What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In April 2021

#KSA – Female Employment Jumps From 20% To 33%

28th April 2021

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#Prince Mohammed Announces That State Budget Will Be Decided By New Policies Office And NOT Ministry Of Finance By The End Of 2021

28th April 2021

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# Prince Mohammed Announces 1% Sale Of Saudi Aramco State Oil To A Leading Global Energy Company

28th April 2021

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#KSA To Swap Domestic Liquid Fuel For Gas And Renewables To Save $800 Billion In 10 Years

25th April 2021

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#Oxygen Annd Generators Heading To India From the UAE and Saudi Arabia To Fight COVID-19 Explosion

24th April 2021

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#About 1000 People a Day Getting Coronvirus And 900 Recovering In KSA

21st April 2021

Number of cases:

  • Riyadh 438
  • Makkah 227,
  • Eastern Province 131
  • Madinah 37
  • Asir 28

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#Houthis Say They Hit Abha International Airport, Khamis Mushait with a Drone. Saudis Say They Downed it.

20th April 2021

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#View Your Digital Saudi Driving License on Tawakalna App

17th April 2021

You can also download a copy of the Saudi license and keep it on your phone without needing the internet to view it.

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#Alicia Keyes Does A Surprise SingSong At An An Al Ula Girl’s School

13th April 2021

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#The Kingdom Edges Towards Normalization Of Relations With Israel

13th April 2021

But The Palestinian Issue MUST BE solved First!

#11 KSA Mosques Shut Due To Infections Amongst The Worshippers

13th April 2021

441 mosques close for sanitization and 416 reopen in the past 654 days

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Happy Ramadhan From The Saudi Transport Authority (TGA)

12th April 2021

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Uppity Cornell University Take $25 Million in 2008 Now Want To Cut Ties With KSA

12th April 2021

Reason: They cite genocide.

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#King Salam Allows Taraweeh Prayers in Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nebi But With Conditions

12th April 2021

  • Umrah Hotel (Makkah) Permits Available
  • Get Holy Mosques Permits From Tawkalna and Etamena Apps
  • Taraweeh Prayers 10 Raqahs and 30 Minutes Duration ONLY
  • Visitors Must Have 1 or 2 COVID 19 Jabs
  • No Children Are Allowed Into Both Haram Mosques
  • No Cars Allowed Near The Haram Mosque

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#Gulf Business Announces Annual Arab Power List For 2021- 5 Top Saudis Win

12th April 2021

1. Yasir Al-Rumayyan
Chairman, Aramco/Governor, PIF

2. Amin Nasser
President and CEO, Aramco

3. HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
Chairman, Kingdom Holding Company

4. Yousef Abdullah Al Benyan
Vice chairman and CEO, SABIC

5. Lubna Suliman Olayan
Chairperson, Saudi British Bank

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#Ramadhan Moon Sighting 2021

12th April 2021

#SABIC-Plastic Waste To Become Animal Feedstock

11th April 2021

SABIC signs MOU with the Saudi Recycling Investment Company and wants to set up its first chemical recycling plant.

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#KSA Soon To Give $400 Million For Agricultural Projects

11th April 2021

It is part of the $3 billion KSA has already promised the nation.

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#KSA To Open A 13 Week Tech Start Accelerator Program In Riyadh For Budding Innovation And Technology Entrepreneurs.

2nd April 2021

Apply from May though the program will run from Nov 2021-Feb 2022. it is offered by Techstars and the Ministry of Communications and Information and Technology.

TechstarsOpens in a new tab. love and support ideas about AI, analog / digital interface, AR / VR / mixed reality, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital media, IoT, payment technologies, and robotics. 

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#KSA’s Cinema Chain (MUVI) To Open 302 Movie Screens And Provide 35,000 Cinema Seats in 2021.

1st April 2021

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