What Is Trending In Saudi Arabia In June 2021

#Xiaomi Store Officially Opens In Riyadh

4th June 2021

It has the third-largest smartphone sales in KSA.

China DailyOpens in a new tab. promotes this one.

#No Nonsense Character Analysis Of Shrewd Abdulaziz bin Salman, KSA’s Oil Minister

4th June 2021

Financial TimesOpens in a new tab. is all about the money comments.

#Oil Price Increase For India 20 cents To $1.90 A Barrel

4th June 2021

Asia is Saudi’s biggest oil customer.

Mints Opens in a new tab.tell it.

#Saudi Fun And Entertainment Industry To Skyrocket 59% Growth 2020-2030

4th June 2021

Researchers estimate a jump from $23 million to $1,171 million by 2030. Get the entire report for $2-4,000. Funny!

See Global NewswireOpens in a new tab.

#KSA Continues To Clamp Down On Social Get-Togethers With Heavy Fines

5th June 2021

Painful, but vital, innit?

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. Details it all.

#Citizens of UAE, the US, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Japan Are Now Permitted To Come To KSA

1st June 2021

Flights into Saudi opened on May 17th and travel resumes.

Argus MediaOpens in a new tab.

#KSA Pours Money $100 Million Into Global Tourism Fund

1st June 2021

Read all about it.

Hotelier Middle East Opens in a new tab.

#Saudi Foreign Assets Fall By SAR 300 Billion

1st June 2021

Who lost what I don’t now.

Breaking News at Yahoo FinanceOpens in a new tab.

#KSA Mosques Go Silent Except For The Adhan, But I Can’t Heard

1st June 2021

I want to cry. I can’t hear the Adhan anymore form my local mosque nor the prayers happening. I will cry again, again and again!

Al Jazeera Opens in a new tab.Comments

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