What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In August 2021?

On A Peace Journey-British Muslim Will Walk From the UK To Saudi Arabia For Hajj In 2022

27th August 2021

Adam Mohammed, 52, will drag a specially made cart and trek through Europe to arrive in Saudi Arabia in time for Hajj 2022.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. describes his intended journey

#KSA’s Saudi Tourism Authority Agrees With Ali Baba Cloud To promote Chinese Tourism In KSA

27th August 2021

They established a seamless framework for Chinese tourists wanting to visit Saudi Arabia.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. outlines the deal

#KSA Oil exports Jumped To A Massive $16.4 Billion In June 2021

24th August 2021

Oil exports increased by 123%. Non-oil exports also increased 41%. China is KSA’s main customer, importing 20%.

Hart Energy ExclusiveOpens in a new tab.

#Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) Buys 30% Share Of The Italian Pagani Racing Car Company

23rd August 2021

The Pagani family holds onto the biggest share.

The Drive Opens in a new tab.Talks About The Buy-Out

#Illegal Smuggling of Captagon Pills Twice Busted At Jeddah Port

13th August 2021

1.6 million pills of the recreational drug CaptagonOpens in a new tab. were seized.

Saudi GazetteOpens in a new tab.

Captagon Smuggling In Middle East

#7 Countries Line Up To Run In The Races At Crown Prince Camel Festival In Ta’if

13th August 2021

Prizes of up to SA 53 million are on offer.

Saudi GazetteOpens in a new tab.

Crown Prince Camel Festival and Races In Tai’if

#The Buraidah Date Festival Creates 4,000 Seasonal Jobs

13th August 2021

Young people work selling 45 types of dates that include the famous Sukkary, Khalas, Sagai, Shaqra, Ruthan and Maktoum.

Arab News

Buraidah Date Festival

#Tight, Curly, Natural Hair Coming Back In Fashion As Saudi Hair Salons Closed

13th August 2021

Closure of hair salons during the pandemic prompted women to keep their au naturel without the addition of hair straightening products.

Women tell their stories in the Arab NewsOpens in a new tab.

#Optimism As Fresh Cases Of Covid-19 Falling In KSA

13th August 2021

Vaccinations, recoveries, and social distancing measures are responsible for the decline. Today, active cases are below 9,000.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab.

#KSA Dining Out Scene Revolutionizing In 2021

13th August 2021

New food offerings in the Riyadh capital are exciting local residents.

NDTVOpens in a new tab. tempts youne.

#KSA’s NEOM To Become Base For Big Movie, Gaming, & Digital Production

13th August 2021

NEOM will provide funds and courses for filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and business start-ups.

India’s The Economic TimesOpens in a new tab. describes its future use to Bollywood film industry.

#A New Mirador In Al Dabab, Abha Allows Scenic Foggy Views Of The Tihama Mountain Range

13th August 2021

The new walkway runs for 7 km, overlooking lovely mountain views, with benched seating and play areas for kids.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab.

#Covid-19 Pandemic And Power Outages Cause Ethane Shortages In KSA

13th August 2021

Downstream petrochemical Operations are still out of kilter.

Reported by Matthew Rajendra at Argus MediaOpens in a new tab.

#KSA Knocks Out Yet More Houthi Missiles

13th August 2021

The Houthis tried throwing this batch at Khamis Mushait.

Arab News

#Amnesty International Canada and Project Ploughshares Report That Canadian Arms sales To KSA Is Unlawful

13th August 2021

The weapons were proven to be used in the war Yemen which breaks the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Daily SabahOpens in a new tab.

#India’s Doing Naval Exercises With KSA For The First Time

11th August 2021

The Indian Guided Missile destroyer INS Kochi arrives in the Jubail Port for training exercise Al-Mohed Al-Hindi 2021 with the Saudi navy.

NDTV NewsOpens in a new tab.

#Lulu Chain Announces Cheap Fresh Fruit Promotion Selling Locally Produced Watermelons, Bananas, and Papaya

11th August 2021

Saudi GazetteOpens in a new tab.– Farm to table announcement

#Pakistani Nationals Can’t Yet Come For Umrah & 9 Other Countries Banned

11th August 2021

As for the rest of the world, Umrah visitors need two COVID-19 vaccines to be eligible for Umrah.

Hindustani Times Opens in a new tab.complains.

#Qatar Appoints An Ambassador To Riyadh For The First Time Since The Boycott

11th August 2021

All Gulf states have lifted the travel ban to Qatar Except the UAE and Bahrain.

Reuters Opens in a new tab.tells it.

#NAZAHA KSA’s Anti Corruption Force Arrest 207 Saudi Nationals For Bribery And Corruption

10th August 2021

They are all employees at the finance and defense ministries, including the National Guard, Saudi customs and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

Middle East EyeOpens in a new tab. announces the cleanup.

#International Tourists On The Super Yacht Emerald Azzurra To Visit Jeddah, Al Wajh, Duba & A Ula

10th August 2021

This super luxury liner carrying 100 passengers will visit KSA in February and March 2021.

Seatrade Cruise NewsOpens in a new tab.

The SuperYacht Emerald Azzurra

#Saudi Aramco Reports Earnings Of $47 Billion For The First Half Of 2021

8th August 2021

The great performance is mainly due to curbing output and higher crude prices this year.

The Daily JournalOpens in a new tab.

#The Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm The Biggest in The Middle East Opens in KSA

8th August 2021

Dumat Al Jandal is run by UAE’s Masdar and has produced its first carbon-free electricity.

The farm has 99 big wind turbines 150 m wide, Each turbine can generate 4.2 megawatts of electricity.

In the future, it will supply up cheaper power to up to 70,000 homes and save 100,000 tonnes of annual emissions.

The project will create 600 new jobs.

Gulf BusinessOpens in a new tab. News

#International Umrah Pilgrims Can Apply For Umrah Visas Starting August 9th 2021

7th August 2021

It’s only for the fully vaccinated!

Alaa Swilam reports this SPA news item in a WHBL Opens in a new tab.Snippet.

#KSA Spending Is Bouncing Back As Economists Predict A Surge In GDP of 2% To 4.5%.

8th August 2021

Country/Housebound Saudis Are Itching To Get Out To Spend Money.

Nice BloombergOpens in a new tab. report about the optimistic recovery and how KSA is entertaining domestic tourism.

#The Famous Shaikh Nimatuallah Dies in Mecca

8th August 2021

Resident for 30 years in Mecca, the Shaikh gave Dawa in nightclubs, pubs, and discotecs in more than 50 countries. By his gracious hand, thousands of the repentant entered Islam. Allahu Akbar!

The PDF at Dr-SamaraiOpens in a new tab. describes Shaikh Nimatuallah and his works in Japan and other countries.

#KSA’s Olympic Karate Champion Tareg Hamedi’s Gets Disqualified On A Technicality To Win The Silver Medal.

7th August 2021

His High kick to Iran’s Sajad Ganjzadeh‘s neck missed the mark.

NBC OlympicsOpens in a new tab.

#New Saudi Based Study Assessed The Level Of Awareness Of The Risk Factors Leading To Strokes In The General Population

8th August 2021

893 survey participants were asked to identify up to 14 risk factors that include


2. diabetes mellitus

3. hyperlipidemia

4. smoking,

5. ischemic heart diseases

6. obesity.

They also include a sedentary lifestyle and hours of TV watching.

The DovepressOpens in a new tab. report shows that most of the 93% of the Saudi people surveyed are mostly unaware of the stroke-related issues. King Abdulaziz University Hospital.

#Scenic Eclipse Cruise Ship Will Visit Jeddah and Yanbu Between July 17th Dec 9th.

6th August 2021

Cruises will visit, culture, historic cities, and monuments.

The ship has an onboard submarine, two helicopters for visitors, a fleet of Zodiacs, and up to a 20-person specialist discovery team.

Sea Trade Cruise NewsOpens in a new tab. describes how KSA is the newest and hottest destination for the cruise industry.

#Hermes -New Men’s Fashion Available In KSA.

6th August 2021

Seaters, hoodies, vests, shirts, and sunny suits.

Hermes Catalog

#SENET Company Wins Contract To Mine Lucrative Copper And Zinc Concentrates IN KSA

6th August 2021

They will operate close to the existing AMAK underground mines.

IM International MiningOpens in a new tab. details the new contract

#KSA Donates COVID-19 Medical Equipment To The Value Of $500,000 In Vietnam

6th August 2021

The equipment will be distributed to various health centers around the country.

VN ExpressOpens in a new tab. shares the good news.

#West Brom’s Matheus Pereira To Join Al Hilal For Around £25-£30 million.

6th August 2021

The player isn’t happy at West Brom and is ready to move on.

The AthleticOpens in a new tab. describes the move.

#KSA Raises The Price Of Crude By $0.20 & $0.30 That Could Impact Sales To China, Their Biggest Customer

6th August 2021

China’s demand for crude has fallen by 19%, and further price spikes might result in further purchasing cuts.

Yahoo FinanceOpens in a new tab.

#Internet, Smartphones & Ministry of Health Guidelines Boost KSA’s Dietary Supplement Market

4th August 2021

The KSA population is waking up to the idea of better health and consuming more and more dietary supplements.

Research and MarketsOpens in a new tab. provide a full report. It’s 3,500 or $4,5000 to purchase

#Beginning 1st August 2021 International Tourists Can Come To KSA-Provided They Have Two Approved Coronavirus Vaccination

1st August 2021

They should have Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Moderna. Visitors should also register themselves as having the vaccinations BEFORE coming to the kingdom at the dedicated portal called at muqeem.saOpens in a new tab.

They should also download and log in at the Tawakalna AppOpens in a new tab. which is used to enter shops, Malls, and public venues.

Arab News Opens in a new tab.tells how KSA is gearing up for visitors.

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