Zam Zam Water and Its Use in Islamic Exorcism (Ruqya)

I know a Saudi man who uses Zam Zam water at home to cure himself of what he believes is (Jinn) spiritual possession. When he first discussed it with me, I chuckled. Actually, I did not believe it was real. So, rather than dismiss him completely, I decided to do a bit of investigation for myself. 

Islamic Exorcism Ruqya Sessions in The UK

So I went off and read a number of books, attended a few lectures, and sat in on actual Islamic exorcism sessions. The following article is briefly about what I discovered.

So how do you use Zam Zam water to break yourself of spells (Sihr) or spiritual possession (Jinn)?

First, in Islamic exorcism, you read specific Arabic verses of the Holy Quran into a quantity of Zam Zam water.

Then, in a raised voice you continually recite Quranic verses and make supplication (dua) to Allah (SWT) to drive out the spells (Sihr) and spirits (Jinns) while sprinkling yourself with the water.

Finally, for 12 days you drink, wash, and bathe yourself with the Zam Zam water and spray it all around the home. 

Zam Zam Water in 10-liter Container From Mecca

The above is a very simple description of the Islamic exorcism process to help you break any magic spells (Sihr) that may have been cast on you, deal with the effects of the evil eye Al Ayan and help rid yourself of any malevolent spirits (Jinn).

By the grace of Allah (SWT), if you do the above you can easily cure yourself. 

Click to read about Al Ayan Opens in a new tab.or the Evil Eye. Click to see a YouTube explanation of Magic Spells or (SihrOpens in a new tab.). Click the following to read ALL about the demon spirits- the JinnOpens in a new tab.

However, before you start, it is a good idea to ask yourself if you really need Islamic exorcism or if you are simply experiencing everyday run-of-the-mill problems like everyone else.

Most people in the world do not believe in spiritual possession. They think it is all made up and the stuff of movies and fantasy.

They say that our problems come from ourselves and are a result of our own mentality and psychology and that any remedy can only be had through some sort of therapy combined with mind-altering drugs. 

Certainly, that is what I used to believe. The truth, I discovered, is not so cut and dried.


The following article is not to try to prove to you that magic spells (Sihr) and spirit possessions (Jinns) are real. Since we cannot always see them, that is not really possible.

Rather, my goal is to show you how Zam Zam water combined with Quranic verses are used in the process of Islamic exorcism and how you might use this process to great effect for yourself if you believe that you might be suffering from either magic spells, (Sihr) the evil eye(Al Ayan)  or even spiritual possessions (Jinn). 

1. Make The Correct Diagnosis 

No one likes the idea that someone may have set the evil eye (Al Ayan) on them or cast a spell and involved the use of malevolent spirits (Jinns), but the fact is it really does happen in most countries of the world.

Often, certain people get so desperate for things like love, money, power, revenge, or simply out of rage and end up going to Magicians, Sorcerers, Spell Casters, and the like, who for a fee, are only too happy to oblige with such a service.

They pay some money to the Spell Caster/Magician who does a bit of magic (Sihr) described later and, so as to be really effective, calls upon the services of evil spirits (Jinn) to first administer the spells.

He later installs the spiritual entities Jinn (s) inside the body of the victim and thereafter can control and dominate the minds and hearts of his victims. 

The magician not only gets paid handsomely by these desperate individuals but is also rewarded by the evil spirits (Jinn) who provide them with powerful demonic services and run at his every beck and call. (Audhu Bileh).

Also, some of these desperate people learn how to do the same magic (Sihr) themselves and with the same motives start casting spells on their poor victims. 

Spells or Psychological- How Do Tell The Difference Between The Two?

Hadith Of Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

But, before you start doing any kind of Islamic exorcism (Ruqya), you need to decide first if you really are suffering from the effects of evil eye (Al Ayan) magic spells (Sihr) and/or spiritual demons (Jinns) or whether you are simply experiencing normal, everyday problems and psychological issues. 

It is difficult because human behavior can at times be so unpredictable.

However, if you have problems that are severe, repeated, that come up suddenly, or any unusual problems it may be possible that magic (Sihr), spells, and spirit Jinns are involved.

Know the Symptoms of Spells and Spiritual Possession

The following are the general symptoms that you might be experiencing if you think a magic spell (Sihr) has been placed on you and/or that spirit possession (Jinn) is involved.

The Symptoms Are:

  1. Blocks and Disturbances
  2. Health Problems
  3. Poor Psychological States
  4. Bad Dreams

Frankly, from time to time everyone can easily experience the kinds of issues 1-4 above. However, what you should actually look for are symptoms that are unusual, repeated, sudden, or extreme in nature. 

1. Blocks and Disturbances 

This means that there are unusual and repeated problems happening in certain areas of your life.

For example, a new graduate repeatedly tries hard but cannot find a job, a business is hemorrhaging money, young people are unable to get married, a woman cannot have children, a student is always confused and unable to study or to advance and get qualifications, etc.

You have to conclude that there is no logical reason why these issues are occurring.

You have made the right effort and have done your best but it seems to you that there is an invisible hand or force stopping you from advancing and causing you impediment. 

For example, a young man may complain that even after one year after graduating he is unable to get a job and is concerned that a spell may have been cast on him.

Then you find out that more than half the students he graduated with are also still unemployed, then the likelihood of spiritual interference is much less.  

Similarly, a patient goes to a doctor with a complaint but the doctor cannot find out what the issue is about and can offer no remedy.

Repeated visits to various doctors also produce the same response. Then here, there is a good chance that some form of sorcery and spells have been used. 

Sura Al Falaq English

Ask Allah (SWT) to protect you from the evil of those who blow on knots. These are the knots that Spell Casters use on articles of clothing to attach to your life to block you. 

Click to hear and to hear Surat Al Falaq,Opens in a new tab. an Islamic Invocation to  Allah Against Spell Casters and Envy or the Evil Eye. (Al Ayan

2. Health Problems

When spells are placed as drops of magic (Sihr) in food or drink and you consume it, the (Sihr)  sticks to the lining of your stomach or in your intestines like sticky glue and gives you severe digestive pains.

The body tries to remove the magic (Sihr) by attacking it with stomach acid but it remains even for years and years. 

Spells (Sihr) On The Stomach

Your stomach feels as if a foreign object is inside it and it becomes itchy so that you incessantly scratch it. Also, you can get painful ulcers.

Doctors cannot diagnose your problem. Special diets do not improve it. You have symptoms but no observable medical cause. 

Spells (Sihr) On The Legs and Skin

When you step on or touch a magical spell (Sihr), it can cause huge problems like pain in your back, chest, and legs, and skin problems such as rashes, eczema, or psoriasis.

The problem spreads and the puzzled doctors are unable to treat them. 

Spells On The (Sihr) Body

Magic spells (Sihr) can produce nagging headaches, body pains in the chest, period pains, sterility, and other severe illnesses like epilepsy can result. 

The Quran Details How The Devil Will Beat Those Who Consuming Interest (Ribah)

Click to hear and to hear Surat Al Baqara 275Opens in a new tab. which is a description of how Satan drives people crazy. 

3. Poor Psychological States

Spells (Sihir) to Separate A Man and Wife

Magic spells (Sihr) can produce anger and upset in marriage. The couple fights over small insignificant things and has no real reason for arguing. Discussion leads to more and more upset and anger.

If the couple separates, the magic (Sihr) stops working and the couple reunites only to find that the same kinds of meaningless problems start occurring again in their lives. 

The magic spell (Sihr) was cast in the first place to separate them. When the couple separates, it stops working, and when they come back together the spell (Sihr) starts working again, 

Spells (Sihr) To Make You Feel Down and Depressed

Magic spells (Sihr) can also result in feelings of sadness and depression. It also comes with abnormal problems and failures in your life more than is reasonably normal.

You may also lose confidence in yourself and your abilities. You stop enjoying life, lose hope due to the difficulties that arise, and start to isolate yourself from others. 

Spells (Sihr) To Make You Doubt Fear, Hallucinate, And Go Crazy

Sura Al Baqarah Mentions How Magis Spells (Sihr) Cn Separate a Man and Woman

Magic spells (Sihr) can also cause you to start doubting yourself to the extent that you start to get fearful then you start hallucinating that you are hearing voices until eventually, you get crazy. 

Click to hear and to hear Surat Al Baqara 102 Opens in a new tab.which is a description of how Satan drives people crazy. 

4. Bad Dreams

The Magician’s Chart

There is a close relationship between how the magic spells (Sihr) are cast and their manifestation in dreams.

Some Types of Magic Spells (Sihr

Magical Spells CreatedResults Theme in Dreams
1. Buried In The GraveyardDepression and TirednessDeath Related Visions
2. High Places- MountainsAbsent-mindedness and confusion Feeling In High Places
3. Water- River/SeaLife, money running away. Visions of sea, rivers, and drowning in water
4. LockImpediments and BlocksChase scenes and fighting
5. KnotsTo Attach life, mind, and relationsSnakes
6. Footprint DustObstacles to Halt Progressing in LifeCars, Vehicles & Journies, Accidents, etc
7. UnderwearTo Disturb Women Children and Breastfeeding Babies
8. Public Hair& GenitalsSexual BlockagesHighly Sexualized Scenes 
9. Period BloodRepulsion of HusbandStop PregnancyScenes of Blood
10. Toilet and excrementA Person Becomes Repulsive & DisgustingToilet and Waste

Deciding What Your Symptoms Are

Knowing specifically how Magic Spells (Sihr) are conjured as above helps you to quickly identify if you are suffering from some form of spell or spiritual Jinn interference.

You can analyze your symptoms and come to a quick determination as to what is happening to you. 

All the symptoms are mentioned in the verses of the Holy Quran so any diagnosis and treatment are Islamically sound.

Also, by considering your case, you easily determine if the issues you are experiencing are normal, everyday problems or are those caused by forces of the unseen world.

How Magic Spells (Sihr) Are Cast And The 4 Treatment Types

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Recommended Hijama, Honey, And Branding

 The 4 Main Kinds Are:

Type of Magic Spells (Sihir) How To Treat ItProcedure
1. Food (eaten)Senna leavesBoiled leaves in .5L  Zam Zam water 
2. Body (Inserted)Cupping (Hijama) Extract blood
3. Contact (Physical)Cupping (Hijama) Apply Quranic oilExtract blood
Read Quranic verses
4. Symbolic (Distance) 45 Specific Quranic Verses (See below) Zam Zam water diluted with Quranic verses

The Magician or Sorcerer will either add magic spells (Sihr) to your food, order a spirit (Jinn) to insert it into your body, let you step on or touch the magic spell (Sihr) or cast the magic spell over you at a distance.

He first makes magic using signs or symbols and then sends the spirits (Jinns) to insert it, to bother you, and even to possess your body and mind. 

The Treatment For Spells (Sihr) Cast Into Food

Senna Is Sunnah and Is a Traditional Laxative and Treatment for Stomach Magic Spells (Sihr)

So as to harm you, the Magician will arrange to have liquid drops that contain the magic spell (Sihir) added to your food or drink without your knowledge.

When you consume it, you will feel an unusual and sudden pain in the stomach causing nausea, vomiting, and a poor physical condition. You may even experience constipation.

The very efficient and simple treatment for spells (Sihr)  in food or drink is a traditional Sunnah treatment using Senna leaves. They are green leaves that when ground to a powder look like Henna powder.

In the Middle East, people use Senna drinks or tablets to treat cases of constipation. You can buy Senna here in Saudi Arabia and India where it is grown. 

Senna leaves are also called Sana Makki. Traditionally, they have been used in removing magic spells (Sihr) from the stomach. Combined with reading Quranic verses, and drinking Zam Zam water it is effective in removing the Sihr and Jinns.

Here are the instructions for the use of Senna to treat magic (Sihr) that has been placed in food or drinks. 

Instructions for The Use of Senna To Treat Magic Spells (Sihir)

Stevia Is A Healthy Natural Sweetener
  1. Place 1 liter of the quranic Zam Zam or normal quranic water
  2. Add a good tablespoon’s worth of Senna powder or leaves to the water
  3. Heat and mix and as you go
  4. Add Stevia or honey sweetener
  5. Drink half a liter of the Senna water on an empty stomach in the morning for up to 12 days
  6. Allow the drink to absorb into your body
  7. Eat breakfast only after 30 mins

Drinking Senna WILL cause unpleasant diarrhea and this is what you actually want. You WILL also experience yucky gut pain. This is the magic spell (Sihir) that is being removed.

Keep drinking the .5 liters of Senna water each day until the horrible pain has completely disappeared. 

Men, women children can drink Senna AND it is safe for pregnant women. It will also have the added benefit of clearing the magic spell (Sihr) out of the unborn child.

Drinking Senna in this way is also good for unruly, misbehaving children. 

The day that drinking Senna gives you diarrhea gives but without the pain is the day that you can be sure the magic spell (Sihr) has been cleared. Now, you can stop drinking it. 

The Treatment For Magic Spells (Sihr) Inserted Into The Body is Cupping (Hijama)

My Cupping (Hijama) Set With Various Sized Bell Shaped Jars and Hand Pump

So as to harm you, the Magician or Sorcerer will send the spirit (Jinn) to put the spell (Sihr)  into your body. Depending on the person, the spell could be put into any part of the body. 

For example, to stop a woman from getting pregnant, it is placed in her womb. For a student, it is placed in his brain. For a worker, it is put in his arms, and for sportspeople in his legs, etc. 

Spells (Sihr) can also be inserted into the body with the goal of simply attaching a Jinn more permanently inside that body. The Jinn will stay inside the body for as long as it is not removed. 

The treatment for spells (Sihr) or Jinns inside the body is cupping Hijama

Procedure For Doing Cupping (Hijama)

Cups Are Vacuumed and A Spoonful Of Bad Blood is Produce Through The Pricked Skin

Cupping or Hijama is a procedure where the area of the skin’s surface is lightly pricked a few times with a needle or small razor blade.

Then, small glass or plastic valved cups of varying sizes are placed over the punctured skin surface, and using fire or a small hand pump creates a vacuum inside the cup and draws the skin up while at the same time pulling out tablespoon-sized blobs full of blackish blood.   

The cups are placed over the parts of the body in pain or where there is some dysfunction. The patient lies down, is covered with a blanket, the cups are placed and the verses of exorcism (Ruqya) are read over them together with prepared quranic Zam Zam water. 

Cupping (Hijama) removes the magic spells and has the effect of ripping and tearing up the body of the (Jinn) residing in the blood of the patient. 

You can buy the cups and pump set very cheaply (10-20 SR) and I know from experience it is easy to do.

If you are not confident about how to do the cupping (Hijama), then visit the Islamic healing (Hijama) centers or visit the recommended individual healers, preferably one who both practices Islam and who also knows about Islamic exorcism (Ruqya).

You will have to pay a fee and it can be waivered if you are poor and you can work or help them out at the center in exchange. 

Demonstration By An Expert Dr. Radwan At The Cardiff Hijama Centre UK 10:49 mins

The Treatment For Magic Spells (Sihr) Cast By Physical Contact or Touch is Cupping (Hijama) and Zam Zam Water

A person who accidentally steps on a magic spell (Sihr) or is forced to walk over it unawares as they leave and enter your home or work. This kind of spell causes leg pains and skin rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. 

The treatment for magic spells made through some form of physical contact or touching is cupping (Hijama) as described above, together with drinking and washing using Quranic Zam Zam or normal quranic water also as described above.

The Treatment For Symbolic Distant Cast Spells (Sihr) is Drinking and Washing With Zam Zam Water

Words Written On Paper (Taweez) to Produce Magic Spells (Sihr)

In order to harm you, the Magician or Sorcerer will take a piece of your hair, an item of (sweaty) clothing, or a photo touched by the patient.

Then, he/she makes and casts a spell (Sihr) on a knot or lock, etc and then he casts it on you before placing it under the ground, in a tree, on a mountain, in a river, a water well, inside a fish, or any hiding place, etc, 

The treatment for the distant cast spell (Sihr) is the Basic Exorcism Treatment (outlined below).

It uses Quranic verses in Zam Zam or normal water together with the recitation or dilution of written texts including ALL or one or more of the 45 specific Quranic verses. (Also below). 

For example, if the magic spell (Sihr) was made and hidden in the grave, the patient will feel death-like conditions and will dream about death and dying. 

If the magic spell (Sihr) was prepared in a high place the patient dreams about being up high all the time. See the table above outlining the types of Magic Spells (Sihr) that magicians use.

Knowing this, every time you can add the Quranic verse from Sura Al Anam 6:123Opens in a new tab. to the Zam Zam or ordinary water treat by reading or using saffron or some form of soluble/dilutable ink to deal with it. 

2. The Basic (Exorcism) Treatment For Magic Spells (Sihir

Wash With Zam Zam Or Normal House Hold Water

The following treatment works well for all three types of magic;

1. Spells (Sihir)

2. Evil Eye (Al Ayan)

3. Spirit Possession (Jinn)

The treatment for each is the same. Here is what you do. First, obtain all of the following items in the table below.

The List Of Items Needed To Perform The Basic Exorcism Ttreatment For Magic Spells (Sihr)

Item NeededSourceMaterial/Procedure
1  x Jerry Can
20 -25 liters + OR
Hardware StorePlastic Lightweight
18 x water bottles
1.5 liter 
UsedPlastic Light Weight
A Clean Bucket
20-25 Liters
Supermarket/ HardwarePlastic Lightweight
A Large Flat Basin HardwarePlastic To Catch
Quranic water 
Zam Zam OR Normal Water 25 LitersMecca Or HouseholdRead or play in the water
in bucket minimum of 11 times 
Large Funnel HardwareTo Funnel Water 
Quality Water
Spray Gun
HardwareFor Spraying the Home/Shop
PC/Tablets/PhoneElectronics StorePlay The Following Quranic
verses over the Zam Zam Water
Sura Fatiha 11-7Opens in a new tab.Read or play into the water
in bucket minimum of 11 times 
Sura Falaq 1131-5Opens in a new tab.As above
Sura An Nas 1141-6Opens in a new tab.As above
Sura Al A’raf 7117-122Opens in a new tab.As above
Sura Yunus 1081-82Opens in a new tab.As above
Sura Taha 2068-70Opens in a new tab.As above

Once You Have Obtained All Of The Above, Follow These Instructions, Closely.

Jerry Can 20-25 Liters Capacity
  1. Fill the bucket with 20-25 liters of Zam Zam or normal water is perfectly fine.
  2. Read or play the 7 Quranic verses (shown above) into the filled water bucket 11 times or more.
  3. Add one or more even better all of the 45 most Quranic verses used for specific signs and symbols (below)
  4. Funnel the Zam Zam or normal water into the 1.5 liters bottles or the 20-25 liter jerry can.
  5. Warm-up 1.5 liters of quranic water in the microwave or heater.
  6. Take a soapy shower each night to get clean.
  7. Stand in a large basin (to catch the quranic water
  8. Then pour 1.5 liters of the quranic water from head to foot.
  9. Catch it in the large plastic basin.
  10. Rub or massage the quranic water over your entire body.
  11. Repeat the process using the same water that falls into the basin.
  12. After several dousing of quranic water throw the water into the garden or tree. 
  13. Repeat the shower and dousing procedure for 12 nights.
  14. Do not throw water into the drain. It aggravates the Jinns living there and they will harm you.
  15. Spray the House With Quranic Zam Zam Water 

Spray Quranic Zam Zam or Normal Quranic Water Around The Home

The Author Spraying Zam Zam Water Around The Living Room For Protection

Pour some of the quranic Zam Zam or normal household water into a spray gun. Go around the house, shop, and workroom and spray ALL surfaces, corners, and ALL nooks and crannies to get at the Jinns that are hiding there.

Be particular and thorough when you spray and take care NOT to allow the Jinns to find a hiding place in your home, shop, or office.

Ensure to spray your beds very well- under the bed and the mattresses,  your cars, vehicles, etc. As you go play the verses listed above. 

You can add verses of Hadith, verses from other books on Ruqya supplications (Dua) made by Prophet Mohammed (SAW), or verses of Mohammed (SAW). 

Reading Quranic verses even more than 11 times over the Zam Zam or normal water is so much better! 

Using Quranic Oil For Massage

My Black Seed Oil (Habat Al Baraka)

After taking a shower, use Olive oil, Black Seed oil, or any scented oils, and before going to sleep, rub and massage that oil all over your body.

Before you do that, you should read or play verses of the Quran into the oil from the basic treatment list (above) and any more you need from the 45 specific Quranic verses. (below) 

3. The 45 Verses Used for The Magic Spells (Sihr)

Amulet Taweez

45 Quranic Verses Used To Combat Signs or Symbols Used By Magicians To Make Spells (Sihir

There are 45 verses from the Holy Quran that have been found to work effectively on the signs and symbols that Sorcerers and Magicians will employ so as to harm you. 

In the table below are the most common nine signs/symbols used by Magicians in addition to the basic treatment Quranic verses and reading over Zam Zam/normal water as outlined above.

You can add the following verses according to the way that the magic spells (Sihr) were cast to the water you prepared for the basic exorcism treatment  

First, choose the signs or symbols you think could be afflicting you. You will know from our dreams and the way the spells are manifesting. (See the above table)

Second, recite or more conveniently click to play out loud on a tablet or phone the Quranic verses to use in your treatment of the sign/symbol associated with the magic spell (Sihr) you believe may be afflicting you. 

If the symptoms of the spell (Sihir) are very strong and powerful, in addition to the basic treatment you can recite or play out loud or with earphones the associated verse (s) 30 times up to 100 times.

Recite it into the Zam Zam/normal water you use until you start to experience results. 

Please always add the 9th sign and verse (Ayat) to your basic treatment. It is used to combat ancestral pacts and blood sacrifices.

Click on the Ayats below to hear and to read all the 9 major verses that hold to be added to quranic water as you prepare it for washing and drinking.

An Indexed Quran (Mushaf)
1. DeathAl Annam 6123Opens in a new tab.
2. High PlacesAl Annam 659Opens in a new tab.
3. WaterAsh Shu’ara 26 63Opens in a new tab.
4. LocksAl Anbya 2130Opens in a new tab.
5. KnotsTaha 2026-28Opens in a new tab.
6. FootPrintsSaad 3842Opens in a new tab.
7. Genitals/SexAl A’raf 7At Tariq 86225-6Opens in a new tab.
8. ToiletsAl Muddathir 743-5Opens in a new tab.
9. Ancestral PactsAt Tawbah 91Opens in a new tab.

Additionally, click on any of the Ayats below to hear and read all the 45 verses that you can choose to use to treat all the 45 kinds of magic spells (Sihr) and the ways of understanding and detecting how they have been cast.

If you can print them in saffron or soluble ink if you have that facility then just print all the verses and dilute them to your quantity of Zam Zam or normal household water.

The effect of diluting soluble printed Quran is more powerful on magical spells (Sihr) than reading into the water.

Click on this link to get a printable pdf copy of ALL 45 AyatsOpens in a new tab..

Make sure you use an ink cartridge filled with saffron or some sort of soluble ink or dye. Dilute it in 20-25 liters of the Zam Zam/normal water following the basic treatment instructions above.

If necessary, click on this link to get a printable pdf copy of the ENTIRE QuranOpens in a new tab.. Make sure you use an ink cartridge filled with saffron or some sort of soluble ink or dye.

Dilute it in 20-25 liters of the Zam Zam/normal water.

Click here to access other useful clickable links Opens in a new tab.for Ruqya purposes.

NoSign or SymbolSuraAyats
1PadlocksAl Anbya 2130Opens in a new tab.
2KnotsTaha 2026-28Opens in a new tab.
3WaterAsh Shu’ara 2663Opens in a new tab.
4Heights (Tree)Al An’am 659Opens in a new tab.
5Water WellAl Hajj 2231
6GravesAl An’am 6122Opens in a new tab.
7FootPrintsSaad 3842 Opens in a new tab.twice over
8ClothesAl A’raaf 711Opens in a new tab.
9HairAl Maryman 194Opens in a new tab.
10WritingsAl Baqara 2102Opens in a new tab.
11FireAl Maiidah 564Opens in a new tab.
12StarAl Maiidah 523Opens in a new tab.
13Canary BirdAl Furqan 2523Opens in a new tab.
14DollsCola NutsAl An’am 695Opens in a new tab.
Voodoo Doll 
Al Ahzab 3310-11Opens in a new tab.
16AngerAsh Shuraa 4237Opens in a new tab.
17BloodAl Ma’idah 53Opens in a new tab.
18Period BloodAl Baqarah 222Opens in a new tab.2
19Animal CarcassAl Maidah 53Opens in a new tab.
20DogAl Ma’idah 54Opens in a new tab.
21FishAs Saffat 3714Opens in a new tab.2-144
22BonesYa’sin 3678-79Opens in a new tab.
23ExcrementAl Muddathir 743-5Opens in a new tab.
24SkinAn-Nahl 1680Opens in a new tab.
25DonkeysAl Jumu’ah 625Opens in a new tab.
26UnderwearAl A’raf 722Opens in a new tab.
27Pubic HairsAt Tariq 865-6Opens in a new tab.
28Chilly PepperAl Waqi’ah 5652-54Opens in a new tab.
29Madness/InsanityAl Baqarah 2275Opens in a new tab.
30SacrificesAl An’am 6162-163Opens in a new tab.
31StatuesAl Anbya 2198Opens in a new tab.
32ForgetfulnessYusuf 12 181Opens in a new tab.8Opens in a new tab.24Opens in a new tab.
Dead back to life
Ar-Rum 3017-19Opens in a new tab.
34Loss of MoneyAl Kahf 1842Opens in a new tab.
35Noise/buzzing etcTaha 20108Opens in a new tab.
36House PresencesAl Naml 2752Opens in a new tab.
37PassionsSaba 3454Opens in a new tab.
38Mental WeaknessSaad 3820Opens in a new tab.
39SterilityAd Dhariayat 5147-49Opens in a new tab.
40ColdsAl Insan 7613Opens in a new tab.
41Insects or TermitesSaba 3414Opens in a new tab.
42FearQuraysh 1064Opens in a new tab.
42Killing Jinns/Spell CastersAr Rahman 5533-35Opens in a new tab.
43SpidersAl Ankabut 2941Opens in a new tab.
44Evil Eye IllnessQaf 5022Opens in a new tab.
Three times
45CharcoalAl Imran 3106Opens in a new tab.

Preparing Yourself For Islamic Exorcism (Ruqya)

Quote From Book Of Ruqya By Shaikh Abdur Roaf Ben Halima

For the best outcomes during the process of Islamic exorcism (Ruqa), it is prudent to prepare yourself in advance. 

You Can Do It In The Following Ways:

How to Prepare Yourself For Ruqya Treatment

Learn the verses of the Quran you need to recite during the recommended 12 days of recitation and how to wash with the Zam Zam/normal Quranic water. 

You should be able to read fast, clearly, and well in Arabic. Learn and memorize the above Ayats daily. 

You should read them with love in your heart for Allah (SWT). As you read, you should try to put your own ego aside and allow the words and feelings of Allah (SWT) to shine through in your recitation. 

African Magic Spell Set Used To Bring Fortune, Respect, and Break Up Relationships

Read with conviction, faith, and sincerity, and try to feel the words of the Holy Quran as you read. Make your determination that you will end the magic spells, and catch and kill the spirit (Jinns) interfering in your life. 

On the advice of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) seek refuge in Allah (SWT) using the various supplication and protection prayers (Dua).

Click image for larger version

Name:	‘I commend you two to the protection of Allaah’s perfect words from every devil, ver.gif
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“O Allah! I seek Refuge with Your Perfect Words from every devil, from poisonous pests and from every evil, harmful, envious eye.”

Dua Used By Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

Also, one time Angel Gabriel (Jibreel AS) pronounced an Islamic prayer on behalf of Prophet Mohammed (SAW

Angel Gabriel’s Invocation To Allah (SWT) For Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

“In the name of Allah, I say Islamic prayer formulas for your benefit form every illness that might harm you and from the evil of every soul or envious person’s eye (Al Ayan). Allah will cure you and in the name of Allah, I say Islamic prayer formulas for your benefit.”

Translation Of Angel Gabriel’s Invocation To Allah (SWT) For Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

Some of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions including Abu Qilabah and Ibn Abbas wrote down verses from the Holy Quran and placed them in water for people to drink who needed to be cured of illness. 

Click to read the passage in Medicine of the ProphetOpens in a new tab. by Imam Ibn Qayim Al Jawziyah that mentions the Prophet Mohammed’s companions writing Quranic verses for spiritual protection.

Be upright and not sinful. Remember treatment is not possible and won’t be successful for sinners and for a person being punished by Allah. 

Psychological Battle With Jinn

Imam Ayoub Tayeb from Sheffield, UK Treats A Sister Possessed By Jinn Making Sicknesses Doctors Say Are Uncurable 2:15 mins

How to Prepare Your Environment

  • Seek protection from Allah (SWT) by avoiding sins and having a bad conscience.
  • Keep your environment clean and well
  • Take away any statues of animals or hanging photos
  • Remove any talisman (Taweez), amulets, bracelets, or good luck charms you may hang around your neck or in your home

If you are a man, take off any gold jewelry you are wearing, and silk clothes and stop drinking alcohol and eating Haram foods. 

If you are a woman, put on your hijab and cover your body well. Stop mixing with men who are not family members and avoid fornication, parties, music, singing, and dancing.  

4. Summary 

Example Of An Amulet (Tarweez) Containing A Magic Spell (Sihr)

The above methodology of using Zam Zam water to treat the evil eye (Al Ayan), evil spells (Sihr) and spirit possession (Jinns) is sound and based on the Aqeeda religious practices of the Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamaa.

Getting Professional Help

Note: If you think you are experiencing a very serious case of spirit (Jinn) possession or severe disturbances as a result of the spells (Sihir) you can visit certified Spellbreakers and Islamic exorcists (Raqi).

They can do both cupping Hijama and Islamic exorcism sessions for you, show you how to recite the verses correctly, and prepare the quranic Zam Zam/normal water, and will follow up with you. 

They are also experts in dealing with Jinn entities and can either convert them to Islam or kill them for good. 

Take care to choose your Raqi carefully.

DO NOT attend centers run by sorcerers and known magicians.

DO NOT use these magicians to employ spirits (Jinn) on your behalf to fulfill your needs.

This is not only Haram, but it will ultimately cause you great harm and disasters will occur.

Finally, all the very best in your efforts to heal yourself. 

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