What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In July 2020

11th July 2020 -KSA And Other Nations Want To Wow Their Citizens To Do Post COVID Staycations

5th July 2020- KSA Investment Opportunities Alive In Spite Of Double Whammy of Low Oil Prices and COVID Pandemic

Read this short and optimistic Bloomberg report to learn more.

5th July 2020- The Qassim Region Opens Largest Camel Hospital in The Kingdom

Saudi Arabia spends 100 million SR to build a new hospital that can treat up to 4,000 sick camels.

2nd July 2020- Whopper 10% VAT Hike Bomb Shell To Saudi Economy

CNBC analysis of Future Impact 15% VAT On Saudi Consumers

The unprecedented 15 % VAT is likely to hammer consumer spending, but economists argue that such austerity is necessary to protect wealth buffers.

Read the following great the CNBC analysis with videos.

1st July 2020 -New 15% VAT and Axing The Cost of Living Allowance for Saudis To Cause Hardships

Saudi Arabia triples Value Added Tax

Saudi Arabia announces new austerity measures amid #COVID19 crisis, triples Value Added Tax (VAT) to 15%.

Posted by WION on Monday, May 11, 2020

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