What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia in August 2022

#It Will Rain And Thunderstorms Will Occur In KSA Till Sept 5th, 2022

31st August 2022

Deluge in Ta’if in 2020

It will storm and conditions will be hazardous in Western, Central, and Southern Saudi Arabia, especially near rivers, streams, and creeks.

Cities could become deluged and landslides are possible.

Crisis 24 Opens in a new tab.forecasts

#New Housing Projects In Dammam And Al Qatif

30 August 2022

Typical New Prefab Homes In Jalmoudah, Jubail

More than 7,700 new homes will be built at Al Wajiha (Dammam) 5,400 housing units with 27,000 residents and Qumra (Al Qatif) with 2,300 new housing units.

Trade ArabiaOpens in a new tab. reports

#In 2022, Saudi Arabia’s Economy To Grow Faster Than China, India, and Booming Asia

30th August 2022

Booming Saudi Arabia – Courtesy Economic Intelligence

High oil prices, increased production, sound economic fundamentals, high-risk investments, and proper budget management have all helped to shrink the country’s public debt, raise it out of recession and keep the consumer price index in balance.

You MUST read this wonderfully scripted Economist Intelligence article Opens in a new tab.that completely summarizes KSA’s optimistic financial outlook.

#Sri Lanka Wants KSA To Build An Oil Refinery In The Country To Assist In Its Economic Crisis

30th August 2022

Aahmed Nazeer Zainuladeen

In Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka’s Environment Minister Naseer Ahamed talks with Saudi Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Waleed Al-Khuraiji and CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development Sultan Al-Marshad.

Sri Lanka would like deeper business relations with the kingdom.

Read Arab News Opens in a new tab.for more details.

#KSA Gets Really Tough On Retail Tobacco Sales

30th August 2020

  • No sales To those Under 18
  • No kids Allowed In tobacco/ shisha Shops
  • Shops MUST close at 12 pm unless a 24-hour licence
  • Tobacco sales in closed packs of 20 units only
  • No bulk tobacco purchases allowed
  • No importation of products carrying tobacco ads allowed
  • Tobacco salespeople must wear a uniform
  • Tobacco shops/point of sales MUST be regulated

The Saudi GazetteOpens in a new tab. tells it all.

#268,529 Pilgrims Arrive In Saudi Arabia Since The Start Of Umrah In One Month Of- Muharram

29th August 2022

  • 100,000 people came to Madinah
  • 127,789 Indonesians for Umrah
  • 90,253 Pakistanis came for Umrah
  • 36,457 Iraqis came for Umrah
  • 22,224 Yemeni nationals came for Umrah
  • 12,959 Sham residents came for Umrah

See Saudi Gazette articleOpens in a new tab. for brief details

Expat Money Transfers Abroad Tumble By 7.3% Between July 2021-2022

29th August 2022

Today, it’s only 11.6 billion SR compared to 12.5 billion SR in 2021. They correlate the level of foreign (expat) personal remittances with increasing levels of Saudization.

Read more in Saudi GazetteOpens in a new tab..

#Oil Prices To Asia Could Fall In October 2022

29th August 2022

The price fall is prompted by sluggish Asian demand.

ReutersOpens in a new tab. shares the news.

#5 Million Kids Return To School In Saudi Arabia

29th August 2022

My Kids And I Are Riding The Train At The Riyadh Zoo In The Holidays

The kids started back to school this week on Sunday 28th August after a restful long summer holiday.

The Minister of Education stressed the back-to-school campaigns about the theme of staying healthy and health awareness.

See ZawayaOpens in a new tab.

#FIVE More Old Mosques To Be Renovated And Restored

28th August 2022

  1. Al Bayah Mosque – Wadi Mina, Makkah
  2. Al Khidr Mosque-66km from the Haram
  3. Al FathMosque-MAdinah
  4. Al Jubail Mosque– Ta’if
  5. Abu Anaba Mosque– Harat Al Sham, Jeddah
  6. Two More unknown Mosques, Jeddah

The mosques will be ‘painstakingly preserved.

Read Salam Al Amir’s Informative Brief Description of each project in The National News with picturesOpens in a new tab.

#China Buys 6.56 Million Tons Of Oil From KSA (1.54 million bpd)

21st August 2022

Petrol Hand Pumps

Russia supplies China the most. They also sell the cheapest-7.15 million tons (1.68 million bpd)

Al Sharq Al Awsat Opens in a new tab.

#Anthony Joshua Forfeits His Heavyweight Title In Jeddah

21st August 2022

Joshua Is Upset
The Fight-Thanks To Nabeel Kyle Wright Opens in a new tab.

Joshua missed it by a hair.

The Sun SportOpens in a new tab.

#Uzbekistani President Shavkat Mirziyoyez Comes To KSA for Business Talks And To Do Umrah

20th August 2022

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyez Meets Crown Prince Mohammed For Business Talks

The president meets Crown Prince Mohammed for talks about improving business relations between Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia. He and other government officials also do Umrah and left KS on Friday.

AzerNewsOpens in a new tab.– Uzbek President meets Crown Prince Mohammed for business talks.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. – Uzbek President does Umrah.

#Israel Military Travelers Can Fly Over Saudi But Are Not yet Allowed To Fly Over Oman

17th August 2022

Omani – Israeli relations are still limited. Soldiers can’t easily fly to the Far East.

Middle East MonitorOpens in a new tab. – MEMO

#CEO Wanted -Could You Be The NEW Saudi Airlines Boss?

18th August 2022

Some experienced American and European bosses do not want the job of running Saudi Arabia’s new Saudi airline. They are struggling to find the right man/woman for the job.

Yahoo explains Opens in a new tab.it.

#Jordan’s Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah (28) To Marry Saudi Rajwa Al Saif (28)

18th August 2022

Hussein Bin Abdullah-Jordan’s Crown Prince

They got engaged in Riyadh at her family’s house. Members of the Jordanian royals attended the party.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. describes the joy.

#BBC Slams KSA’s Human Rights Records As UK’s heavyweight Anthony Joshua And Ukraine’s Olenksandr Usky Gear Up For (Re)Title Fight In Jeddah on 20th August 2022.

16th August 2022

Anthony Joshua (AJ) 6ft 6 From Watford 109 KG WBA IBF WBO Champion-Thanks Wikimedia

In recent years, boxing gyms have grown massively in KSA and the first women’s professional bantamweight fight featuring Ramla Ali will also take place at King Abdullah Sports City on 20th August 2020.

Read BBC’s moaning report.

Read about the boxing history of encounters between Anthony Joshua Olenksandr Usky.

#American Rapper To Sing In Jeddah At A Heavyweight Boxing Match

16th August 2022

Russ Vitale (Rapper)

Self-made Spotify star, Russ Opens in a new tab.will debut at the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, on August 20th in Jeddah.

KAWAOpens in a new tab.

#PIF Buys $ billion Worth Of Stock In US Amazon, Alphabet, JP Morgan, BlackRock and Meta Platforms

16th August 2022

PIF has $40.7 billion invested in US stocks

The PIF has also bought shares in 17 US companies that include Microsoft, Home Depot, Costco and Starbucks.

See paid BloombergOpens in a new tab. article for details.

#The LINEOpens in a new tab.-Could you live there?

16th August 2022

The LINE -New Vertical Living Spaces

Makkah governor Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, wants to.

  • 170 kilometres long
  • Mirrored facades
  • vertical living
  • 200 meters wide
  • 9 million residents
  • 500 meters above sea level
  • 34-kilometer square footprint
  • 380,000 new jobs
  • $48 billion economic contribution
  • 100% renewable energy

Arabian BusinessOpens in a new tab. tells you about THE LINE and why the governor’s excited.

Neom – Imagine

#CNN Is Uncomfortable And Implies Deception As KSA Invests $500 Million In 3 Major Russian Energy Companies Gazprom (GZPFY), Rosneft And Lukoil In Feb and March 2022.

16th August 2022

Gazprom Gas Station – Courtesy Wikimedia

Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding invested in global depository receipts of giants Gazprom (1.37 billion riyals) ($365 million) and Roseneft 196 million riyals ($52 million).

#Massive Rises In Saudi GDP At 9.6% As A Result Of 20.4% Increase In Oil Activities Since 2021

15th August 2022

Saudi GDP Expansion Compared With Years Since 2018-Courtesy Arab News

Flash economic estimates show massive increases in energy prices since 1973 provoked by the war in Ukraine leading to record GDP growth.

Non-oil (3.7%) and government activities (2.4%) and has also expanded.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. has the low down.

#Misguided Young Saudi Muslim Blows Himself Up (Dies In Suicide Vest) During An Attempted Arrest in Jeddah On Friday 12th August 2022

15th August 2022

Abdullah bin Zayed Abdulrahman Al-Bakri Al-Shehri- Courtesy Arab News

Abdullah bin Zayed Abdulrahman Al-Bakri Al-Shehri was one of nine individuals wanted for years by KSA state security and for killing 11 security officials and 4 Bangladeshi workers at Special Forces Command Mosque in Asir on 6th August 2022.

Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. Lists All the Daesh members captured.

#KSA Will Invest $100 Billion In Improving Its Airline Industry

14th August 2022

There will be:

a (second) new Saudi airline

a virtual airport tower at Al Ula

facilities and infrastructure upgrades

investment in sustainable aviationOpens in a new tab.

The massive investment will allow KSA to become the leading aviation hub in the region by 2032. It could overtake the aviation industry leaders UAE and Qatar.

Charlotte Seet tells it all in her great article at Simple FlyingOpens in a new tab..

#Tourist, Commercial, And Family Visit Visa Holders May Now Use Them To Do Umrah

13th August 2022

Mecca Tower and Clock

Citizens of 49 countries can get entry to Saudi Arabia upon arrival for up to 12 months including the USA, UK visit visas, and Schengen visa holders.

These visitors to the kingdom can book their Umrah through the EtmarnaOpens in a new tab. App.

Khaleej TimesOpens in a new tab. spills the news.

#The Chinese President Xi Jinping Comes To KSA

11th August 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping-Courtesy Wikipedia

Next week, he and hundreds of dignitaries will visit Riyadh and Jeddah with pomp and circumstance.

KSA will court China, keep close friends and ensure oil keeps flowing to mainland China together with the promise of future business projects. (NEOM)

The Guardian tells it all.

#KSA Buys Up Huge Chunks of 4 Egyptian Businesses Worth $1.3 Billion

11th August 2022

Adding to the previous $6290 billion, the Saudi PIF further invested in fertilizers, cargo and e-finance. They also promised an additional $10 billion for ongoing projects- $5 billion to go to Egypt’s central bank.

Investment in Egypt will directly benefit Saudi Arabia.

See how

BloombergOpens in a new tab. explains

#Saudi Social Influencers Must Pay SR15,000 For A Influencer Permit

11th August 2022

Saudi Women Influencers Must Pay

If influencers profit from their platforms they must pay and follow KSA rules and regulations in their new licensing system.

See Arab NewsOpens in a new tab. for more

#Red Sea Project Almost 50% Completed And Awards More Than $8BN Worth Of New Contracts

9th August 2022

More than 70% of awards will be to Saudi-based companies that deal in building construction, hospitality, transport, and high-tech.

Read the short MeedOpens in a new tab. article for more news

#All COVID Barriers Finally Come Down As New Umrah Season Begins

3rd August 2022

Two years of COVID restrictions and now you can touch and kiss the Kaaba. All the barriers come down at last.

Read a brief in Arab News Opens in a new tab.node

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