Guest Post Policy-Inside Saudi

Dear Guest Writer,

(The following tells you ALL information you need about guest posts for

Our team gets a lot of requests from independent content writers wishing to submit guest posts to the Inside Saudi website.

We warmly welcome your submission, but only if it is written by a human being.

Guest content should be relevant and of interest to Inside Saudi readers, well produced and laid out.

Note: At the outset. our team will look over your proposal and provide you with or agree on topics, subtopics, and content types.

We reserve the right to edit or refuse publication. 

Guest Post Preconditions

Your Content Submission

  1. Original NOT written by AI
  2. Relevant to readers of
  3. 1,000 words or more
  4. Informative and helpful
  5. Not to be republished elsewhere


  1. Assigned by agreement with The Inside Saudi Editor
  2. To be edited by our team
  3. A proper fit with Inside Saudi categories
  4. Worded and formatted according to Inside Saudi SEO policy

Content Format and Presentation

  1. Short paragraphs 2-3 lines each ONLY
  2. Short text blocks- 2-3 paragraphs (per subsection) ONLY
  3. Helpful links, graphics, videos
  4. Unique photos 


  1. Backlinks to you
  2. Reciprocal Inside Saudi guest post on your site

IP Rights

  1. 100% ownership of guest posts by Manara Media
  2. 100% ownership of graphic and photographic content in the guest post by Manara Media
  3. The guest writer signs a content ownership release form
  4. Guest posts to be checked for plagiarism

Links And Backlinks 

  1. To reputable and relevant websites ONLY
  2. Can include a brief guest writer profile
  3. One backlink 
  4. Can Include social media links
  5. Can consist of guest writer contact details

Post Publication Promotion

  1. Guest writer products can be mentioned by agreement
  2. Sales commission to be agreed with Menara Media

Social Sharing

  1. Guest content can be shared on social media with links to Inside Saudi
  2. Guest content can be used in newsletters with links to Inside Saudi
  3. Guest content only be used in blogs or websites with the permission of Manara Media 

In your reply, kindly include your guest post proposal outline. The proposed content should be of relevance and interest to readers.

We will not reply to generic circulars.

Mohammed Francis (EDITOR)

Salam Allekum! Hi there! Thanks for reading. Contact the Editor Mohammed Francis directly at with any questions or queries.