Feb 2023 – What’s Happening In KSA?

Author and His Sons In Saudi Arabia February 2023

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Sunday 26th February 2023, – 6th Shaaban 1441

#Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) wants to buy Vince McMahon’s WWE for $9 billion.

#12-year-old Saudi boy learning to drive in Najran runs over his fatherOpens in a new tab. causing him serious injuries.

#TROJENA- NEOM’s indoor skiing venture includes skiing and snowboarding, high altitude training, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, and water sports as well as culture-forward programming around film, art, music, and food.

#6 men arrested in Riyadh for showing video beating and stabbing rowOpens in a new tab. on social media.

#Alicia Keys sang at Al Ula for the second time yesterday, Saturday.Opens in a new tab.

#New design for Zam Zam water bottles on sale and freely distributed at the Haram Mosque, MeccaOpens in a new tab.

#Promotional events suggest that KSA will bring in 2,000,000 Indian tourists in 2023.Opens in a new tab. The article tell why.

#A wonderful description of what the new Riyadh Mukaab is all aboutOpens in a new tab. with video.

#The Saudi 100 Brands exhibit hosted by the Saudi Fashion CommissionOpens in a new tab., has chosen 100 top fashion brands in the KSA and wish to show them to the world. The centrepiece is Nojoud Al-Rumaihi’s 700,000 beaded cloak. Lovely! Their inspiration – rock art inscriptions.

Saturday 25th February 2023 – 5th Shaaban 1441

#Taiba is the 5-2 morning-line favorite, according to Brisnet odds, for the Group 1, $20 million Saudi Horse Racing CupOpens in a new tab. today Saturday.

#Air India Express flight carrying 183 destined for Dammam dumps fuel and makes emergency landing in Kerala. Opens in a new tab.

#Saudi pro boxer Ziyad Al Maayouf takes on Ronaldo Martinez (Ecuador) at the Diriyah Arena.Opens in a new tab. This coming Sunday Ziyad who is winner of Rage on the Red Sea beating Alfredo Alatorre from Mexico in August 2022 will fight. An Interview with Ziyad explaining how he came to be a boxer.

#Andy Warhol pop art portraits go on display in Al Ula.

#KSA to buy Medium-range Surface-to-Air Missile Block-II from Korea. Opens in a new tab.It’s an Asian SAM system and they’ll have it by 2027.

#Colorful photos of Saudis dressing up in age-old clothing Opens in a new tab.for their 2nd Founding Day on Feb 22nd. Nice snaps!

#Uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and robotics in Saudi Arabia’s defense sector MOU agreementOpens in a new tab. made between Collins and Saudi SRB Ariel Systems. They hope to develop 100% locally owned and developed UAS, including tactical UAS, loitering munitions, and other aerial solutions for industrial logistics and transportation.

#Big stakes for fight in Riyadh on Sunday 26th Feb between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.Opens in a new tab.

#Satish Sikha the Indian-Canadian fashion designer applauds changes in KSA and urges awareness around sustainability and green living.

 #Was the Saudi state a necessity three centuries ago?Opens in a new tab. AbdulRahman Al Rashed considered Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, freedom from colonization and international relations. Bitty!

#KSA challenges subpoena for PIF documents in LIV Golf’s antitrust lawsuit Opens in a new tab.against the PGA Tour.

#The kingdom’s KSrelief team returns to Riyadh after ending search and rescue operations in Turkey. The searched 47 sites looking for survivors in Turkish cities of Gaziantep, Antakya, and Kahramanmaras.

Friday 24th Feb 2023 – 4th Shaaban 1441

#The (NEW) Saudi Foundation Day (22nd Feb) Explained.Opens in a new tab. How is it different to the Saudi National Day (23rd Sep)?

Saudi Founding Day 22nd February 2023

#Oman and KSA now allow Israel to use their airspaces. Opens in a new tab.No time of day for these, please!

#Ronaldo dresses up to celebrate the Saudi Founding Day.Opens in a new tab.

#Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is happy to be establishing ties again with KSAOpens in a new tab..

#Israel lies AGAIN to justify the slaughter of 11 Palestinians in Nablus. Opens in a new tab.May Allah (SWT) condemn them and give them what they truly deserve.

#UN certain speculation how Gulf countries will reopen relations with Syria’s Assad following the wave of humanitarian earthquake support.

#KSA celebrates Founding Day in style with fabulous air show in Jubail.Opens in a new tab. Great photos here.

#KSA wants to buy out the United Bank of Egypt, but delays due to spat over valuationOpens in a new tab..

#KSA celebrates Founding Day activities vary across the countrOpens in a new tab.y from photography competitions, air shows, hot air ballooning, traditional dances, (Ardha) shows, story telling, falconry, traditional food preparation, hand made crafts, and parades. Sadly, this article provides only one picture.

#Diriyah is a $63.2 billion project and one of the largest and most complex in the world.Opens in a new tab. It is a megaproject that includes At Turaif World Heritage Site showing Diriyah history, Bujairi Terrrace restaurants, hotels, museums, luxury outlets 100 markets (Souqs) and bazaars. There will also be six parks, (2.6M2) with trees and pathways including Diriyah Season with Formula E car racing.

Thursday 23rd February 2023 -3rd Shaaban 1441

#The (NEW) Saudi Foundation Day (22nd Feb) Explained.Opens in a new tab. How is it different to the Saudi National Day (23rd Sep)?

Saudi Founding Day 22nd February 2023

#The RSG new brand subsidiaries WAMA and Galaxea will provide kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, foiling, kite surfing, sailing,Opens in a new tab. or exploration of the Red Sea’s incredible underwater world.

#The Saudi cloak called the Bisht that people wore back then in Diriyah and Najd Opens in a new tab.explored in a video. It was black or brown, hand woven, made of goat’s wool with large wide sleeves and separated by a thin white line. It was worn by men and woman. It also details the Mossamah Abaya.

#The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Mr Olivier Niggli addresses ministers in a Riyadh conferenceOpens in a new tab. and reaffirms their strong commitment supporting international rules concerning sport values, ethics, & integrity. They also said enough funding was needed for actions to safeguard sport, and made a commitment to ongoing cooperation among public authorities, sports organizations and other vital stakeholders.

#An electronics company, Digital Diagnostics, sells AI machines to Saudi based Tamer HealthcareOpens in a new tab. that can diagnose diabetic retinopathy (complications caused by diabetes making high blood sugar levels that damages the retina located in the back of the eye). it will save $1 million over time in health costs and speed up diabetes treatment. In an MOU, the two companies agreed to explore possibilities to offer “medical services, medical technology, and digital health with a significant economic investment and 1,950 jobs created by 2030,”

#Costa Rican Foreign Minister, Arnoldo André meets Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-SaudOpens in a new tab., in Riyadh to cement their friendship and desire to explore investment opportunities. The Prince will visit Costa Rica in December 2023.

#Poll reveals that 97% of Saudis feel proudOpens in a new tab. of their country’s Turkish earthquake response resulting in donations that exceeded SR425 million.

#KSA was NOT affected by earthquakes in Turkey the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) reports.Opens in a new tab.  The Turkish quakes were a result of the clashing of the Anatolian tectonic plate with its African and Arab ones, in a seismically active Anatolian Western headed rift.

#KSA sends its first team to an International Tennis Federation (ITF) event.Opens in a new tab. They are also competing currently in the Davis Cup in Colombo.

Wednesday 22nd February 2023 – 2nd Shaaban 1441

#Discover NEOM KSA tour opens in Jeddah in which pioneers, entrepreneurs and prominent investors meetOpens in a new tab. with top executives from NEOM to explore future opportunities.

#KSA oil exports increased over 11% to #23 billion in December 2022Opens in a new tab.. It is up by SR107 compared to December 2021. Read about other imports and exports.

#Saudi Aramco ($1.903 trillion) is now the world’s third-largest company falling behind Microsoft ($1.920 trillion) and Apple ($2.413 trillion). In May 202, it was number 1.

#Crisitano Ronaldo’s strict regime of healthy eating, extra training and five naps a day is rubbing off on his Saudi Al Nasser teammates who are losing weight and getting more committed than ever.

#Venezuela oil reserves of 304 billion are more than KSA 298 billionOpens in a new tab., but it is too thick and due to lack of expertise, international sanction and failure to reinvest, it sells far less.

#The (NEW) Saudi Foundation Day (22nd Feb) Explained.Opens in a new tab. How is it different to the Saudi National Day (23rd Sep)?

#KSA earn $326 billion from oil sales in 2022Opens in a new tab.. Oil was $80 a barrel in 2022 which spiked to more than $100 following the Ukraine-Russian war. China, Japan and India are KSA’s main trading partners.

#KSA puts $1 billion in Yemen’s Central bank,Opens in a new tab. the first payment of a possible $3 billion support package.

Tuesday 21st Feb 2023 – 1st Shaaban 1441

Saudi Founding DayOpens in a new tab. – What the great fuss about?

#Saudi Founding Day – Events planned musicals, marches, seminars and chats, cultural events, etc etc.

#Ronaldo pays £250,000 per month to stay at his Saudi Four Seasons hotel.Opens in a new tab.

#The milk and dairy giant KSAs Almarai buys out PepsiCo’s 48% share to acquire 100% ownership of Jordan’s International Dairy and Juice for $68 million. it is filing to the Tadawul stock exchange. Sales for Almarai have increased 24% during the last three months to create SAR 355.8 million for share holders.

#Do you want to bring a pet into Saudi Arabia? The rules are changing. You need a permit. How do you get it? Submit an import/export application for animals via a new electronic linkOpens in a new tab. long before you leave your country.

#China is KSA’s biggest trading partner. Since 2012, oil imports increased 10-fold. Today, the mega country buys $87.3 billion buys worth three times that of the USA ($25.1) and a third more than all European nations ($53.1). A lovely article, easy on the eye and well presented! Thanks!

Monday 20th February 2023 – 29th Rajab 1441

#BRICS the five leading emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa want Iran and Saudi Arabia to join them. Opens in a new tab.

#Successful female Saudi sports persons explain their journey to becoming the best. Opens in a new tab. Abrar Bukhari is a 5th dan Taekwondo black belt national team athlete. Haya Sawan, a certified fitness instructor and mother of two. Dania Akeel is a passionate motorsports athlete who received the first Saudi female licence for Motorcycle Circuit Racing. Leena Al Hakeem (17) is an ambitious rising star of the Saudi Jiu-Jitsu National team.

#KSA (Neom precisely) to become a major film making media hubOpens in a new tab.. So far 30 film productions happened there.

#Muslims across the world react negatively to plans to build the new Al MurabaaOpens in a new tab.

#New Zealand’s Lydia Ko clinches KSA Women’s Aramco golf title

#4.1 Richter Scale earthquake recorded in South East Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab. on Sunday morning at 7:55am.

#Prince Faisal wants to get back on track with Syria,Opens in a new tab. sort out the refugee problem and humanitarian concerns.

#So, What is the Saudi Founding Day? It is a national day (or two) of rest to celebrate and raise pride in the hearts of all Saudi citizens 

#Outsiders shocked at the scale of the new to build to develop and transform the world’s largest modern downtown region in Riyadh, Al Murabaa.

#Newcastle United fans to petition Manager EddieOpens in a new tab. Howe to intervene by pressuring KSA on the arrest of Hassan Al Rabea for speaking out against Saudi Arabia. Howe doesn’t want to go there.

#Consular violations and irregular migration issues prompts the arrest of 800 Nigerians in KSA in 2022Opens in a new tab.. Nigerians should be legit before travelling.

#Prince Faisal meets Annalena BaerbockOpens in a new tab. in Munich to discuss the Ukraine Russia war, sustainability, Yemen, nuclear threat by Iran and met Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayyeh at the Munich Security Conference.

#KSA venture capital funding has reached nearly $1 billionOpens in a new tab.. Inflation and uncertainty could affect it and slowdown in growth. VC funding will decrease in 2023 prompting mergers and acquisitions funded by KSA government. The kingdom’s companies will start going public and acquire more startups. There were 17 M&A in the Middle East in 2022 compared with 41 in 2021.

Fintech, financial and banking are the investors’ choice making 25% of investments in KSA in 2022 including the software service enterprise solutions in 2023.

Sustainability, healthcare and education are ripe for development. Edtech increased by 2,000% and IT solutions 819% in 2022.

In 2022, investments were international (44%), Emirati (16%) and US (11%). Asia and the East are likely to start investing more while Europe will decline. Investments in 2023 will be very slow and only pick up again in 2024.

#Qatar bids for Manchester United to buy out Glazer family Opens in a new tab.via chairman of Qatar Islamic Bank Sheikh Jassim’s Nine Two Foundation. KSA may contest and offer its bid.

#KSA declares commitment to keeping good relations with Russia, and former nuclear-free agreement with Iran Opens in a new tab.announces Prince Faisal KSA’s foreign minister in Germany.

Click here to see Minister of Foreign Affairs H.H. Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud’s Speaking at Session at #FIIPriority Summit

Sunday 19th February 2023 – 28th Rajab 1441

#Israel wants to cosy up with KSAOpens in a new tab.. Really?

#Google teams up with Saudi Aramco to help clean up the environment.Opens in a new tab. Critics question the move.

#Iran drones spark concerns in the USA and KSA and push the two nations cOpens in a new tab.loser after 2022 row over oil prices.

#Aint Bovvered in Germany by Saudi Arabia holding Women’s World Cup Football – niggardly issue!

#Gerald Butler in Kandahar was filmed in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia Opens in a new tab.debuting on May 23rd 2023. Hollywood reporter interviews Charlene Deleon-Jones, executive director of Film Al Ula. The new Morocco!

#Jubbah’s worth a visit – It has ancient human sites showing more than 5,000 drawings and rock engravings that go back to the Stone Age. Registered in 2015 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It needs developing.

Umm Sinman MountainOpens in a new tab. has an abundance of Thamudic and Stone Age engravings as well as drawings.

Saturday 18th February 2023 – 27th Rajab 1441

#Kushner and the prince-the saga continuesOpens in a new tab.

#Yasir Al Rumayyan governor of the PIF sovereign wealth fundOpens in a new tab. must present for a deposition to attorneys for the PGA Tour. They want his testimony as part of the web of litigation involving the sport-splitting circuit.

#UK – Saudi Arabia Trade and Investment Fact Sheet shows that exports and imports were $15.3 billion. Feb 2023 Edition. 17th March 2023 will be the new one!

#See inside Ronaldo’s luxury home in Riyadh He’s got a private chef, too!

#Plentiful rain causes the Saudi desert to blossomOpens in a new tab..

#KSA’s PIF get the largest share of Nintendo of any outside country 8.3%.

#Israel working hard to get closer to Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab., but unlikely to get far. Sick!

#Aid for Turkey/Syria earthquake victims pours inOpens in a new tab.– KSA – $100 million in a week, UAE- $100 million, Afghanistan $200,000 including Iran. $25 billion worth of damage so far. Other countries have made pledges to the UN to assist NGOs on the ground.

#Lydia Ko is doing well in the Jeddah Saudi Ladies International Golf competition Opens in a new tab.with prizes worth $US5 million

#OPEC deal to cut oil production targets by 2 million barrels per dayOpens in a new tab. (bpd) will remain in place until the end of 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Riyadh Home

Friday 17th February 2023- 26th Rajab 1441

#KSA make an offer to buy Manchester UnitedOpens in a new tab. – the club’s value shot up to 333 million pounds.

#SAVVY Games group backed by PIF to invest $265 million in China’s VSPO gaming company in an industry they expect will add 1 per cent to its gross domestic product by 2030.

#KSA to build 30,000 temporary homes for Turkey’s earthquake victims. KSRelief has sent tents but now wants to build more permanent homes.

#PIF’s announcement of the 2030 New Murabba (NMDC) megaproject aims to develop and transform the world’s largest modern downtown region in Riyadh. The goal? To add SAR 180 billion to non oil GDP. Plans include eco-friendly zones, walking and cycling paths, and over 80 entertainment and culture venues. it will also have museums, a high-tech university, immersive theatres in a 19 kilometre area, with 104,000 housing, 9,000 hotel rooms and retail space.

Thursday 16th 2023 – 25th Rajab 1441

#All PADI Shops in Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab. – Divers Resources

#Plans to rejuvenate the run down Al Balad area in JeddahOpens in a new tab. by the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s Jeddah Historical District Program (JHD) in a two-year project to bring tourism to the area. They’ll do the Waterfront Project revitalizing Al Bald and Al Bunt Port.

#Age old tradition from the village of Rijal Alma (Souls of Men) Opens in a new tab.in Southern Saudi Arabia. It’s an ancient tribe of “Flower Men”, that hand make and wear flowery headpieces. Premiere’s on PBS Feb 22nd. (See preview below) Greenberg’s site

Wednesday 15th February 2023 – 24th Rajab 1441

#Amnesty International singles out KSA for quashing online expressionOpens in a new tab. and sports washingOpens in a new tab..

#Dezeen- All About NeomOpens in a new tab.– Audio recording

#Faisal Bin Farhan outraged and claims it is illegal for Israel to legalizeOpens in a new tab. nine West Bank outposts and construct 10,000 settlement units.

#At last, Syrian earthquake aid starting to arrive one with 25 tons of foodOpens in a new tab. for the first time in 10 years.

#New MISK leadership program for Saudi managers Opens in a new tab.to learn to build successful leadership pipelines, enable leaders to strategize, innovate, and operate in different settings, and cultivate competencies aligned with Vision 2030. Apply only if you are Saudi.

#Joe Biden’s brother James brokers a secret deal with Saudi Arabia to claw back $140 million worth of debt.

#US Defence Department publish word for word transcript Opens in a new tab.of press briefing of threat assessment between US and GCC lead by Dana Stroul.

#Greenpeace oppose arms deal between KSA and Spain.Opens in a new tab.

#Warchieff and Chndy musical entertainers go for it in loud style-HyperbeastOpens in a new tab.

#The Saudi Foundation / Founding Day ExplainedOpens in a new tab. in clear terms.

#Saudi government Founding Day websiteOpens in a new tab.-Their Story coming soon

#How KSA emerging as regional leaders has impacted Europe.Opens in a new tab. Relationships are opening and improving claims Cinzia Bianco. Well thought

#Interview with French Minister for Europe Catherine Colonna on Feb 1st and 2ndOpens in a new tab. who openly supports Saudi Arabia and considers an ally and stabilising power. Read her words.

#Attitudes are changing and more and more Saudi couples are openly celebrating Valentine’s Day. May Allah (SWT) guide them.

Tuesday 14th February 2023 – 23rd Rajab 1441

#First Saudi woman Rayyanah Barnawi to go to spaceOpens in a new tab.. She will visit the ISS in 2023. The news is making a big splash internationally!

#Dubai Energy and Sustainability Conference in Dubai on May 3rd Opens in a new tab.is Big Project Middle East’s (BPME) 2023 Energy & Sustainability (E&S) Summit is free for industry professionals. Clean energy and sustainable development feature heavily amongst GCC nations’ respective national agendas

#Saudi Othaim the supermarket giant in KSA report earnings and profits of SAR 1.07 billionOpens in a new tab. 259.57% higher than the year before. The article breaks it down!

#Copies of the Holy Quran in Braille for the blind, and translationsOpens in a new tab. of the meanings of the Holy Quran in several languages, including English, Urdu, and Indonesian, recently made widely available in all locations and hallways in the Haram Mosque, Mecca.

#Environmental, Social, and Governance ESG investing, socially responsible investing, impact investing, and sustainable investing worries Saudi Aramco

#No way to predict an earthquakeOpens in a new tab. response to scientist who claims KSA to be hit by Red Sea seismic tremor.

Monday 13th February 2023 – 22nd Rajab 1441

#Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE took 50% of India’s basmati rice exports in 2022 of 3.2 million tons.  

#Disgruntled golfer Anna Nordqvist ends ambassadorship role with Saudi’s Aramco.

#23 stock market companies waiting to for approvalOpens in a new tab. in Tawdawul Saudi stock exchange

#KSa will send two astronauts to the International Space Station Opens in a new tab.Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali al-Qarni in 2023 joining AX-2 space mission from the US to the ISS. Mariam Fardous and Ali al-Gamdi will also be trained.

#Trucks carrying KSA aid for Turkish victimsOpens in a new tab. of the earthquake deliver in Turkey. More to come!

#Al Jazeera shows the Real Madrid and Al Hilal game as it happened.Opens in a new tab. 5-3 result

#SAP a market leader in enterprise application software will set up in RiyadhOpens in a new tab. to allow public and private enterprises to trade, buy and sell on the world’s largest business digital network in 190 countries

#Real Madrid knock out Al Hilal winning 5-3Opens in a new tab. to take FIFA Club World Cup fives times

Sunday 12th February 2023 – 21st Rajab 1441

#Billboards go up in London and New YorkOpens in a new tab. highlighting the plight of the Arabian leopard to raise global awareness and to save the species. Great pictures from RC’s Al Ula breeding centre in Taif.

#P&O Maritime Logistics and Mammoet sign a contractOpens in a new tab. for the transportation of Sheybarah Island villas for Red Sea Global (RSG).

#Bruno de Oliviera joins Red Sea Global Opens in a new tab.as new Chief Agricultural Officer and Chief Plant Science Officer

#Austrialian women up in arms about FIFA’s choice of Saudi Arabia to host the Women’s World Cup in 2023

Saturday 11th Feb 2023 – 20th Rajab 1444

#Watch Al Hilal verses Real MadridOpens in a new tab. on FIFA +, Fox Sports, Morocco’s Arryadia, Shahid and Saudi SCC channel 11th February 2023.

#Ronaldo scores four goals Opens in a new tab.totting up to 500 in his personal career

#AST SpaceMobile hoping to extend its space network signs an MOU with the Saudi Zain KSA network. Opens in a new tab.They will collaborate in new telecom solutions and satellite-based digital services to increase mobile services.

#MawhibaOpens in a new tab. the International gifted Olympiads enter 2539 gifted male and female physics students.

#KSA donations to Turkey earthquake aid exceed $51 millionOpens in a new tab. given by 500,000 people in KSA collected by the King Salman Relief Center.

#Saudi woman dies in Turkey’s earthquake in Adana, Antakaya.

#Romarinho wows Saudi spectators with a bicycle kickOpens in a new tab. in Saudi pro league game.

#A U.S. delegation led by Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley will participate in US-Gulf GCC Opens in a new tab.working group Feb 13-16 2023 in Riyadh.

#Three flights carrying 104 tons of relief materials of food, tents, blankets, rugs, shelter bags and medicine Opens in a new tab.plus rescue teams King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) head for Turkey.

Friday 10th Feb 2023 -19th Rajab 1421

#More Indian expats moved to Saudi Arabia for a job than any other west AsianOpens in a new tab. nation in 2022. 170,000 new jobs for Indians in 2022 increasing fivefold and to increase due to massive infrastructure projects. 70% have low skilled jobs such as labourers. 20-30% are professional skilled workers.

#SISI swats Opens in a new tab.spat nonsensOpens in a new tab. between KSA and Egypt writers.

#Al Hilal to play Real Madrid in the FIFA Club World Cup on Saturday next.Opens in a new tab.

#Rheumatoid Arthritis patients in Saudi Arabia likely to have low vitamin D levelsOpens in a new tab. a team of experts report. More vitamin D recommended!

#Ronaldo bags four goals against Al WehdaOpens in a new tab.. Whoopee!

#KSA is looking at fixed rates debtsOpens in a new tab.

#Experts at the RC’s Al Ula reconstruct the face of Nabataean woman from her bone remains.

Sandbox have MOU with KSA to develop metaverseOpens in a new tab. with the Saudi Arabia Digital Government Authority (DGA).What on earth is that? Web3 space?

#KSA launches its aid program for Turkey and Syria earthquakeOpens in a new tab..

#NEOM is progressing well.Opens in a new tab. Watch the video below

!#Hong Kong and KSA sign six bilateral agreementOpens in a new tab.s that will bring them closer together. Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu met CEO Amin Nasser at a technology conference in Riyadh.

#Saudi (reportedly) and Gulf Embassies withdraw Opens in a new tab.from Afghanistan.

Monday 6th February 2023 – 15th Rajab 1444

#Three Indian boys dies in crash on the way to work Khurais national highway of Al HassaOpens in a new tab. Saudi Arabia.

#Ancer and Young in boring GolfOpens in a new tab. news in Saudi Arabia

#Agreement signed between KSA and Oman to invest in undersea cablesOpens in a new tab. to improve communications, information technology infrastructure 

#The 12 design and architect studios working on The LineOpens in a new tab. mentioned in Dezeen and displayed in Riyadh

#Ronaldo scores a goal for the first timeOpens in a new tab. as Al Nasser draw with Al Fateh 2-2 on Friday.

# Al Gomhuria Editor in Egypt slaps back at Saudi Arabia for insulting his countryOpens in a new tab.

Saturday 4th February 2023 – 13th Rajab 1444

#Private sector to give bonuses for employees in 2023Opens in a new tab.. According to the Cooper Fitch survey, 26% of companies give employees a one-month salary, 17% a two-month bonus, and 19% a three-month bonus. Promises, promises!

#Private Sector Pay Increases in KSAOpens in a new tab..  Cooper Fitch reports that 39% of companies raised salaries in 2022 in the car making, construction, consulting, financial and logistics sectors. 43% plan to increase salaries in 2023. Not here for sure!

#Want a job at NEOM?Opens in a new tab. Recruiters are looking for potential candidates to work in finance, public safety, sports and strategy planning and technology. Who? I dont know!

#OPEC crude oil production drops (60,000 BPD) to 29.12 million barrels per day,Opens in a new tab. as KSA lowers output by100,000 BPD (to 10.38 million per day) less than discussed in October 2022 OPEC meetings. Prices perhaps?

#HSBC working fast to hire dealmakers in KSAOpens in a new tab. to benefit from busy financing activity in the kingdom. Sup, sup, sup!

#Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud discusses strengthening economic and diplomatic relations with IraOpens in a new tab.q. At last!

#Vice governor Ayman Alsayari to replace Fahad Al Mubarak as head of the Opens in a new tab.Saudi Central Bank, SAMA.Opens in a new tab. Al Mubarak will become a financial consultant to the Royal Court. Al Alsayari was in local and international debt sales. Shuffle, shuffle!

#Amaala- All You Need To KnowOpens in a new tab. Web Story Lovely jubbly!

#Red Sea Global (RSG) wins the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) prestigious LEED Platinum award for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification for high standard green worker village construction. Good innit?

USBG Wants To Transform The Construction Industry Using Green Design Systems And Gave RSG Its Most Prestigious LEED Award

Friday 3rd February 2023 – 12th Rajab 1444

#KSA’s new transit visa allows Umrah, visitor and business visits for 4 days only free of charge using Saudi Airlines and FlyNas

#KSA to host the 2027 Asian Football CupOpens in a new tab.. It already has the 2034 Asian Games, the 2029 Asian Winter Games and is bidding to host the 2026 Women’s Asian Cup.

#Thursday and Friday 22nd and 23rd of February official holiday Opens in a new tab. to celebration Saudi Foundation (Foundling) Day.

#KSA wants to be on the tourist map Opens in a new tab.and bring in 100 million visitors a year

KSA’s New 4-Day Stop Over Visa Courtesy Tawfiq Rabiah Twitter

Thursday 2nd February 2023 – 11th Rajab 1444

#Campaigners (CAAT) take UK government to court for continued arms sales to Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab. citing Yemen atrocities.

#China is cosying up to Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab. Qin Gang Foreign Minister wants to get closer.

#Saudi Arabia still has the death penaltyOpens in a new tab., but it’s not public any more.

#KSA to sponsor women’s World cup football in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. The first game of 32 teams and 50,000 fans at Eden Park, Auckland is in July!

#Saudi GDP increased to 54% in the fourth quarter of 2022Opens in a new tab. compared to 2021. Also, growth in all sectors except oil and impresses outsiders.

#Saudi writer Turki Al Hamad slams Sisi’s ageing military regime as stuck and overly bureaucratic.

#Russia caps low oil prices $60 a barrelOpens in a new tab. despite promises of price controls to Saudi Arabia.

#Russian president Vladimir Putin talks on the phone with the Saudi monarch.Opens in a new tab.

Wednesday 1st February 2023 – 10th Rajab 1444

#Red Sea to pay Mamomet to install 73 futuristic villas in Sheybarah ResortOpens in a new tab. being built by Grankraft in the UAE. Watch a video of a visit to the factory below!

#Ronaldo will only play for TWO years in KSAOpens in a new tab. says Rudi Garcia Al Nasser Head Coach. The player is 40 now! 40 and getting paid $1 million a week. Some folks!

#Selling weapons to KSA illegal campaigners to argue in courtOpens in a new tab. seeking to overturn UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia. They bombed civilians in Yemen.

#KSA to invest $266 billion to clean up their energy usage.Opens in a new tab. Wow! Mean old Bloomberg reports!

#New free 96 hour stop over (transit) visa for KSA availableOpens in a new tab. allows for Umrah and quick tourism. Get it through Saudi Airlines or Fly Nas with ticket to fly! Valid for three months and gives a maximum four days visit.

#Missing tourist Saudi Abdul Rahman Al Anazi found dead in Lake EerieOpens in a new tab. USA after leaving home with no wallet, phone, no jacket in temperatures of 2 degrees C. May Allah (SWT) forgive him!

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