What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In February 2021

PIF Pumps Investment Money Into Lucid Electric CarMakers

23rd Feb 2021

The PIFOpens in a new tab. joins other investors to inject $2.5 billion in a bid to launch Lucid Opens in a new tab.onto the New York Stock Exchange.

The car company wants to sell 20,000 new electric cars by 2022 that includes the Lucid AirOpens in a new tab. sedan ($69,900) and SUV models Project Gravity.

As new models come into production by 2026, the company hopes to earn $22.8 billion, set up a new car production facility in Saudi Arabia and create many jobs for the country’s nationals.

Read more at ForbesOpens in a new tab. portal.

Lucid Air Promo

The New PIF Plan Set To Transform Saudi Arabia With An Eye Watering $1.07 Trillion Fund By 2025

22nd Feb 2021

Over the next five years, the PIF will boost its funds to SAR 4 trillion and use it to drive economic growth and to create 1,8 million new jobs by 2025.

The English Al Jazeera reporOpens in a new tab.t explains it all in a little more depth.

PIF Board Members Handling The $1.07 trillions Fund By 2025

Diversification Is Win-Win For Us-Mohammed Al Jadaan, the Saudi Minister of Finance,

10th Feb 2021

It (diversification) is very profitable, said Al Jadaan. We want to invest in technology, renewable energy, waste treatment, and other significant sectors.

Read the Arab News reportOpens in a new tab. about the recent Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference to learn about what Saudi’s got planned to diversify its economy for the future. And, they’re excited!

Mohammed al Jadaaan-Courtesy of Wikipedia

KSA Banks Introduce Instant Payment Systems

9th Feb 2021

Banks will replace their donkey interbank funds transfers with instant electronic payments systems.

This will reduce processing time of operations that can usually only be conducted in normal back hours to within a few seconds.

The goals of the new system are to speed up money transfers between local banks AND to help e-commerce in KSA by helping traders speed up payments of goods and services.

Read this Arab News report Opens in a new tab.to get the bigger picture.

 The ERPB Define And Guide Instant Electronic Payments In KSA
Instant Payment Went Live in Europe in 2017 To Facilitate Inter European Payment Transfers  

KSA To Give ‘Massive’ Numbers Of COVID-19 Vaccines In The Next Few Days.

5th Feb 2021

Infections are rising and so far total of 6,386 people have died.

Read more at Arab NewsOpens in a new tab..

Tawfiq Al Rabia-KSA Minister of Health Announces The Rollout

The Fun Water Sport Of Kite-Boarding On The Rise in KSA- But It Needs a Strong Breeze

3rd Feb 2021

Read all about in an articleOpens in a new tab. by Arab News.

Adam Askary Kite Boarder Instructor

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Turkish Exports To KSA Fall Dramatically In Jan 2021 By 92 Percent From $221m To Just $16m.  

2nd Feb 2021

The Saudi government says don’t trade with Turkey.

Read about it here.Opens in a new tab. Find about Saudi Turkish relations at WikipediaOpens in a new tab..

President Recep Tayyip Ergodan and King Salman Al Saud

Citizens From The Following 20 countries Cannot Enter Saudi Arabia

2nd Feb 2021

  • Argentina
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Pakistan
  • Brazil
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Japan

It’s COVID-19 related and other things. Read how here at Saudi GazetteOpens in a new tab..

KSA Closed Off To 20 Countries

Delays Of COVID-19 Vaccines Prompts Extension Of Travel Restrictions To And From Saudi Arabia From March 31st to May 17th, 2021.

1st Feb 2021

Read the informative article Opens in a new tab.at the Magazine For Construction and Civil Engineering

Vaccine delays and the spread of COVID-19 variations caused the Saudi Health Minster to advise against opening the kingdom’s borders too soon.

See Arab News ReportOpens in a new tab.

Rawdha In Madinah Masjdi Al Nabawi Empty Of Visitors January 2021

The Sixth Grand Hyatt Hotel in The Kingdom Opens In Al Khobar

1st Feb 2021

See the report describing how lovely it is at Top Hotel NewsOpens in a new tab..

Exterior View Of The New Grand Hyatt Hotel In Al Khobar

43,000 Stranded Ethiopians In KSA To Be Returned To Their Country At A Rate of 1,000 per Week

1st Feb 2021

Unpaid and laid off Ethiopian workers due to the COVID-19 virus are shipped home.

Read the report at CGTN AfricaOpens in a new tab.

Ethiopian Prisoners In KSA Return Home To Addas Ababa in 2013 Courtesy Arab News

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