What’s Trending In Saudi Arabia In November 2020?

Saudi Grant Management Committee (SGMC) Gives $6.5 Million To Fund Women’s Handicrafts And Medium And Micro Enterprises

17th November 2020

Courtesy Egypt Today

The Bank of Alexandria in Egypt will receive grant money as part of SGMC’s ongoing commitment to the ongoing creation of more than the current 2,180 employment projects in 27 governorates.

As a result 12,000 jobs have been created.

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New Online e-Payment Service Allows Saudi Customers To Buy And Get Into Debt

16th Nov 2020

The successful UAE start-up Spotii is to be introduced into the Saudi kingdom.

It is a point of sale online payment system that allows customers to defer payment into four parts but gives the seller the entire amount for the sale upfront.

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Labor Reforms Target Skilled Foreign Labor And Citizen Unemployment

4th November 2020

Expat Workers Leaving Friday Prayer At Fanateer Mosque, Jubail

Labor reforms free up foreign employees by giving them new freedoms to change jobs, get exit re-entry visa,s and terminates contracts without the permission of employers.

The fugitive or Horoob system of employers registering run away employees at the labor offices will also be abolished.

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10,000 Foreign Pilgrims Allowed Into Mecca For The First Time-7 Months After The Lockdown

1st November 2020

Haram Mosque-Social Distancing During The Pandemic And After End of Lockdown

Pilgrims must self-isolate for 3 days upon arrival and can stay in Mecca for only up to 10 days.

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The Saudi Red Sea Project (TRSDC) Has Awarded SR7.5 billion ($2 billion) Worth Of Contracts To Date

1st November 2020

(TRSDC) Awards SR7.5 billion ($2 billion) Worth Of Contracts

500 lucky companies based in 24 countries get project work contracts and the main transport infrastructure is now being constructed.

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