Sister Amna Divorces Salim To Be With Tariq

Sister Amna Divorces Her Husband, Salim, To Be With The Man She Loves, Tariq, In This Life And In Paradise, But Was Not Permitted To Marry Him

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Amna is a Syrian preschool teacher who is humble, respectful, and modest. She moved to Jeddah to work, where she met a handsome young man. Tariq was also a school teacher from Egypt. 

Tariq thought Amna was beautiful and innocent, became captivated by her beauty, fell in love, and decided he wished to marry her. 

The potential groom was intelligent, competent, and a hard worker, but  was not Syrian, and Amna’s parents refused his offer of marriage. He repeatedly tried to reassure them that he was serious and would love and protect Amna, but could not persuade them to change their minds.

Despite Tariq’s marriage proposal, Amna’s father searched for a more suitable Syrian suitor. However, Amna was still in love with Tariq, and when she refused to marry a man of their choice, they forced her into marriage with a Syrian called Salim. 

Eventually, Tariq’s work contract ended, so he decided to return to Egypt feeling sad and disappointed. He had to accept that marriage with Amna was not his destiny.

Reluctantly, Amna obeyed their wishes and married Salim. He was a good man, but had none of the qualities she admired in Tariq. She liked him, but felt no close bond or connection with this man. 

At the outset, Amna told Salim that she would always love Tariq. Salim was unconcerned and confident that he could win her affection. Seven years later, with two children and a boring, unhappy life, Amnah demands a divorce. Salim sees her so miserable he eventually obliges her.

Today, Amna still longs to be with Tariq, the Egyptian schoolteacher who is still unmarried. Every day, she prays to have him as her husband or to be with him in hereafter. 

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