What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In September 2022

#What Is Saudi National Day All About-The Story

17th September 2022

The Youthful Abdul Aziz Before He Became king


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#KSA Offers Virtual Hospital-Patients Can Connect From Home To 130 Health Centres

17th September 2022

SEHA Nerve Centre-Courtesy Arab News

SEHA hospitalsOpens in a new tab. let patients attend a local hospital through virtual video consultations with medical specialists throughout the kingdom.

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#By Herself, The UK Queen Drives Prince The (Then) Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah And Saud Around Her Balmoral Estate In 1998

14th September 2022

Queen Elizabeth 11 Driving -Courtesy of the BBC

‘To Prince Abdullah and Saud’s surprise, ”the Queen got into the driver’s seat on the right, turned the ignition, and started driving them away.”

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#KSA Offers Cristiano Ronaldo 210 Million Sterling Pounds To Play For Al Hilal, But He Refused!

13th September 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo- Courtesy Getty Images

What an offer!

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#Philippine Worker Suspension Ends-Worker Deployment To KSA Restart In November 2022

13th September 2022

Philippine Workers In KSA Visiting The Beautiful Disah Valley

Both countries have now settled their disputes and decided on processes to end worker abuses.

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#Yemeni National Dedicates His Umrah In Mecca To Queen Elizabeth And Gets Arrested For It

13th September 2022

#KSA To Set Up Three (3) New Steel Making Plants

12th September 2022

The total investment costs are $9.3 billion and produce 6.2 million tonnes of steel

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#Saudi’s NEW Airline Called RIA Will Start Low Key And Begin By Offering Regional Flights Only

12th September 2022

KSA is buying Boeing’s 737 MAX narrow-bodied planes to get going with flights from Riyadh.

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#The Saudi PIF Already Acquired Newcastle United And Might Buy Italy’s Inter Milan

12th September 2022

Chinese Businessman Owner Steven Zhang said Inter Milan can’t self-fund indefinitely and reports suggest that it might come up for sale between 1.2 & 1.4 billion Euros.

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#KSA Wants To Co-Host The 20230 Football World Cup With Egypt and Greece.

12th September 2022

They will bid and foot most of the $40 billion cost to put it on.

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#New Employers Now Only Have To Pay Iqama Fees From First Day Of Employment And Not Old Debts

8th September 2022

Expat Workers in Saudi Arabia

This is some relief for your new boss. He or she no longer has to pay our outstanding residency permit (Iqama) debts detailed on Qiwa platform (for transferring employers)

Irfan Mohammed writing for siasat explains itOpens in a new tab.

#FOX New’s Horrendously Biased Take On KSA’s Ambitions To Become The Hottest Tourist Destination

7th September 2022

Fox slams KSA and brainwashes audiences. See below! Usual dribble!

#KSA And 5 Gulf Countries Write Netflix Asking Them To Turn Off Homosexual and LGBTQ Content In The Middle East

7th September 2022

Such content ”violates Islamic and societal values and principles,” and breaks government regulations regarding acceptable content.

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#MotorGP Agree To Race Each year In Saudi Arabia

5th September 2022

MotorGPOpens in a new tab. signed an MOU with KSA to race annually on the kingdom’s new but unknown racetrack.

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#The KSA Central Bank Employs A New Crypto Currency Boss

5th September 2022

KSA will establish rules and frameworks for crypto trading. Bitcoin is still declining in sell-off and falling more. It may bottom and then rise later. Pundits speculate it will fall to 10-15 USD.

Joanna Ossinger reports in the Bloomberg Market report below:

#7 Conditions For Tourists Coming To Saudi Arabia

4th September 2022

  1. You can’t get a job (paid or unpaid)
  2. You can’t do Umrah during the Hajj season
  3. You can ONLY do Hajj with a Hajj Visa
  4. You SHOULD follow all the visa rules and regulations
  5. You MUST carry ID documents
  6. You should leave KSA before the Visit visa expires
  7. You can ONLY use your tourist eVisa for tourism

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