In Islam, Can A Spirit (Jinn) Fall In Love With A Human Being?

In the Islamic tradition, there are numerous stories of spirits or Jinns that take a fancy to human beings.  

Spirits (Jinn) routinely fall in love with human beings and attach themselves as people do.

Spirit (Jinn) Possession Story

The Jinn Are Brutally Ugly

I will share a story by a famous Muslim jurist who wrote a treatise on the Jinn named Ibn TaymiyyahOpens in a new tab.

Long ago in Egypt, a man takes his wife to an Islamic exorcist (Raaqi). The husband believes that a spirit (Jinn) has possessed his wife. 

She is behaving very strangely.

The exorcist (Raaqi) questions the visitor about the wife’s strange behavior. The husband explains that his wife is behaving out of character and acting very aggressively. 

He continues, “She is always angry and refuses to let me ‘approach’ her.”

His wife’s unusual behavior is not at all normal.   

So, the visitor wants the Raaqi to find out if a spirit (Jinn) has possessed her and to get rid of it using Islamic exorcism.  

The Raaqi starts to read Quranic verses over the woman and uses his techniques to find out if she has one or more Jinn

During the exorcism session, the Raaqi establishes that a spirit (Jinn) has possessed her. He sternly questions the Jinn,

Why have you entered this woman’s body?” 

The Jinn refuses to answer.

The Raaqi further interrogates the Jinn,

What legitimate right do you have to be here?

The stubborn Jinn growls, “I want to be here, and I am staying.” 

The Jinn Explains Why He Possessed The Woman 

After more harsh questioning, the spirit (Jinn) explains to the Raaqi that he is a Muslim Jinn from Bangladesh. 

In Bangladesh, the Jinn had decided to go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. 

First, he had to travel there, so in the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka, he enters the body of a male pilgrim preparing to travel for Hajj.  

Hidden deep inside the pilgrim’s body, the spirit (Jinn) with the Bangladeshi pilgrim arrive in Mecca.

Arriving in Mecca, the Jinn exits the pilgrim’s body. The Jinn wanders about the streets of Mecca, watches people, and visits the sites. 

One day, he sees a beautiful Egyptian woman with her husband. The spirit (Jinn) follows the couple to their lodgings and goes inside with them. 

The Jinn Desires The Naked Female Pilgrim

The story relates how it is the habit of the Egyptian wife to walk naked around the home. 

Inside the lodging in Mecca, she does the same. Seeing her in a state of undress, the Jinn feels overcome by lust and longing. 

The spirit falls in love with the Egyptian female pilgrim and decides to take her as his wife. Immediately, the Jinn enters and takes possession of the woman. 

Throughout the Hajj, this Jinn does everything possible to distract the female from completing her pilgrimage. 

He also creates in her an intense dislike of her Egyptian husband.      

The Jinn Goes To Egypt 

After finishing the Hajj, the Egyptian husband still feels very frustrated. The man and his wife return home to Egypt by boat. 

The Jinn Is Forced To Leave

The Raaqi Exorcising a Muslim Woman

In Egypt, the Raaqi finally forces the Jinn to exit the Egyptian woman’s body. The spirit realizes he can no longer possess her and returns to his home country, Bangladesh. 

The story ends with the woman regaining her normal condition.

Related Questions

Why Are The Jinn Attracted To Human Brings, And Why Do They Fall In Love With Them?

Except for Muslims, the Jinn only wish to destroy human beings because they serve Iblis.

However, we deeply attract them because we are the best of Allah’s creation. Surah At-Tin – 4 – They are composed of fire and we of flesh and spirit.

Jinn, our spirit guides, and spirits of deceased family members find it easier to connect with us during sleep. They appear in dreams that seem very real indeed because the encounters are actually real.

The Jinn work very hard for Iblis (under the threat of punishment) to make us fall into evil ways and delight in our eventual degradation and destruction.

Their efforts are constant and as Muslims, we must constantly seek protection and refuge in Allah (SWT) from the whispers and influence of these demons. Ameen!

In Islam, Can Human Beings Fall In Love With Spirits (Jinn)?

This is a great question. in fact, many humans fall in love and in lust with Jinn spirits. Jinns can have physical and intimate relations with both women and men. Weird as it sounds, it happens.

The Jinn routinely whisper in the ears of humans and move them to act. This includes efforts to develop in us feelings of love and desire. Thinking about Jinn will draw them closer and increase their attachment to humans.

People with Jinn that have possessed them since childhood have ancestral spirits that enter them from birth due to the Jinn’s long-term relationship with parents and generations of grandparents.

Important Note

Real harm will result from voluntarily associating with Jinn.

No good will come of it at all.

Many of them work in service of potent, evil forces that truly wish us, humans, to suffer and die in agony and humiliation.

They service Satan (Ibliss) and are terrified of his punishments in hell.

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