She Has A Headscarf, But Wears Tight Clothes

A young Muslim woman came to a local shop wearing a headscarf (Hijab) and a tightly hugging top and jeans.  

The Muslim shopkeeper was kind and wise. He saw the girl, sat her down, and spoke to her privately.

As he talked to her, he lowered his gaze and said something that she would never forget her entire life.  

He spoke in the following way: 

“Sister, everything of great value Allah (SWT) created is either covered up or hard to see. 

For example, you can only find beautiful diamonds deep in the ground. They are covered and protected by rocks. Even when we have them in the home, we cover and protect them from thieves. 

You can only find precious pearls deep in the sea, protected by magnificent shells.

You can only find expensive gold in layers of deep underground rocks and banks. To get it, you have to dig deep or work very hard. 

Likewise, your body is precious and sacred to Allah (SWT). You are far MORE  precious than any quantity of diamond, pearls, or gold. 

No one would leave their valuables in public places for all to see or for thieves to steal. We keep our expensive, precious items locked away;

My sister, this is how you should regard your own body.”    

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