Zam Zam-20 Compelling Reasons Why I Won’t Drink Normal Water Again

Zam Zam is the name of the pure water, blessed by Allah (SAW) that lies 30.5 metres below the surface in the Zam Zam well in the confines of the Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

For centuries, the Zam Zam well could be easily accessed by thousands of pilgrims who daily visited the mosque. Today, it is hidden and the actual well is now housed in a basement room which is closed to visitors.

Where buckets and ropes were traditionally used, today two huge electrical pumps alternately draw water to the surface 24 hours a day.

In recent times, with the renovation and extension of the Tawaf (circumambulation) area around the Kabba, the Zam Zam water service points standing above the well were closed and relocated.

Zam Zam water is freely available at hundreds of drinking points throughout the Haram mosque but a large percentage of it is pumped and piped out to a huge bottling plant in Kudai about 5 km away.

Here people can buy specially sanitized 5 or 10-litre bottles of Zam Zam to take home at the public distribution area.

The drawing rate is a minimum of 1 litre per second a maximum of 18.5 metres per second. Also every day, up to 150,000 litres of Zam Zam water is sent the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina. This fresh, pure water is delivered in huge sanitized water trucks.

The control of drawing, the pipelines and takers are carried out using state of the art  SCADA operational system.

At both mosques, visitors can drink cold room temperature Zam Zam. For reasons of hygiene, disposable plastic cups are provided and two million of them are disposed of on a daily basis. Also, you can fill your own drinking bottles at the Eastern side of the Haram Mosque at a location called the Sabeel.

Bottling Zam Zam Water at the Sabeel

In and around the Haram, workers use backpacks of water and serve it in plastic cups to the visitors especially around the Kaaba area.  700,000 litres of Zam Zam is drunk daily in the mosque. This figure increases to 2,000,000 litres during the Hajj and peak seasons.

Zam Zam Water at the Haram Mosque Being Tested Consistently for Purity

To maintain its purity and taste, up to 100 samples of Zam Zam is tested daily in special labs. This is to verify that it remains free of impurities and contaminants.

So, the following are 20 very compelling reasons why from now on I want to only drink Zam Zam water and why you should consider doing so, too.

1. The Zam Zam  Well is 21m From the Holy Kaaba in Mecca

Stand next to the Kabba at the Black Stone Corner and take 21 giant steps eastwards. Then, stop on the ‘Maataf’ floor, look down and this is what you will see.

Directly below your feet deep under the ground lies the Zam Zam well. From there, it goes down 31 metres. It is fed by two springs. One comes from the direction of the Kaaba and the other from the Abu Kubayas mountain and the Hill of Safa. There are three levels which make up the well.

  1. The Upper level of sandy alluvium is 13. 5 m.
  2. The Middle Level of Permeable Rock is 0.5 m.
  3. The Lower Level of Diorite Bedrock is 17m.

In the past, Zam Zam water was drawn to the surface using ropes and buckets. Today, two huge electric pumps are used alternately to draw up the sacred water 24 hours a day.

The entrance to the well was once easy to access from the Kaaba. Today, it is hidden below the Maataf level. It is housed in a large closed room and protected by glass windows. Public viewing is not allowed.  

Until 2018, visitors and pilgrims to the Grand Mosque were able to drink this blessed water from fountains and distribution points which were placed directly above the Zam Zam well.

However, extensions to the circular ‘Tawaf’ walking area around the Kaaba meant that they had to be removed. Today,  the Zam Zam fountains are located in many places throughout the Haram mosque area. Follow this linkOpens in a new tab. to see the Tawaf renovation works.

2. The Zam Zam Well was Once Lost

The Zam Zam well in Mecca has existed for over 5,000 years and over time, tribes battled for control of Mecca and the well itself. Sometime in the fifth century, after the clans of Quraish took control of the city, the Zam Zam well got badly neglected, covered over and eventually its location became erased from memory.

However, at that time people still drank plenty of water that was available at two other wells that were opposite Mount Arafat some 3-5 kilometres outside of the current city. They were called the Well of Al Yusrah and the Well of Ar-Rwua.

3. The Zam Zam Well has Divine Origins

Allah (SAW) Caused Pure Zam Zam Water to Appear in the Valley!

The Zam Zam Well was created miraculously by Allah (SAW). The story goes that one day Allah (SWT) caused Prophet Ibrahim (SAW) to leave his second wife Hajr and infant son Ismael in a dry, deserted valley before walking away.  

Being alone and without means, Hajr felt desperate. There was little if any water in that hot, dry area of Mecca. In sheer panic and desperation, Hajr ran seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa looking for a source of water. Her thirst only increased and her son cried out painfully. MFS

Out of mercy, Allah then sent the mighty Angel Jibreel (AS) to Hajr to help. He slapped the earth with one of his huge wings. Then, water started to bubble up out of the ground until after a time it started to gush forth in huge amounts.

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) returned to that place and rebuilt the House of God called the Kaaba close to the newly discovered well called Zam Zam. The current well is 21 m or 60 feet East of the Kaaba. It has originally been built by Prophet Adam (SAW). Today, Muslims the world over stand in prayer five times a day facing the Kaaba.

4. Prophet Muhammad’s Grandfather Rediscovered the Zam Zam Well

Many years later, Abdul Al Muttalib, the grandfather to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) dug up the well once again. At that time, he did not know the location of the well, but one day a spiritual entity appeared to him in a vision and ordered him to dig the well.

A second time, the entity disclosed to Abdul Al Muttalib the well’s location saying,

‘Dig for Zamzam. It is located between dung and blood, a nest of ants and the pecking crows.’  

Then one day, a cow set for slaughter ran away from the Al Hazurah Market and fell down dead on the spot marking the lost Zam Zam well. As the cow flesh was left to rot in the dung, crows came to eat it and ants collected around the remains. Adbul Al Muttalib noticed this and remembering his vision began with his only son Al Harith to dig at that place.

In pre-Islamic times, the site was a sacred sanctuary. The Quraishi people strongly objected to Abdul Al Muttalib’s attempts at excavating the well but the digging continued. Even though he was a respected, high ranking individual in the community, the Qurashi people attacked him and caused him injury.  

In spite of the protests, the well digging continued. Eventually while digging down, Abdul Al Muttalib discovered some gold swords. On seeing this, the Quraishi people demanded a share of the proceeds of the sale of the swords. Abdul Al Muttalib refused and insisted the swords be placed inside the Kaaba itself.

With the rediscovery and reopening of the well, Abdul Al Muttalib and Al Harith built a water cistern for visitors to the Kaaba to drink from. The Quraishi people once again caused him problems by defiling and breaking the cistern in the middle of the night. As soon as Abdul Al Muttalib repaired the cistern the Quraishi people would continue bathing in it and breaking it up.

Eventually, Abdul Al Muttalib prayed and implored God for help. This time, another more shadowy entity appeared to him and gave him a message.

The entity told Abdul Al Muttalib to tell the Quraishi people,

O my God, I do not grant permission to the one who wishes to take a bath in the well, but you have permission to drink water out of it.‘ MFS

From that day forward, the Qurahsi respected the Zam Zam well and ceased to bathe in the cistern except for the sick and afflicted. Eventually, they also stopped defiling it and began to treat it with respect. For more details regarding this story see the following linkOpens in a new tab..

5. 700,000 litres of Zam Zam water is drunk every day in the Grand Mosque.

One of the Many Zam Zam Drinking Points in the Haram Mosque

Each day, 700,000 litres of Zam Zam water is supplied to visitors and pilgrims. During Hajj and high peak seasons up to 2,000,000 litres are consumed. This is possible due to two things; the two pumps in the well working 24 hours a day and huge water storage tanks.

Zam Zam water normally flows out of the well at 11 litres per second. During high seasons the flow rate increases to 18.5 litres per second. The pumps direct the water to storage tanks which supply the many Zam Zam distributions points around the Grand Mosque.

Workers with Back Packs of Zam Zam Water Hand Serving Pilgrims in the Haram Mosque

In order to better control Zam Zam water collection and distribution, a bottling plant was opened in 2010 in Kudai, a district in Mecca. There, also, a new Zam Zam water treatment and filtration system were built costing 700 million SR. This is 4.5 km away from the Haram Mosque.

Picture Showing Pipeline to King Abdul Aziz Plant

Each day, 1.5 million litres of Zam Zam water is pumped out from the well along specially laid pipelines to the King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz bottling plant.

Also, public fountains area called ‘Sabeel’ was built in Kudai. Here, people bring and fill up their own large plastic containers out of fast flowing taps and hoses before taking their Zam Zam water home.

Automated Bottling Plant at the King Abdul Aziz Complex in Kudai

At the Kudai plant, filling the large 5 and 10-litre plastic, sealed bottles are now automated in ultra-hygienic conditions and these bottles are stored in a central warehouse.

10 litre Bottles of Zam Zam Water Ready for Distribution at Kudai

A massive 1.5 million of 10-litre bottles are filled and stored in the huge warehouse each day. It is easy for the general public to buy the Zam Zam water at the Kudai plant. Barcode readers scan customer purchase vouchers and the bottles of Zam Zam water are dispensed automatically and made available to them at the collection points for transport.

Zam Zam water is also distributed to visitors and pilgrims at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medinah. Each day, large, carefully sanitized and sealed water tankers transport 150,000 litres of the blessed Zam Zam water the distance of 500 km from Mecca to the mosque in Medinah. During peak seasons more than 400,000 litres arrives there.  

Zam Zam Water Trucks Heading Daily To the City of Madinah

The processes of water drawing, pumping and the controlling of pipelines and tankers through optical fibre technology are all carried out using the hi-tech SCADA system.   

Documentary Film ❝Zam Zam Blessed Water❞

6. The Zam Zam Well is Pristine Clean

After the heavy annual rains in Saudi Arabia, the large areas of desert collect rainwater which becomes stagnated. The huge rain filled swampy pools you will sometimes see as you drive through the Saudi desert are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, bacteria and parasites. These, in turn, can lead to human diseases such as Malaria and Dengue fever.

Sealed Zam Zam Water Containers in the Haram Mosque

However, tests on Zam Zam well water have shown it to be naturally pure and clean. It is not treated with chemicals or chlorine. TV cameras sent down into the well for inspection indicate that there is no plant growth or algae as with normal wells. No germs, bacteria nor water-borne parasites are present in the water. As soon as it is lifted out of the well, it is palatable, clean and fit for human consumption.

7. Drawn Zam Zam is Filtered Twice and Exposed to Ultraviolet Light

Filtering Bacteria and Ultraviolet Light Treatment at Zam Zam Water Bottling Plant
Courtesy of

Much of the Zam Zam water drawn up from the well is taken from the upper level consisting of sandy alluvium reaching down to 13.5 m. Though it is pure water,  the government funded Zamzam Studies and Research Center (ZSRC) constantly monitors the water quality for its hydrochemical and microbial components. MFS

At the new treatment plant in Kudai, Zam Zam is filtered through a series of sand and cartridge filters before it is exposed to ultraviolet light (UV) irradiation to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in the water.

The filtered, light treated water is then sent on to filling points in Mecca or to the bottling plant at Kudai to be sold to consumers. The water transported to Masjid Al Nebewi in Madinah in large trucks is once again treated with ultraviolet (UV) irradiation before it is distributed throughout the mosque.

King Abdul Aziz Zam Zam Water Control Centre

The  Zamzam Studies and Research Center (ZSRC) employs a number of investigative projects to monitor both the quantity and quality of Zam Zam water being made available. For more detailed, scientific information follow this linkOpens in a new tab..

8. Zam Zam Well is Replenished by Rainfall

Muslim Man Praying in the Rain in Haram Mosque

Each year, millions of more people visit Mecca and Madinah and over the years the demand for Zam Zam water has hugely increased. Also, the city has expanded and many new buildings now occupy the hillsides that for centuries have caught rainwater that supply the underground aquifers leading to the Zam Zam well.

Water levels in the aquifer are strictly controlled and threshold levels of water are constantly maintained in the well. If demand shoots up in the peak seasons and the water level drops, pumping is lessened even stopped completely to allow it to recover.

High rainfall in the winter, however, leads to a higher recharge into the aquifer which allows for a much greater increase in water production the following year.

Roads in Mecca are sealed and storm drains installed throughout the city channel rainwater back into the 60 km2 aquifer. Also, bylaws dictate that any new buildings must be designed according to a new system of rainwater harvesting which involves catching rain and roofs and directing it back to the ground to be channelled to the aquifers.

Also, foundations for new buildings must not penetrate into the aquifer nor cause obstacles to the underground water recharge routes.  

The maximum allowable discharge from the well is restricted to 500,000 m3 per year.

9. Millions of People Carry Zam Zam World Wide

Customers Buying Zam Zam Water Jeddah International Airport

Zam Zam water cannot be officially exported. However, each year millions of visitors to Mecca and Madina take Zam Zam water back to their home countries. They can take 5 litres free of charge on some airlines, but must pay for additional amounts or else include it as part of their check-in luggage.

In the home countries, the arrival of Zam Zam water is received with great excitement and when guests arrive at the home, it is prayed over and drank ceremoniously with great respect.   

As of 2018, the 5-litre courtesy limit has been strictly enforced on flights leaving Jeddah and Madinah international airports. If you want to take 10 litres or more, you can preseal one or more 10-litre bottles and packed them in a box then cellophane wrap the box at the airport services before you check in.    

The box containing bottled Zam Zam water will be treated as checked in luggage and included as part of your overall baggage luggage allowance usual 23 KG per item/bag.

Before you leave for the airport, you can also make your purchase of Zam Zam water at the bottling plant in Kudai or in hotels, shops, restaurants and public places in Mecca and Madina for about 10-15 SR per 5 litre container.

Pilgrims Leaving Jeddah Airport for Morocco

10 litres can cost up to 30-35 SR SR. Alternately, you can buy your own plastic container and fill up your self at one of the Zam Zam distribution points in and around the Haram Mosque and at the Sabeel in Kudai.

10. Zam Zam is Superior to Tap Water  

Haram Mosque Entrance Birds Eye View

Water in the Zam Zam well sits on an ancient bed of basic lava stone (basalt) which enrich the waters with calcium, magnesium, ferromagnesium compounds sodium and potassium chloride.

Calcium helps satisfy hunger and potassium and sodium improves the human nervous system. There are high amounts of these compounds in the water but within the agreed international regulatory limits.

Compared to tap water, Hydrochemical studies show that Zam Zam has a rich mineral profile which includes calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), and chloride (Cl) in higher concentrations than natural water.

Less than 0.01 ppm of the elements antimony (Sb), beryllium (Be), bismuth (Bi), bromine (Br), cobalt (Co), iodine (I), and molybdenum (Mo) are also present. There are also some traces of chromium (Cr), manganese (Mn), and titanium (Ti).

Tests also showed an acceptable drinking level of four more toxic substances namely, arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and selenium (Se). See nutritional details of Zam Zam here.

11. You can survive 15 or 40 days drinking only Zam Zam

Hadith about Blessed Zam Zam

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said of Zam Zam,

‘The water of Zam Zam is for whatever it is drunk for.’

(Ibn Maajah, 3062

This means that if you drink Zam Zam to satisfy your thirst, it will be satisfied. If it is for health, it will make you healthy. If you drink Zam Zam to relieve sickness, you will get well. If you drink it to fulfil a hope or desire then, this wish will be fulfilled. Zam Zam water will work for whatever you intend it to do by the will and power of Allah (SWT).

(Al-Hawi al-Kabir; Tuhfat al-Muhtaj)

Thè fact that Zam Zam will do what you want it to do is hard to believe since this claim cannot be scientifically verified. However, many Muslims across the world have experienced tangible benefits of drinking Zam Zam and millions more sincerely believe in its special capacities.

In the past, many people have drunk Zam Zam with a clear intention of answering a need, whether it is hunger, disease, poverty, personal problems, spirit possession and other forms of personal distress and Allah (SWT) has answered their prayers.

There are a number of historical accounts of individuals who drank only Zam Zam water for long periods of time and thrived.

Few today really believe this is possible, but Zam Zam may be an excellent food substitute for food.

One story originates from Prophet Mohamed (SAW) himself who once met a man near the Kaaba in the Haram mosque in Mecca. The man, called Abu Dharr, had stayed for forty days and nights next to the Kaaba not having eaten or drunk anything except Zam Zam water.

No Food for 40 Days and Nights -Only Zam Zam

Today, Muslims live in the Haram Mosque for 30 days of Ramadhan.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) asked him how he had gotten food for the forty days and nights he had been there. Abu Dharr replied that he had only been drinking Zam Zam water during that time and that ‘I have gotten so fat that I have a bulge of fat on my belly. I do not feel tired, nor do I feel hungry and weak and I haven’t lost any weight.’

The Prophet (SAW) replied, ‘For sure, Zam Zam is blessed and it is a food that nourishes the body.’ (Sahih Muslim, 2473).

Ibn Al Qaayim a famous Islamic scholar from the 12 century who wrote over a hundred books on Islam discusses on Zam Zam water. (Prophetic Medicine).

He mentioned how one day he knew of a man who had survived for a month and a half and only drinking Zam Zam water.

This man was able to make Tawaf (circumambulation) around the Kaaba like everyone else. Surprisingly, he also had enough strength to make love with his wife, to fast and continue to perform Islamic rituals in the Haram mosque.

(Imam Ibn Qayim Al Jauziyah, ‘Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet.’)

12. Zam Zam Water Tastes like Milk

Zam Zam Tastes Like Milk

I have drunk Zam Zam water many times in the Haram mosque and at home. My experience is that it tastes to me, not like water but a clear, slightly sweet milk.

I remember having this experience a number of times when visiting the Haram Mosque and commenting to my wife just how clear, clean and beautiful this water really tastes.

13. Zam Zam water Can Cure Diseases

Zam Zam Water- a Cure for All!

There is an untold number of stories and testimonies by individuals claiming that by drinking or using of Zam Zam water they were able to cure serious diseases, restore health and fix psychological issues.

This may be difficult to understand, but not surprising since Muslims fully accept what Prophet Mohammed (SAW) has already informed us of, that is that Zam Zam water can be used for whatever it was intended for.

The following is a list found online and in books.

  1. Cure for throat cancer. Follow this link Opens in a new watch Hamza Yusuf discuss this story.
  2. Cure for decay in spinal cord video can be found hereOpens in a new tab..
  3. Cure for leukaemia. The article detailing this cure can be read hereOpens in a new tab..
  4. Ibn Qayyim cures himself ( Read Imam Ibn Qayim Al Jauziyah, ‘Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet.)
  5. Bosnian man cures himself of a tumour. Read the story in this articleOpens in a new tab..
  6. R. Ramadhan, Miraculous Healing by Zam Zam Water, Dar Al Ghada, Al Ghadeed . R. Ramadhan, Miraculous Healing by Zam Zam Water, Dar Al Ghada, Al Ghadeed MFS
  7. Various cures of body pain, inflammation, dizziness, headaches, wounds, rashes, weakness, abnormal sneezing, childbirth, bad dreams, malaise and personal problems. R. Ramadhan, Miraculous Healing by Zam Zam Water, Dar Al Ghada, Al Ghadeed
  8. Cure for Blood Cancer (Urdu) Click hereOpens in a new tab. to watch that.
  9. Cure for Jinn Possession. Click here Opens in a new see Zam Zam use in Islamic Exorcism.

14. Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) Heart was Washed in Zam Zam

The Quran mentions an event in the life of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) when Allah (SWT) opened his chest and washed his heart.

The verse in Surah Al Sharh reads:

Did we not open your breast for you, oh Mohammed?’

The Quran (94:1)

Allah (SAW) did this in order to fill Prophet Mohammed’s heart with wisdom, knowledge and faith as interpreted by al-Hasan al-Basri.

Also, it is understood as the greatest thing to be opened to Islam, the religion and Islamic law.  

Ibn ‘Abbaas, as reported by al-Bukhaari in a mu’allaq report in his Saheeh (Kitaab al-Tafseer/Baab Soorat al-Sharh, p. 982).

The first time it occurs, the story goes that when Prophet Mohammed lived amongst the tribe of Bani Saad, the majestic Angel Jibreel (AS)  appeared to him as a boy when he was playing outside with other boys. Jibreel (AS) grabbed the young Prophet Mohammed (SAW) tossed him to the floor then opened his chest and took out his heart.

From his heart, the angel extracted a clot of blood and exclaimed, ‘This clot was Satan’s share of you.’ Then he washed the boy’s heart in a vessel made of gold and filled with Zam Zam water.

After washing, Jibreel (AS) returned his heart back into his chest. Prophet Mohammed’s (AW) friends then went running back to his nursemaid and exclaimed that Muhammed (SAW) had been killed. Everyone ran to him and saw that his face colour had changed. Anas later reported how he had seen the stitch marks on Mohammed’s (SAW) chest.

Narrated by Anas Bin Malik (PBUH) See details of this man in this Wikipedia biographOpens in a new tab.y.

The second occurrence was on the night of ‘Isra’ when it was told that Prophet Mohammed (SAW) ascended into heaven.  

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) often narrated the event to Abu Dhar in the following way.

The roof in my house in Mecca was opened. Angel Jibreel appeared (PBUH). He came down through the roof, opened my chest and washed it with Zam Zam water. Following that, the angel caused a golden bowl to appear filled it with wisdom and faith then poured it into my chest. Finally, he sealed up my chest.’

Hadith Al Nabaweyah Courtesy of Wikipedia

Narrated by Al Bukhari (349) and Muslim (163)

The veracity of the two events have been disputed but they are generally accepted to be truthful accounts.

Al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar (AMUH) in Fath al-Baari (7/204). Follow this linkOpens in a new tab. to see Details of this famous Ahadith commentary

15. Zam Zam Can Cure Baldness

In this YouTube Video a young man describes how he learned that Zam Zam might cure baldness so tried it himself when he made Umrah in Mecca. He found that wiping his the top of his head daily using Zam Zam water reversed his balding and restored all his hair even until today. Start at 3.10.

16. Zam Zam Water Reacts Amazingly to Human Consciousness

Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto is composer of the best selling book entitled ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’. He discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. In frozen water, the formation of crystals show thoughts that have been concentrated towards them.

Dr Emoto called this discovery the Hado- the real nature of water and the intrinsic vibrational pattern of matter at the atomic level. It is the smallest unit of energy and even the basis of human consciousness.

He showed that water crystals change shape according to the thoughts and feelings directed towards it. Positive thoughts make beautiful crystal shapes and negative thoughts create distorted, poorly formed crystals.

By making a variety of Hado in written, spoken words and music he showed that the same Zam Zam water samples took on different shapes and formations.

In relation to Zam Zam water, Dr Masuru Emoto discovered that it is positively influenced by verses of the Holy Quran. He claims that unlike normal water, he was unable to crystallize  Zam Zam water.

After a lot of effort, he finally managed to crystalize it by diluting with 1 drop of Zam Zam with 1000 drops of normal water.

From this, a unique double crystal formation occurred. Then, Dr Emoto played Quranic verses over the water and the most perfectly shaped crystals were formed. Click on this linkOpens in a new tab. to see images of crystals impacted by Zam Zam water.

Perfectly Shaped Zam Zam Water Crystal After Reading Quran Over It

Reciting the words ‘Bismi Allah’ meaning ‘In the name of Allah’ (words uttered by Muslims before eating and drinking) was also found to improve even regular water.

Dr Emoto wrote of Zam Zam water, ‘The quality and purity of Zam Zam Water will not be found anywhere else on this earth.’

Dr Emoto

His research on Zam Zam water was extensive. He found that with even just one drop of Zam Zam water in 1000 drops of normal water would increase the quality of normal water similar to that of Zam Zam water.

Also, the contents of minerals in Zam Zam was far superior to any other water he had tested. He also found that the quality of Zam Zam water would not be changed even after recycling. It remained pure.

17. Zam Zam Has High Arsenic Levels

Zam Zam is Packed With Nutrients and Traces of Arsenic As

Testing of Zam Zam water testing does show that it contains three times the WHO recommended levels of As (arsenic).

At the same time, the report suggests that the high alkalinity, traces of As and Li may be the source of its healing powers. The report also strongly recommended deeper scientific screening of Zam Zam water and its effects on health. Click here Opens in a new tab.for the investigative report.

Also in 2011, the BBC claimed that Zam Zam water being sold in the UK mosques and Islamic shops contained unsafe levels of Nitrates, harmful bacteria and As which was swiftly followed by a denial from the Saudi Embassy saying that the water being sold was likely not Zam Zam due to the fact is that Saudi Arabia does not export Zam Zam water outside of Saudi Arabia. To read the BBC article from 2011, follow this linkOpens in a new tab..

They also added that Zam Zam ‘was analysed and tested in March this year by the Group Laboratories of CARSO-LSEHL in Lyon.’ and that according to the French report ‘this water is fit for human consumption.’ The reply from the Saudi Embassy is detailed hereOpens in a new tab..

In spite of this, to date, there are no stories available which show that anyone has ever been harmed or made ill by drinking Zam Zam water. The opposite is actually true.

18. Zam Zam Positively Affects the Human Energy Field

Human Energy Field Before (right) and After (left) Drinking Zam Zam Water

In his clinic in Munich, Germany Dr Knut Pfeiffer took photographs of the energetic fields of human cells of more than 60 people who had drunk Zam Zam water. The results showed a brighter, a much higher intensity of the field of energy around these cells as compared to those resulting from drinking normal town water.  

Normal Munich city water is chemically pure, but energetically a disaster to the human energy field. Zam Zam water, on the other hand, has a far more positive impact on human cells and the energy field.

Out of his 12 years of experiments, Dr Pfeiffer invented a healing therapy called Energetic Field Therapy using electromagnetic fields of low intensity. Zam Zam impacts the energetic field at a cellular level with very positive effects. He claims that drinking Zam Zam water makes you feel much healthier and more alive.

For this, Dr Pfeiffer recommends that people drink Zam Zam water every day. For the future, he wishes to study Zam Zam water at the source in Mecca and in a deeper way to get an understanding of how doing prayers and drinking Zam Zam affect the human body. See Youtube Video here Opens in a new tab.of interview with Dr Pfeffier explaining his work with Zam Zam water.

19. Zam Zam Water is Used in Islamic Exorcism

Islamic Exorcist or Raqi in the UK Conducting a Session to Expel Demons

Zam Zam water is used by the Muslim Exorcist (Raqi) to rid patients of spells and spirits (Jinn). The goal of Islamic exorcism is to break magic spells that have been cast on individuals and/or to catch or eject demons and spirits that have attached themselves to individuals as a result of black magic ceremonies or the al-Ayn (the eye).  

During the actual exorcism, Zam Zam water is sprayed or sprinkled over the patient in order to burn and torment the Jinn possessing the individual. Jinn spirits (non-Muslims) hate this water and also because Quranic verses are prayed over the water before use.

The patient can drink the Zam Zam water during the session of exorcism and later at intervals in the home. The following page outlines the process and method used by the Islamic exorcist and specifically the role of Zam Zam water during the reading of Islamic verse and the exorcism of Jinn Spirits. This linkOpens in a new tab. outlines the Islamic exorcism process in detail and the use of Zam Zam.

Also, you can watch this videoOpens in a new tab. and more of Sheikh Abder Raouf Ben Halima and discover his process of catching and ejecting Jinn spirits.  

20. Drinking Zam Zam Water can Help you Live Longer

Our birth, death and events in between are certainly decided by Allah (SAW). However, some scientific experiments have shown that in reducing toxicity in laboratory animals, Zam Zam is potentially a powerful antioxidant that can extend the lifespan of rats.   

This wild longevity claim was shown to have some validity in reducing toxicity in laboratory rats. The first showed how the antitoxic capacity was much higher in rats fed with Zam Zam water. Follow report findings by clicking hereOpens in a new tab..

The second showed Zam Zam’s great potential in combating carbon tetrachloride liver toxicity in rats. Click hereOpens in a new tab. for relevant details.

The results of the two experiments show that Zam Zam water has great benefit in many cases of oxidative stress.  What then, are the implications for human health and well being?


Zam Zam Water

Indeed, in the Heavens and the Earth are Signs for the Believer

Quran 45: 31

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