Resort HadaGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good, tidy basic standard 2 bed
chalets in simple
green environment 
Pool for kids
Reasonable prices 
Has been renovated
3 Star+966544524428
37. Safwat Al Hada ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Small 2 bed chalets
Poor standards and quality
3 Stars300 + SR
38. Hada Jareen ResortGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Top end 2-bed villas with private pool and VERY clean and well maintained.
Great gardens and environment
Luxury and Pricey
4-5 Stars2,500 + SR
39. Abraj ApartmentsGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Good, clean basic apartments for rent
No garden and play area
3 StarsUnknown
40. Jalaali PalaceGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.House of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Jalali3 StarsUnknown
42. Quality Rest HouseGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Excellent, clean and well presented 2-bed apartments in quiet tidy location with garden and M#andy pit4-5 stars+966504642270
43. Nar Al HadaHigh Class 2 & 4 bed Duplex with Indoor Pool VERY clean and well maintained
Luxury accommodation
Lawn gardens  Too pricey
1,500-2,500 SR
44. Bhadur HotelGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab.Rooms with kitchenette
Indoor/Outdoor Pool
Old and poorly maintained
500 SR
45. Safwat
Al Amal Hotel
Google Maps locationOpens in a new tab. Basic rooms, quite clean.
Play area
500-600 SR
46. LaFontain Durrat SuitesGoogle Maps LocationOpens in a new tab. Rooms
Double & 3 Singles
Nice Accommodation
Poor Facilities
And Service
3-4 Stars650 + SR
47. Reef Resort ServicesGoogle Maps Location 3 Bed units
Sleeps up to 10
Complete kitchen
Clean & Private
Indoor Pool
Games room

Locations-Ash Shafaa Resorts

Hotel or ResortLocationTypeRatingPrices
1. Al Ward Heritage VillageGoogle Maps Location Luxury Villa and Apartments, Clean
and Well presented
800 SR
2. Ash Shafaa Tourist VillageGoogle Maps Location Nice Chalet resort with great views
Very Clean And Well Maintained

9. Bird Farm Sanctuary Park


Macaw Parrot at The Bird Park Sanctuary Al HadafOpens in a new tab.

Why Visit It?

All kinds of parrots and exotic birds roam free on the grounds. They perch up in the banana trees and shrubbery. A beautiful garden and environment, clean and very well presented. 

What Can/Do/See There?

Bird Park Sanctuary in Al Hada, Ta’if

You can see various species of parrots, peacocks, budgies, cockatoos, guinea fowl and let them rest on your arm and you can pet them.

Tables and seating available in a pergola covered garden where you can sit and drink tea and coffee.

The Bird Sanctuary is so delightful and should not be missed. 

How Much-$?

  • Adults                20 SR
  • Kids 3-10 years 10 SR

When To Go?-Timing

9 am-6 pm

Visit Duration

1-2 hours

Who Will Love It?

Peacocks and Peahens At The Bird Park In Al Hada

Small children and families


The Bird Park Sanctuary Google Maps Location 

10.Miqat-Wadi Muharram Pilgrim Station 

Entrance To Miqat Wadi Muharram

Why Visit it?

Muslim pilgrims travelling overland from the East, (UAE & Far East) Al Najd, Riyadh and Ta’if  stop at this Miqat (station) to assume Ihram (dress for Hajj or Umrah) and pronounce Niyah or intention to perform the pilgrimage. 

This Miqat is exactly 76km from the Haram Mosque in Mecca and 20 km from the principle Miqat called Qarn Al ManazilOpens in a new tab. in the town of Sayl Al Kabeer Opens in a new Northern Ta’if.  

What Can/Do/See There?

Miqat Wadi Muharram

The Ministry of Islam has built excellent facilities there including a big park park, shower rooms, ablutions areas for men and women.

There is also a huge mosque 1000 m2 that can hold 2,000 worshipers.

At the Miqat main entrance, you can find shops that sell clothes and accessories for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims such as towels, belts, sandals, bags umbrellas, beads and ladies shawls and head dress. 

There is also a perfume shop.

From the Miqat there is an impressive view of the Al Hada valley hillsides.

Unfortunately, it lacks restaurants and food supplies shops.      

How Much-$?

Showers and toilets are free of charge

When To Go?-Timing

Facilities are available 24 hours a day. 

Visit Duration

30 minutes- 1 hour

Who Will Love It?

Muslim Pilgrims Men, Women and Children

View Of Al Hada From Miqat Wadi Muharram


The Miqat Wadi MuharramGoogle Maps Location 

References And Useful Links

  1. Al Hada- Mesmerizing Attractions For Tourists and Investors- Saudi Gazette
  1. The Taif Escarpment, Saudi Arabia: A Study for Nature Conservation and Recreational Development-JSTOR
  1. Explore Tai’f- Trip Advisor

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