What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In May 2021

Wheat, Wheat & More Wheat-720,000 Tonnes Of Wheat!

27th March, 2021

Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) puts out an international tender for 720,000 tonnes of wheat.

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#KSA Oil Exports Up 75% & Non-Oil 42.9% in March. Good News!

27th May 2021

Oil prices have recovered and oil sales booming, especially to China.

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#Saudi World Cup Team Selected

26th May 2021

Mohammed Al Owais, Zaid Al Bawardi, Abdullah Al Oweisheer, Mohammed Al-Rabiei, Hassan Timbekti, Abdullah Mado, Abdul-Ilah Al-Omari, Ali Al-Blaihi, Saud Abdul Hamid, Muhammad Al-Barik, Sultan Al-Ghannam, Muhannad Al-Shanqeeti, Yasser Al-Shahrani, Abdullah Atif, Ali Al-Hassan, Abdul-Ilah Al-Maliki, Ali Al-Asmari, Nasser Al-Dossary, Sami Al-Naji, Salman Al-Faraj, Muhammad Al-Kwaikibi, Fahd Al-Mawlid, Abdulrahman Gharib, Salem Al-Dossary, Firas Al-Braikan, Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Saleh Al-Shehri

Saudi World Cup team Selection -Courtesy Arab News and Saudi National Bank

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#KSA Appoints New Tourism Advisor- Former Mexico Minister Or Tourism Gloria Rebeca Guevara Manzo

26th May 2021

Gloria Guevara Opens in a new tab.brings a wealth of expertise and connections to the developing Saudi tourism industry.

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#Busy Body Political Lobbyists Seek To Block Google Cloud In KSA As Punishment

26th May 2021

Read About The Dirty Pots Calling The (Reflecting) Kettle Black

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#Saudi Bedouin Jewelry Began In Greece, Went To Mexico Then Ended In The USA

24th May 2021

The old Arab Bedouin jewelry is chunky, heavy and has a lot of beads.

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#Tamara, The Buy Now, Pay Later In Three Installments Gets Big Investment And Is Growing from Strength To Strength In GCC And Beyond

23rd May 2021

The focus?-shopping malls, fashion chains and beauty product shops small shops that know their customers and who are willing to share the risk of nonpayments of installments.

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#Saudis Baked A Lot In The Pandemic-Spurring General Mills Products Boom

23rd May 2021

Dleights such as Betty Crocker, Bugles, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, Pillsbury, Haagen-Dazs and Green Giant took 90% of the Saudi cakes market – a 100% increase in sales. The global cake sales were $972.3 million in 2019 and is forecast to become $1.135 billion at the end of 2026.

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#Pakistan Urges Riyadh Authorities To Accept Chinese Vaccinations For Pilgrims To Enter KSA

23rd May 2021

And why not? Also, India’s version of Oxford- AstraZeneca Covishield & Sputnik V, Covaxin are not yet approved.

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#Ethiopia Repatriates 1200 Ethiopian Nationals Trafficked To Saudi Arabia With The Lure of Jobs And Money

22nd May 2021

Stranded Ethiopian workers living in penury in the kingdom ave now returned to their homeland.

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#In Saudi Arabia, 7,018 Souls Succumbed To The COVID-19 So Far and Daily Infection Rates Top 1,000

21st May 2021

Currently, 422,316 people have Coronavirus in the kingdom, 9,691 active, and 1,346 in a critical state. So far, 404,607 people have totally recovered.

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#King Salman Calls Mahmood Al Abbas In Support of Palestinians

21st May 2021

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#KSA invited Greek Archeological Experts To Dig Ruins In The Kingdom

20th May 2021

Claims WTVB

#Banyan Tree Tent Company To Transform The Ashar Resort With Luxury Tented Tourist Accommodation In Al Ula

20th May 2021

The report will have 47 luxury tented suites one bed (28), 2 bed (15) and 3 bed (4). In addition, 35 suites on another site will be renewed. The planned resort will also include a new spa, a rock garden pool, pavilions, and a restaurant.

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#SA Citizens & Residents Need COVID-19-!9 Vaccine To Enter Government, Schools, Businesses, Science, Cultural, Sports or Entertainment Facilities

18th May 2021

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#KSA Government Obliges Airlines To Register COVID-19 Vaccination Data Of All Passengers Entering Saudi Arabia

19th May 2021

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KSA Tackles Intellectual Property Rights Head-On By Setting Up Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) Unit

18th May 2021

#KSA is targeting and closing down thieves who steal and benefit from other people’s inventions and intellectual property.

17th May 2021

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#FURY VS JOSHUA to Fight in Riyadh on 14th August- A Heavy Weight Showdown

16th May 2021

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#KSA State Assets For Sale- Two National Flour Mills Privatized Raising $800 Million

1st May 2021

Today flour……. later KSA will privatize health, education, transport, municipalities, environment, water and agriculture, and human resources and social development. More cash needed!

#KSA Downs A Houthi Missile Headed Towards Jeddah- Keeps Happening!

1st May 2021

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#Tourist Cruise Ships To Visit The Towns Of Al Wajh, Yanbu, And Jeddah For The First Time In History In Nov 2021

1st May 2021

MSC Cruises will take passengers on a 7-day winter voyage through the Red Sea, stopping at and visiting Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt.

 Read about MSC MagnificaOpens in a new tab. cruise ship at Travel and Leisure Website 

#7,000 Year Old Neolithic Stones Being Discovered and appreciate For the First Time

1st May 2021

Get the details and see some excellent photos at NCB NewsOpens in a new tab.

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