The Cat That Got The Chocolate Mousse 

A True Story By Maryam HusseinOpens in a new tab.

Yawn, stretch, and lick!

Goodness, I so want a taste of that chocolate mousse. It looks divine! After all, a cat deserves a quick lick or two. Doesn’t it?

I try asking her with my cutest eyes, but the problem is that Mama won’t give up the goods.

I’ll just have to make do with Kitty Cat and nibbling on leathery cockroaches.

Distracted, I was about to pounce on the juicy, brown roach scuttling across the kitchen floor when, all of a sudden, I heard a scream.

Oh, not Mama again. She has seen my cockroach and freaked out.

The plate of chocolate mousse in her hands flips into the air, does a somersault, splats, and squishes all over the kitchen floor.

Whooah! How wonderful! She released it.

I meow enthusiastically, and all my friends hear the fuss and come running.

Sniff, lick, sniff, lick, sniff, nom, nom. We all agree. This sweet goo smells and tastes great.

Dig in, boys!

Mama is so upset and starts screaming and wailing.

Oh, my fresh chocolate mousse. What have I done?

Is this a mouse or a mousse? Ha, haha! It tastes great. 

Now, Mama is on her knees and crying. She tries to pick up the plate, but the remainder of the slippery, sweet mush slides right off it onto the floor. 

She didn’t scoop it up, either. Humans won’t eat food cats have licked. Better for us!     

Two hours! Two frickin hours! I spent two precious hours preparing this chocolate mousse. Now look at it! Well, at least the cats are enjoying it. 

Hearing the commotion, Grandpa rushes into the kitchen. He looks down at the sludgy goop. 

What on earth happened here?  

It fell. I saw a cockroach, got scared, and let the plate go. Stupid me! 

Really? A tiny insect? Where did it go? 

Under the table, I think.

As they talked, we hungrily devoured our prize. It sure beats eating the canned gook she gives us every day.

Whimpering, Mama sits on a stool and slumps across the kitchen table. 

Now Papa enters, approaches, and lays a calming hand on her shoulder.

My dear, Allah (SWT) meant for the cats to have that chocolate mousse, not us. It is their provision (Risq). Dry up your tears, but at least we made the cats happy.

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