Are Reverts To Islam More Religious Than Born Muslims?

In Saudi Arabia, most born Muslims react with great delight when they learn I converted to Islam. They say things like ‘Mashallah, what a blessing that Allah chose you,’ and ‘You (reverts) are much better than us born Muslims.’

They see me as different, inspirational, and a (kind of) Muslim celebrity.

I’ve heard such comments repeated so often that I wondered if there was truth in the widespread belief amongst born Muslims that people who convert to Islam are better or more religious.

So I decided to do research, ask scholars in the kingdom, and make an evaluation.

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Are Reverts To Islam More Religious Than Born Muslims?

Yes, most Muslim reverts are more religious than born Muslims. Unlike born Muslims, their conversion is personal and life-changing. They are committed and knowledgeable. Reverts appreciate Islam deeply in contrast to their lives as non-Muslims. They inspire and motivate born Muslims to be better.

So, on the whole, reverts are more religious than born Muslims. Unlike the majority of born Muslims, conversion to Islam involves leaving behind so many attractive freedoms and enjoyments. 

Most new reverts are keen to gain Islamic knowledge and eagerly commit to the religion and a new way of life.      

However, it is also true that not all of them are quite so religious. People come to Islam for many different reasons. 

For example, many reverts become Muslims only so they can get married. After tying the knot, they make no further effort to learn or develop themselves.

Why Do Reverts Appreciate Faith More Than Born Muslims?  

  • Reverts appreciate Islam because they came onto Islam on their own
  • Born Muslims take Islam for granted
  • Reverts are like someone who sees a smartphone for the very first time in their lives

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1. Islam Is A Personal And Life-Changing Event 

(The Glenn Guzzo & Lisa Worthington Conversion Stories)

2. Reverts Are Committed And More Knowledgeable

(The Story of Aliya by Laura El Alam)

3. Converts Are Painfully Aware Of Life Before Islam

(New Muslim Struggles Stories /  Issues by Fat Cat)

4. New Muslims Inspire and Motivate Born Muslims

(My Emotional Journey Back To Islam – Video by Ninja Mommy)

5. Conclusion
6. Related Questions
7. References & Useful Links

The Four Main Reasons Why Reverts Are More Religious Than Born Muslims

1. Islam Is A Personal And Life-Changing Event

Unlike born Muslims, becoming a new Muslim is a life-changing commitment. It involves the decision to surrender to a new set of religious principles and to leave behind old ways.

Before pronouncing the testimony of faith (Shahadah), Muslim reverts must think deeply about Allah (SWT), their beliefs concerning life and death, and how they have lived their lives thus far.

Of course, it is also true that people born into Muslim families need to evaluate their commitment to Islam as they grow and develop. 

However, the most born Muslims readily admit to taking Islam for granted. 

They don’t always consider Islamic principles in depth or live fully by Islamic rules. 

Born Muslims prefer the ways of the family, the prevailing culture, customs, and traditions. 

Story-IBM Systems Management Specialist Glenn Guzzo Discusses His Journey To Islam

My conversion to Islam occurred when I ventured out for the meaning of existence and my quest to discover and understand God. Embracing Islam did not happen as I was researching the answer to the meaning of life and God; it took some time. The process was arduous and extensive, and it is continuing.

Converting to Islam: A Personal ExperienceOpens in a new tab. Western Sydney Religion and Society

Story-Dr. Lisa Worthing – Ph.D. in Gender Studies Describes Avenues To Islam   

Although conversion is an experience that is unique to everyone, all undoubtedly undergo a long process of self-examination (of some kind) to embrace a new way of life and belief system.

Converting to Islam: A Personal ExperienceOpens in a new tab. Western Sydney Religion and Society

My Beautiful Brother, Muslim Revert, Sabir Abdul Latif – Muslim Prison Chaplain

2. Reverts Are Committed And More Knowledgeable

Muslim reverts love to seek knowledge about the Islamic religion by studying the Quran and Hadith. They do it to get closer to Allah (SWT) and his creation. 

However, born Muslims are generally not so motivated to study and learn Islam. The majority tend to take a lot of things for granted. 

For example, Muslim converts like to learn Arabic, take memorization classes in the Quran, and attend weekly study groups in mosques or online. Many also wish to travel to the Arab world to sit and study with scholars.   

For reverts, learning about Islam helps them deepen their understanding of the truth, know the correct Islamic way of life, and earn the praise of Allah (SWT). 

Indeed, many born Muslims indeed seek knowledge for the same reasons and in similar ways. However, reverts are especially keen to gain knowledge for its great rewards.

Story – Aliya, Her Indian Mother And White Convert Father 

Though it may surprise some people, in families where one spouse was born into a Muslim family and the other is a convert, the convert is often the more knowledgeable and practicing parent. 

The Story Synopsis

Aliya’s non-Muslim father marries a culturally Indian Muslim mother who is an immigrant to the USA. 

He asks her deep questions about Islam that her mother cannot answer. Her father starts to attend meetings and Islamic conferences to learn more. 

He converts to Islam and, over time, grows deep in knowledge. He encourages and teaches his children to become practicing Muslims and to better themselves. 

Read this story in detail and others at ‘Raised by ConvertsOpens in a new tab.’ -Stories by Laura El Alam.

Author Muslim Revert Mohammed Francis and Family In Madinah City

3. Converts Are Painfully Aware of Life Before Islam

Reverts come to Islam for many reasons. Some were practicing Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists. 

Others were never religious at all or never desired to become Muslims. However, the common thread is their confusion and experience of a painful life before Islam. 

1. Ex Hindus reject the worship of multiple gods, the pointless rituals and prejudice towards Muslims. 

2. Ex Christians and Jews deny the possibility that the historical Jesus is the Son of God and the Trinity; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

3. Former Buddhists renounce the abstract nature of Buddhahood, the countless reincarnations and seemingly impossibility of personal enlightenment. 

4. The stark reality of the creation and a creator God (Allah SWT) run counter to atheistic belief that there is no God.

5. Some reverts were immersed in pleasurable, worldly activities but felt constant existential pain. 

Love relations, business success, and societal freedoms do not provide long-lasting contentment. 

Many had also never considered the possibility of an all-creator God (Allah SWT).

These individuals had fun and happy times but failed to grasp the meaning of life and death and did not experience deep personal satisfaction in their former lives.

Of course, every religion claims to be the only truth. So too, the unrestricted freedoms and life pleasures of life in developed non-Muslim countries seem very exciting and alluring to born Muslims.

Ultimately, they are unsatisfactory and meaningless and cause non-Muslims to turn to Islam.  

Praise God! (Alhamdulillah) Islam answers all the questions about the human experience, life and death, and everything concerning the afterlife.

Only submission (Islam) and obedience to Allah (SWT) lead to insight, understanding, peace, satisfaction, and to the sweetness of faith (Iman) like no other.

Story – Fat Cat Brilliantly Describes The Loneliness, Isolation, And Challenges New Muslims Face 

One of the struggles of a revert Muslim is they feel stuck between two worlds. It is like they are in a limbo of sorts. 

Swinging between two worlds and are unable to be comfortable in either, as they no longer fit in the non-Muslim world they have left and haven’t yet found their place in the Muslim one they have entered.

Struggles As A Revert MuslimOpens in a new tab. – Hijab Diaries – Hidden Pearls

As wonderful as it feels to see non-Muslims revert to Islam, born Muslims with history and supportive families can not begin to appreciate the enormous challenges new Muslims must face. 

Fat Cat shares stories and raises issues of revert rejection, isolation, physical strain, Islamophobia, confusion, the Hijab, marriage, morality, and maintaining enthusiasm for Islam.


Simon Collins (retired) Muslim Revert British Ambassador to Qatar, Syria, Iraq and KSA Converted To Islam in 2016

4. New Muslims Inspire and Motivate Born Muslims 

To born Muslims, reverts are inspirational and help motivate them to be better Muslims because they see that reverts have purposefully given up their old freedoms and a life of pleasure only to serve Allah (SWT).

They are freedoms and pleasures expressly denied to born Muslims (Haram): drinking alcohol, nightclubs, dancing, open sexual relations, and pornography.

In addition, born Muslims often mistakenly perceive that life in developed, democratic non-Muslim countries is superior to life in their societies. 

For example, they tend to idolize Western / European culture and believe it sets the correct standards for people to live by. 

Born Muslims are surprised yet fascinated to meet reverts who believe the Islamic way of life would improve Western societies. 

The fact that Muslim reverts give up their freedoms and live strictly according to Islam (even in non-Muslim countries) encourages born Muslims to love and appreciate their religion more fully.

Story – Ninja Mommy Relates How As A Non Practicing Born Muslim, She Came Back To Islam

Growing up in a Muslim family, she never gave Islam a second thought until the death of her beloved father.


Born Muslims view non-Muslims as free people. They idolize, envy, and imitate them. Instead of bringing them closer to Islam, the aping of non-Muslim ways further distances them from the religion.

On the other hand, they see Muslim reverts as liberated and fulfilled by their religious practice.  

Born Muslims are often moved and feel in awe by how reverts transform themselves, their appearance, mannerisms, and everything they give up to become Muslim. 

However, they do not know about painful realities and practical difficulties of life after conversion.  

Some admit that when they meet educated, practicing Muslim reverts, they often feel ashamed and aware of the same need to make changes in themselves. 

Related Questions

Are All Muslim Reverts More Religious Than Born Muslims? No, many non-Muslim only convert to Islam because they fall in love and wish to marry. They only do so to meet a condition set by the Islamic law (Sharia) that they should be a Muslim to marry a spouse who is a born Muslim. Others convert for financial gain, job opportunities, and social acceptability (during their stay) in Muslim countries. 

Are Marriages Between Reverts and Born Muslims Possible? Mixed-race marriages and marriages to reverts are perfectly acceptable and produce happy unions and blessed marriages. However, parents of born Muslims often refuse potential revert spouses as marriage partners out of fear that they might leave Islam and deny them access to their children and grandchildren.

Do Non Muslims Revert For Nefarious Reasons? Yes, various political and religious groups employ non-Muslims disguised as Muslim reverts to infiltrate Islamic societies to advance their political agendas and make changes. The video is the testimony of an American female who studied Islam under Jewish teachers with the goal of intending to subvert MuslimsOpens in a new tab. but instead came to understand the truth of Islam and made a genuine conversion to the religion.

References and Useful Links

Converting to Islam: A Personal ExperienceOpens in a new tab. Western Sydney Religion and Society

Raised by ConvertsOpens in a new tab. -Stories by Laura El Alam

Struggles As A Revert MuslimOpens in a new tab. – Hijab Diaries – Hidden Pearls

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Allah Gives The Same Choices To Born & New Muslims Alike

  • Everyone Is Born With A Pure Nature (Fitrah)
  • Allah (SWT) guided human beings to the right path.
  • Humans Have Free Will.
  • Allah sent Prophets to Non-Muslim or Born Muslims Alike

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