May 2023 – What Happening In Saudi Arabia

8th May 2023 0 18th Shawaal 1444

#Saudi Journal of Health Systems Research online publishing site is a peer-reviewedOpens in a new tab. open access online journal dedicated to healthcare management.

#U.S., Saudi, Emirati and Indian national security advisers meet to discuss building a railway to connect the Middle East with India.Opens in a new tab.

#Sudan warring parties to discuss a humanitarian truce but not an end to the conflict in Jeddah. Opens in a new tab.

7th May 2023 – 17th Shawaal 1444

May 1st-5th 2023 – 12th -16th Shawaal 1443

#US/KSA sponsored pre-negotiation talks held in Jeddah Opens in a new tab.between representatives of the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces spells hope.

#Kiran Haslam, chief marketing officer at Diriyah Company explains what Diriayah is all about.

#NHS doctors stuck in Saudi Arabia after fleeing Sudan fightingOpens in a new tab.

#KSA now welcomes gays.Opens in a new tab.

# Well preserved Cheetah remains found in ground caves and the new reintroduction program launch.Opens in a new tab. Cheetahs originate din KSA 4,000 years ago and became extinct 120 years ago.

#Saudi economy edging closer to reducing dependence on oil, IMF official saysOpens in a new tab.

#Bankers Get Will More Salary If they come to work to in Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab..

#UN human rights experts speak out against KSA’s planned executions of NEOM megacity tribal activists.

#Messi may come to KSA to play football for $400 million (£320 million) per year,Opens in a new tab. to play with Al Hilal. 

#Sindalah island will be the first NEOM luxury project to open in 2024.Opens in a new tab.

#Messi gets a 14-day suspension for doing a commercial visit to KSAOpens in a new tab..

#Red Sea Hotels Resorts to open by the end of 2023.Opens in a new tab.

#KSA arrests 10,606 over-stayers and border crossers in one weekOpens in a new tab. – 25 percent were Yemeni, 74 percent Ethiopian, and 1 percent were of other nationalities.

#Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that three Iranian diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia have resumed operations

#Turkish security forces raid the town of Jandaris, Northern Syria killing Islamic State leader Abu Hussein al-QurashiOpens in a new tab.

#Journey to al-Ula- A Woman Visit KSAOpens in a new tab.

#Luxury handbag brand Okhtein opens POP UP store at Level Shoes in Riyadh Park Mall 

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