What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In January 2021

21st January 2021-KSA Unemployment Rises by 3% To 15.4% During Coronavirus Pandemic

The safety restrictions affected the economy and caused labor instability, job losses, and employment stagnation.

The government is under pressure to create work for its young people.

Read more at Al Jazeera article- Saudi Delays Jobless Release DataOpens in a new tab.

Mint And Rose Water Seller In Madinah Central Market

20th January -KSA Promises To Generate 50% Of Its Energy Needs From Renewable Sources By 2030.

In a speech to the General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Khalid Al-Sultan, president of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy promises that 50% of future energy will be had from solar, hydrogen, and natural gas.

Read the online Arab News article Opens in a new tab.that details the announcement.

Annual Sunshine in Saudi Arabia 1999-2011 Courtesy Wikipedia

18th January 2021-It Snowed In Saudi Arabia-It Really Did.

Yes, and in other unlikely countries. The Daily Mail reportOpens in a new tab. tells it all.

Snow In 2 Degrees C Conditions In The South West Aseer Region Courtesy Abu Nayef Fawaz

17th January 2021- $270 Million Awarded To Kidana A Joint Stick Company To Renovate And Preserve Saudi Holy Sites – Mecca and Madinah

Kidana is an initiative by the Royal Commission for Makka Al-Mukarramah and the Holy Sites (RCMC). They will reconstruct and renovate holy sites for use during Hajj and throughout the rest of the year.

Kidana plans are to increase service levels, design and develop real estate near the holy sites.

Arab News tells it all in the following article.Opens in a new tab.

My Son On the Concourse At Masjid Al Nabawi In Madinah, Jan 2021

17th January 2021-Swissport Awarded Contract To Handle Ground and Cargo Services For Air France and Associates In 4 Saudi Airports.

It is good newsOpens in a new tab. for the handling company who have been in KSA since 2016. Check out The Swissport WebsiteOpens in a new tab..

Swissport Portal

17th January 2021-Rare Copies of The Holy Quran To Go On Sale At The Prophet’s Mosque In Madinah

The manuscripts will go on display next Monday 25th January 2021, and the exhibit will be permanent.

See the brief Gulf News article announcing the start of the exhibition.

An Old Holy Quran On Exhibition At The Prophet’s Mosque In Madinah City

16th January 2021 -Many Saudi Telecommunications Operators Fined SAR 10.6 Million

With some satisfaction, we announce that STC is fined SAR 31.4 million Mobily SAR 1.2 million, Zain KSA SAR 996,000, and Lebara Mobile SAR 366,000, and other operators SAR 6.16 million for malpractices.

Read more about it here at Arab News.Opens in a new tab.

For Violations Of CITC Laws And Ordinances

14th January 2021-The Saudi National Center for Privatization (NCP) Aims To Make $4 Billion By Selling State Assets In 2021.

New privatization laws will greatly accelerate the process of government asset sales on the Saudi stock exchange (Tawadul).

Read the Arab News brief.Opens in a new tab. Also, read how NCP raised SR 3 billion Opens in a new tab.by selling state assets in 2020.

13th January 2021 -TRSDC To Sell Off-Plan Villas At The New Red Sea Resort

They are not built yet, but you can buy one before it is. However, they don’t say how! Arab News posts the announcement.Opens in a new tab.

he Red Sea Development Company Team

13th January 2021-Carfree, Road Free, Hi-Speed, Carbon Neutral Super Transport Highway To Be Built New 170 km long City Called The Line

Prince Mohammed bin Salman referred to the plans as “civilizational revolution that puts humans first.”

Click to see the video describing it or read about it at DezeenOpens in a new tab.

13th January 2021- Saudi Government Tells Its Nationals And Expats NOT To Visit These 12 Countries

Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Armenia, Somalia, Congo, Venezuela, and Belarus

Read About Why At Gulf NewsOpens in a new tab.

7th January 2021-Lucid US Electric Car Manufacturer In Talks With Saudi PIF To Open Electric Car Factory In King Abdullah Economic City.

Saudi Arabia will fund the production of Lucid Electric Cars in the kingdom in 2022.

Read BloombergOpens in a new tab. to get the run down.

PIF Funds Lucid Electric Car Company

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