Story: The Cat That Got The Cream

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I decided to purchase a pot of fresh cream tonight after performing the evening (Maghrib) prayer. I use it in my coffee each morning.

So, I popped into the local supermarket (Marjane in Mohammedia, Morocco). It was busy, full of Moroccan families and sun lovers coming from the beach.

In addition to cream, I bought milk, spicy olives, peanuts, cheese, and other delectable snacks.

Moroccan supermarkets no longer provide plastic carrier bags. You have to bring your own.

Because I did not have a bag on me, as it happened, I paid, piled the few items into my arms, and walked to the car.

I approached the vehicle, and my beloved pot of cream fell off the stack to the floor.

It made a loud cracking sound and the plastic bottom split. Milky liquid residue started to gush out.

Almost immediately, a stunning young black and white cat came bounding over to me and started sniffing the milky liquid on the floor.

I could not put the leaky cream into the car, so I decided to open the pot and give it to the hungry pussy.

I wanted to try it first and scooped it up with my finger and sucked off a blob of cream. It tasted yummy.

Lucky cat! She began eating it hungrily.

I returned to the supermarket to buy a replacement pot of cream, waited in line, paid, and went to the car.

The cream pot was still there, but the cat had gone. I checked that the pot was empty.

The cat was sitting about 5 meters away on the pavement.

It had finished eating the cream and was happily licking and preening itself.

I considered how Allah (SWT) had arranged for the cream to fall and crack open and how He intended it for the hungry cat.

Through his mercy, Allah (SWT) has constantly provided my family and me with food, clothing, shelter, and wealth, but the provision for the little cat tonight was a large pot of cream.

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