How To Make A Family Visit Visa Application Online at MOFA

Step 1.

To begin the process the Resident Iqama Holder Applies For Family Visit Visa at MOFA Online and Prints a Completed Form

This is how it is done:

  1. First, go to the MOFA Portal Opens in a new tab.
  2. Choose and click on E-Services
  3. Click on Residents
  4. Select Family Visit Visa
  5. Read the Service Details
  6. Click on Start The Service

Now, the MOFA homepage instantly directs you to its Visa Services Platform.

MOFA -Application for Family Visit Visa
  1. Select English (Top Left)
  2. Choose Individuals
  3. Then, select Resident 
  4. Click on Family Visit Visa Application for Residents
  5. To translate to English click Google Translate
  6. Click I Agree if you agree to visa terms and conditions
  7. Enter Iqama Holder’s Residency Number (Iqama Number)
  8. Enter Iqama Expiry Date (Hijri)
  9. Enter Border Number (Handwritten Number on Passport Stamped Pages)
  10. There are now five steps
  11. Add your Sponsor Address, City, Email and Mobile number starting 00966 & number
  12. Click Next
  13. Then enter Visitor Information
  14. Name
  15. DOB
  16. Passport Number
  17. Passport Expiry Date
  18. City of Origin
  19. Employment
  20. Religion
  21. Nationality
  22. Country
  23. City
  24. Visa Type: Single or Multiple Entry
  25. Duration: 90 days or 365 days
  26. Duration of Stay: 90 days
  27. Relation to you: (Male or Female)
  28. Relation to you: (Select relationship from Drop Down List)
  29. Enter Visitor Name (s) EXACTLY as it appears in the passport
  30. Repeat 12-29 if more than one visitor application needed
  31. Enter Submit
  32. Finally, check all the information is entered correctly
  33. Then, double-check again
  34. Justification For Visit enter لزيارة عائلية For Family Visit
  35. When you are sure, click Submit
  36. Print the Form. Get it
  37. Now get it signed

You need to make sure you have written all the details correctly in the application form.

If the Visitor Name you enter is different from the name on the passport you will have problems issuing it. Also, make sure to write your email correctly and your mobile number using 00966 & mobile number.

Make sure too that your job title appears on the MOFA list of professions that are entitled to get visas. Many Family Visit Visas are rejected because the applicant’s profession has no entitlement. If you are not, only your sponsor can change it.

Do not write Atheisist as your religion. It is likely to be rejected.

There are Six Main Steps Required to Successfully Get the Family Visit Visa

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