What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In July 2021?

#Discovery Of Gnawed Bones in A Lava Tubes Thousands Of years Old Fascinates Zoologists

29th July 2021

At Um Jirsan, ancient hyenas grabbed and chewed up the bones of horses, donkeys, and human beings pilfered from grave sites. Because they were underground, they did not rot.

Hyenas still exist today in KSA.

Gizmodo Opens in a new tab.explains what the harsh Saudi weather does to archeological artifacts.

#Brazil Smashes Saudi In Olympic Football On Wed 28th July 2021

29th July 2021

Saudi Arabia is OUT!

Miami HeraldOpens in a new tab. describes the match.

#KSA Bans Its Nationals From Going To COVID-19 Variant Affected, Red List Countries

29th July 2021

The list includes:

  • Afghanistan
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Lebanon
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey
  • South Africa
  • Vietnam
  • UAE

The ban is at least for 3 years. Other nationals must do quarantine and a batch of CPR tests in a non-Red country before returning to KSA.

The Times of India Opens in a new tab.columnist laments the decision.

#US Is The World’s Top Producer Of Crude Oil In 2020- KSA Holds The Largest Oil Reserves

29th July 2021

Russia and KSA strategically decreased production during the COVID-19 pandemic, but substantially increased consumption.

ForbesOpens in a new tab. ranks countries on production and consumption.

# Gifted Female Tahani Alqahtani Faces Off With Israeli Fighter At Tokyo 2020 Olympics 

30th July 2021

They drew!

International Judo Federation Opens in a new tab.(IJF) describes the fight

#KSA Signs Deals With International Cruise Companies To Help Ship In More Than 1.5 Million Visitors

29th July 2021

Cruise Saudi signs-off with MSC, and the good ship MSC Bellissima is expected as a regular visitor to Saudi ports.

Cruise Industry News Opens in a new tab.outlines the deal.

#Ancient Graffiti At Hima (Al Ula) Is Now KSA’s 6th UNESCO Heritage Site

26th July 2021

Travelers and traders of old carved images in the rocks along the ancient caravan routes in the Hima region that include plants, flowers, an aspect of the ancient lifestyle for over 7,000 years.

The writing scripts include Musnad, Aramaic-Nabtatean, South Arabian, Thamudi, Greek and Arabic.

The Art NewspaperOpens in a new tab. explains why KSA is today of interest to UNESCO ($).

#Tickets For Sale At The 40% Capacity At The Jeddah Grand Prix Event-3rd-5th December 2021

26th July 2021

Zoom, zoom!

Xinhuanet Opens in a new tab.announces the fact.

#UAE And Saudi Bank Chiefs Get Heads Together In KSA To Beef Up Anti Money Laundering Measures

25th July 2021

They will share relevant information to stop terrorists from financing themselves.

The NationalOpens in a new tab. reveals the news.

#Houthis Keep Sending Armed Drones And KSA Knocks Them Out

25th July 2021

Yemen’s occupying Shia Houthis continue to attack the Jazan area but are NOT succeeding.

Gulf NewsOpens in a new tab. details the latest four drone attacks on KSA.

#KSA Lose 3-2 To Germany In Olympic Football, Sunday 25th July 2021

25th July 2021

Felix Uduokhai got the winner.

The Washington PostOpens in a new tab. describes the match.

#Umrah Starts Up Again On Monday 26th July 2021 After A Successful Hajj

24th July 2021

20,000 pilgrims per day will be allowed into Masjid Al Haram to perform Umrah. they should be immune and maintain proper social distancing. Pilgrims register Umrah using the Eatmarna AppOpens in a new tab..

World Gulf Opens in a new tab.details the progress in Mecca.

#2.5 Thousand-Year-Old Cuneiform Inscription Uncovered In North Saudi Arabia

22nd July 2021

It depicts the dead old King Nabonidus and has some form of religious meaning!

Live ScienceOpens in a new tab. briefly outlines the news.

#KSA Extends Residency And Visit Visas Of Travelers In COVID-19 Affected Countries

21st July 2021

The extension is until 31st August 2021.

Gulf NewsOpens in a new tab. explains the move.

#Olympics- Saudi Arabia Plays Ivory Coast At 4:30pm On Thursday 22nd July 2021

21st July 2021

This is how you watch the game and many others

Draft KingsOpens in a new tab. scheduling. (Update: KSA loses 2-1 to the Ivory Coast-Seattle TimesOpens in a new tab.. Abdullah Al Amri scores an own goal. Chuckle!)

#Saudi Women Now Stand Guard At The Entrance To The Haram Mosque In Mecca.

21st July 2021

The women started during Hajj 2021.

Watch the ReutersOpens in a new tab. video and read about it.

#Extortionist Hackers Want $50 Million To Delete Stolen Saudi Aramco Computer Data

21st July 2021

They pinched 1 terabyte’s worth of data, but it won’t lead to security breaches, says a spokesperson.

Bloomberg Opens in a new tab.details where the data is being held on the darknet.

#Saudis CAN’T Fly To Indonesia For The Foreseeable Future

21st July 2021

KSA is scared they might contract the Coronavirus there.

Reuters Opens in a new tab.discusses the travel ban.

#Hajj Has Finished-KSA Wants To Focus On International Tourism For The Remainder Of 2021

21st July 2021

Al JazeeraOpens in a new tab. outlines the plans.

#KSA’s PIF Fund Mclaren Racing Groups £550m To Help Keep Them Afloat

July 16th, 2021

KSA does it for shares and future returns.

AutosportOpens in a new tab. detail the news

#Women No Longer Need a Mahram To Do Hajj

July 16th, 2021

Women are relieved now that they can do Hajj alone.

WSJ Opens in a new tab.describes one sister’s journey to Mecca for Hajj

#KSA Malls and Shops Can Stay Open During Prayer Time-Officially

16th July 2021

It’s official, but unofficially supermarkets and shops have remained open during prayer since 2019.

ReutersOpens in a new tab.

#Fitch (Credit Rating Org) Continues To Evaluate KSA Grade A

July 15th, 2021

KSA’s budget deficit is to lower to 3.3% instead of the forecasted 4.9%.

BloombergOpens in a new tab. details the news

#KSA Inflation Rises From 5.7% To 6.2%.

July 15th, 2021

The Economic TimesOpens in a new tab. explains why.

#KSA Selects 60,000 Muslims Form 150 Countries To Come For Hajj

July 11th, 2021

Only, first-timers and healthy, inoculated pilgrims chosen

Gulf News Opens in a new tab.tells it.

#Freeze On KSA’s Domestic Petrol Prices-June Prices Maintained (2.18 SR)

July 10th, 2021

BloombergOpens in a new tab. shares it.

#KSA Approves The Moderna COVOD-19 Vaccination

July 10th, 2021

The kingdom will buy and administer the jab to nationals and residents.

AlgemeinerOpens in a new tab. quotes Reuters

#Luxury Cruise Ships And Tourism En Masse Head For KSA Starting 17th July And Ending 9th Dec, 2021

July 9th, 2021

Scenic group boats are coming to the ports of Jeddah and Yanbu and will offer Red Sea adventures.

Travel Week Opens in a new tab.breaks the news.

#Houthis Attack Base In KSA’s Abyan- Kill Two Soldiers & Injure 20

July 4th, 2021

ReutersOpens in a new tab. discuss power-sharing between STC & President Rabbi Mansour Hadi‘s government

#UAE Now A No-Go- Travelers Banned From Going There Directly Or Indirectly

July 3rd, 2021

Tonight, Sunday at 11 pm, all flights to the UAE will cease over fears of the Delta COVID-19 variant.

Al Jazeera EnglishOpens in a new tab.

#Travelers Coming From Ethiopia, UAE, Vietnam, and Afghanistan To KSA Banned

July 2nd, 2021

Except for Saudi Citizens!

WHBLOpens in a new tab. reports it.

#Exit-Rentry Visas Of Resident Expats Extended Till July 7th

July 2nd 2021

Only till July 7th, why?

Arab News also suggests some fool in a Riyadh clinic tampered with CPR results.

#Eid Al Adha Likely To be 19th -23rd July

2nd July 2021


Metro NewsOpens in a new tab. announces it and shows nice video of Slat Al Eid in Ikea car park

insidesaudi.com also explains the main differences between the two EidsOpens in a new tab.. -Good stuff!

#Eid Al Adha Will Be On 19th Or 20th July And Finish On The 23rd or 24th

July 1st, 2021

On the day after Hajj ends, Muslims slaughter a sheep, goat, or cow to remember how Alah (SWT) tested Ibraheem by asking him to sacrifice his own son.

Metro NewsOpens in a new tab.

KSA To Build A New Airline, & Airport

July 1st, 2021

Having two major airlines will help develop the kingdom as a global logistics hub including ports, rail, and road networks. The investment should increase the transport and logistics sector’s contribution to gross domestic product to 10% from 6%.

ReutersOpens in a new tab. breaks the news

The kingdom also aims to be a regional competitor to Emirates, ItihaOpens in a new tab.dOpens in a new tab. and Qatar AirwaysOpens in a new tab.

#CITI Bank’s Profits TRIPLED Since They Started Business in KSA in 2017.

July 1st 2021

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest opportunities for Citigroup to acquire new clients.’ Slurp, slurp!

See ReutersOpens in a new tab.

#Kuwait’s Hot 54 degrees C -See Other Tad Cooler But Equally Hot Countries

1st July 2021

Phew! Innit?

Al JazeeraOpens in a new tab. with nice infographics

#No Flights To And From India Till At Least 31st July, 2021-And Others!

July 1st 2021

COVID-19 ravaged India is still no go.

Airport TechnologyOpens in a new tab. report says halt for all except Bubble Packed countries.

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