What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In August 2020

24th August 2020

Lucid Air Plans To Build The World’s Fastest Charging All-Electric Car

It can charge up to 32 km or 20 miles every minute. This means it can drive 483 km in only 20 minutes charge time

On a full charge, it can go 832 km made possible by Lucid’s Wunderbox charging unit.

The Air will be launched globally on September 9th. It now has the world’s longest Electric Vehicle driving range.

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20th August 2020

Saudi Arabia Set To Build The World’s Largest Hydrogen Project In $5 Billion Deal

Air Liquide Hydrogen PlanOpens in a new tab.t In Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

The US giant Air Products Opens in a new tab.& Saudi Acwa Power Opens in a new tab.will build the world’s largest hydrogen in the kingdom.

The plant will be powered by 4GW of renewable solar and wind energy.

The German industrial engineering giant Thyssenkrupp Opens in a new tab.will supply the technology to make c.650t/d of hydrogen using a process of electrolysis and an air separation technology supplied by Air Products.

Green ammonia (1.2 million tonnes per year) will also be produced there using catalysis technology from Danish specialist Haldor Topsoe Opens in a new tab.beginning in 2025. .

15th August 2020

Saudi Arabia To Continue Education Online For 7 Weeks

The Saudi Minister of Education Dr Hamad Al Sheikh announced that as of 30th August the new school year will resume using distance learning.

Distance learning might eventually become a strategic choice for Saudi Arabia he added.

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13th August 2020

Saudi Arab Coalition Forces Knock Out Unmanned Combat Drone & Two Ballistic Missiles Aimed At Civilians In The Town Of Khamis Mushayt.

Coalition forces destroy 2 missiles, drone launched by HouthisOpens in a new tab.-Saudi Gazette

Based on a similar Houthi attack on Riyadh in 2017, here is what the Saudi based Patriots missiles likely intercepted.

Iran Built Qiam 1 2010

3rd August 2020

Moroccan Man Spends 4 Years Walking to Hajj And Visiting 26 African Countries Along The Way

Yassine Ghallam Describes Walking from Morocco to Saudi Arabia

In January 2017, 34 year old Yassine Ghallam begins walking and cycling to Hajj.

After an inspirational story, he finally makes it to the Saudi city of Madinah only to be stopped in his tracks by COVID 19 pandemic.

Read more to know if he achieves is dream Yassine Ghallam’s journey across AfricaOpens in a new tab.

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